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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peeling like an Orange..

Remember not too long ago when I got my ridiculous one side of my body sunburn. Well my skin is now healed from the burn and starting to peel. I've been using so many lotions to try and keep my skin nice and sunkissed, but my legs are extra dry so they itch constantly, plus I got 3 mosquito bites to top it off. I've found a cure though to my peeling. I need to keep hydrated and many of you know I suffer from eczema on my arms, back and legs, so I needed something thin but hydrating at the same time. I found it, so simple, Johnson and Johnson baby oil. It keeps the dry peeling patches hydrated and covers up the part that are peeling. I am so relieved, who wants to go out with their boyfriend when their cleavage is peeling (unless your mans into that sort of thing, but I wasn't about to find out).

I've also been hydrating with CVS After Sun Aloe lotion after going in the sun to keep my sunkissed glow as long as possible. This summer I want to actually look normal human skin tone rather than looseleaf paper. So we'll see, I know I'll never reach Kim Kardashian status, even if I tried her self tanner, but hey I can reach something decent. As of now my skin reflects light, so I'd like to reach my goal of not being the palest chick on the beach. I'll let you know if I'm successful.. with laying out a few minutes everyday, walking, and using Sevin Nyne self tanner, I better look some what darker in 2 weeks, when I plan on going to the beach with my boyfriend. ::crossing fingers::

Have any quick tanning types?

xox Laura Beth

Hint for contest: Smells like an apple..


  1. I wish I could tan but alas I cannot tan I'm using my dove self tanning mousitiriser though

  2. I'm using dove summer glow, it's a moisturiser "with a hint of self tanning agents to gradly build a light tan" you use it daily and so far so good.

  3. Jergen's express is nice and not too orangey, and they have one formulated for lighter skintones :) Ps I finally did a post about the giveaway prize you sent me, and I linked you so hopefully I'll send a few people your way! Here it is if you want to check it out:


  4. I guess I need to invest in a gradual self tanner, thanks all :)


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