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Saturday, July 3, 2010

License to lipgloss.

Are you able to apply your makeup while driving or being a passanger in the car? I have to admit I do make daily mirror checks at red lights, and my makeup routine is way too long and high tech to be doing in a moving vehicle. But I have done many touch ups on my way to work or my boyfriends house. You can catch me blotting my face, re-applying lip gloss- which has become a perfected no mirror stunt. Even when applying lipstick I rarely have to look in the mirror anymore. I know so many girls that do their makeup routine in the car on the way to work. They leave their mascara, liner, bare minerals foundation and lipgloss in their car and maneuver driving and beautifying. I've seen girls do their makeup on the subway, bus and ferry. It's so funny, they get on public transportation looking like they just woke up and leave looking glamorous. One of my friends has gone as far to leave her deodarant and perfume in her car, it's so funny. We'll go to get out of her car and she's spritzing up her scent. Whatever happened to the powder room and girls being private about what they did to get ready? LOL.

Do you have a license to apply makeup while driving? I guess I do, but I don't think I'd look as good as when I take my time, but hey it works for some people.

This brings me to the results of my survey I did about a month ago. The results are in:
How long does it take you to apply your makeup?

10-20 mins: 48 people (57%)

30 mins approximately: 20 people (24%)

about 45 mins: 10 people (12%)

Too long: 5 people (6%)

I selected about 45 mins, so I couldn't really do my makeup in the car unless I was the passenger on a road trip. But since most girls selected 10-20 minutes, I'm guessing most of you do your makeup on the run. How I wish I could get myself to shorten my makeup routine. I know one day when I have kids of my own, I will barely have time to bat an eyelash let along glue them on lol. But until then my tedious routine will continue. Have any ideas to quicken up my makeup regimen?

xox Laura Beth

Hint for contest: I always love a good story.. ;)


  1. Haha I'm guilty of this! Not a full fledged face while driving, but I know I've done touch ups! I always keep my perfume in my cupholder because then I can't forget to put it on!

  2. This is an interesting post! I'm more of the 30mins approx when applying my makeup.. I sometimes find myself bringing some of my essentials to the office, so I can just do my makeup there during lunch break.. lol! =D

    Btw sis, I've been having troubles w/ my blog feed lately, and its now fixed.
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    Also, If I'm in ur BlogRoll, kindly do the same.. Tnx alot! =)

  3. I cant put my make up on in the car without a mirror, but I always have to be extra carefull incase theres a bump on the road or something xD

  4. I never do makeup in the car, or on public transport, though I'm sure one day I might have to :| my routine takes about 45 mins or more, depending on the kind of eyeshadow look I do. If I didn't bother with eyeshadow it'd be MUCH shorter ;]

  5. i'm guilty of doing touchups on public transportation and at my desk at work. :)


  6. @Silhouette Screams: I hear you, eyeshadow makes my routine so much longer as well. When I cut it out I save a good 15 mins lol.

    @Roxy and Clairey: My father used to get mad when I applied my mascara and liner in the car, he was afraid I was going to stick my eye lol.

    xox Laura Beth

  7. I don't take that long getting ready most days, but I'm so clumsy about putting on makeup in the car! I find it nerve wracking haha xx

  8. I'd say my basic looks are 10-20 mins but my dramatic looks (which I prefer and do most often) take about 45 mins. I never do makeup in a car. It's scary!


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