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Monday, October 25, 2010

A girls first makeup product results/ FOTN

I recently took a poll on my blog asking,"What should be a girls first makeup product?" I was really surprized by the results and here they are:

What should be a girls first makeupproduct?
nailpolish: 9 (21%)
lip gloss: 15 (35%)
blush: 3 (7%)
mascara: 15 (35%)

It's a tie between lip gloss and mascara!! Anyone want to break that tie, then write below what you think the winner should be. I thought the winner was going to be nail polish, it was my first makeup product, and it's the first thing I ever did on my niece. She does love to play with makeup though. She'll run into my room and go straight for my $60 powder brush and any cosmetics she can get her hands on. The cutest thing is she knows the difference between lipgloss and lipbalm. She's a beauty queen at heart. She knows blush goes on your cheeks and mascara on your eyes, and etc.. She's such a girl! She makes her Aunt proud :)

Here she is caught red handed, lol:

Last night I had a batism to go to and I really wanted to feel pretty. Lately I've been getting hormonal acne in my chin area, I'm guessing due to stress of midterms. So I've been using Peter Thomas Roth- Sulfur Masque to zap those problems away. It definitely helped, and quick, so I was able to enjoy my party with confidence.

My hair was a main focus on my look. I really wanted a soft curl like Kim K would do, so I tried my best. My makeup was a smoked out eyeliner (top and bottom) with a Sephora lip gloss in Rosy Glow. The rest of my look is part of my normal routine.

This was the view on from the car window on the way to the party. How gorgeous:

The most beautiful thing in the world to me is sunrise and sunset. I want to travel the world and take pictures of the sunrise and sunsets all around the world. It's on my bucket list ;)

Laura Beth


  1. Gorgeous as always! I really love the hair, I think you pulled off the Kim K curls perfectly!

    I can't wait until I get to play "makeup" with my niece... sadly she's only 1 so I still have a little bit of waiting to do! lol

  2. AWWW she is soo cute! I who say nail polish and lip balm should be a girls first beauty products.

    I love your hair and eyes! are those ur real lashes! just lovely!

    And yes i love the sunset and sunrise too! I just tweeted on twitter that my next FOTD will outside around the 6pm.

  3. My first make-up product is related to the lips which is a lipbalm that has sheer coloring. =) So I vote for lipgloss..(well, technically lipbalm is closer to lipgloss than mascara..haha)
    aww..your niece is the cutest thing ever~! My niece is the same way too..but she's like a cross between a make-up queen and a pro-wrestler..LOL. She likes to play make-up but at the same time, she likes to destroy things so I don't let her play with expensive make-up..

  4. You look great!! And your neice is so cute. I thought nail polish would've been the #1 choice too -honestly I would've been freaked out if my little sister wore mascara or lip gloss at something like 6 years old.

  5. You look gorgeous as always! I love the hair.
    I would have thought nail polish too. I guess out of lipgloss or mascara, I would have to pick lipgloss. I hope there aren't 5 year olds walking around with mascara on!


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