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Monday, July 19, 2010

Falsies Mascara is kind of false!

Is it just me or are you sick of mascara companies using fake techniques to sell their products? It's so obvious that this model is wearing actual false lashes, and she is airbrushed beyond recognition. I get so annoyed watching Rimmel London, Covergirl, Maybelline and etc.. using fake lashes to sell their mascara products. Those of us that wear falsies are able to recognize a fake lash from a mile away, so we know their lashes are ultra fake. I would rather them find a model with amazing lashes and try them on her, or a normal lash sized model and show what the mascara really does.

I went to a beauty supply store to purchase my favorite drug store mascara Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion, and it was sold out! Which was okay because I've been dying to try the new Maybelline Falsies mascara, took me forever to find it and when I did there was only one left in Brownish Black. I bought it because I was super curious and it was $6.49, I knew I wasn't going to get it cheaper anywhere else. I also bought my L'Oreal True Match foudation for $8 (drugstores it's priced for $11.50), and Physicians Formula Bronzer for $11.49 (in drugstores it's priced for $15.99). I really love this beauty store, it's called Harmon Beauty.

This is the way Maybelline advertises the Falsies mascara wand, which from the texture of the picture, I was under the impression the mascara wand was plastic. What do you think? But it's actually a regular texture wand. I was kind of disappointed with this because plastic wands tend to grip my lashes better so I get more of a curl:

This is the mascara wand the way it really looks to the left, the brush is alittle bit decieving in the ads for it. The quality of the product is not bad though. I like how wet the mascara is too.

In the picture below I'm wearing Maybelline Falsies mascara, the right eye is my all natural boring blonde lashes. I didn't do both eyes so you could really see the difference and what the mascara really does: (Don't mind the rest of my look it was a lounge day for me and I have no makeup on, I try to let my face breathe once and awhile, haha).

This is my Haul of the day, the
leopard pilow is new as well. Which
I'm sure you all have figured out
I have a leopard obsession, haha.

This is Maybelline Falsies with me looking down, the mascara does give the illusion of fake lashes but I would still add some individuals for more volume.
I asked my mother what she thought of the mascara and she thought I had primer and false lashes on already, so this mascara was mother approved, haha.
I would like to wear this mascara all day and see if it keeps my lashes curled up all day, nothing is more annoying than lashes falling flat through out the day. Oh, and fall out, that's annoying as well. But so far so good for this mascara ;)
Has anyone tried this mascara yet? Are there any mascaras you would like me to review, you never know I may have tried it already, haha.
xox Laura Beth
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  1. I am a fan of Maybelline Mascara and this Maybelline Falsies seems to be pretty good!! Definitely loooking forward to try it when its out here in Sydney :D

  2. That mascara works wonder. Kind of reminds me of Marks. scandalash! I love that stuff.

  3. This is absolutely my fave mascara other than the colossal. i have really fine lashes, and this one really brings it out :3 But I totally agree with your first point because i remember reading the fineprint about the model: Erin is wearing...blahblahblah... hahah :3


  4. That looks really good! I dont normally wear mascara as im terrible at it but i think ill definitely give this a try!

  5. i hate it when mascara commercials and magazine ads use falsies too! Some don't even have the fine print saying that they're fake. grr.

    anyway, the mascara looks lovely on you. I could definitely see length there!

  6. I already use and love maybelline so I would try it, thanks. It does look great.

  7. Wow, your lashes look amazing, I like it. I like Maybelline mascaras :)

  8. A lot of companies do this now.

    I have seen even in lipstick ads, the color of the product on the model's lips is often quite different from the actual color of the product.

    Foundation ads feature women that have been air-brushed so their skin looks flawless. Is the perfect skin due to the foundation or air-brushing is anyone's guess.

  9. Yea, I'm sick of the airbrushing and false advertising too! Especially with mascaras -it's SO obvious.

    Falsies mascara looks amazing on you -but you probably have naturally gorgeous lashes! From what I've read and also including myself, it doesn't work for those with shorter lashes though. =(

  10. @ Tanveer and Kali: I can't believe they're so afraid to show what their product really does. Cover Girl atleast doesn't put the most obvious falsies on their models, but Rimmel and Maybelline go so extreme. Plus, don't you love how they use actresses that we've seen oue whole lives to model ex. Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore, etc.. Like we know what they look like on the daily, and their lashes/skin is not that good, we're not fooled.

    @Kali: Yeah, my lashes are long, but they're not volumized enough in my opinion. Next time I try a mascara I'll have a short lashed friend try as well. Just so we can see what it really does for all ;)

    xox Laura Beth

  11. I totally agree with not liking the advertising tactics some companies use. Its like they don't actually think that their product is good enough to sell itself. Not a good sign if you ask me, and as a result I tend to stay away from products like that usless referred by someone who has actually tried and liked it.


  12. @Rebecca: They need to be more honest with their advertising techniques, perhaps one day... lol. For now we have beauty blogs to try the products and review the truth ;)

    xox Laura Beth

  13. Looks like it does a pretty good job on your lashes. I've been wanting to try this mascara...BUT I wear false lashes almost every day so it might be a waste for me. I do wear mascara on my lower lashes so it might be worth it for that.

    I just saw the commercial for it yesterday and was totally annoyed like you, about the models wearing fake lashes and even saying "who needs false lashes?". Ugh...we can all see you are already wearing them! WTF? Jeez.

    Thanks for the review. :-D


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