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Product of the week

Two faced Glamour Gloss! This product has their best selling lip injection, lip plumper, built inside the formula. My review is I love the colors, I just wish the gloss wasn't so sticky. The gloss is thick and gives alot of pigment. So many fun shades to choose from it's hard to decide. I would want them all, but I need a gloss that isn't sticky, so I'll have to pass on this one.

MUFE HD Blush, I will be trying this product out in 3 different colors #13 smooth talker (light baby pink), #6 quickie (apricot orange), and #3 druth or dare (Hot pink). I will be applying the blush with a stippling brush as suggested by the brand and give my feedback at the end of my trial.

My rating: A superb product, more for the makeup savy. Those who aren't comfortable with high pigements on the cheek may be scared of this product, but a little bit goes a long way. So apply gently with a stippling brush. I also saw a tan girl use her fingers to apply a light pink shade, it looked great on her, but that was only because she was a medium skin tone. Fair skin tones need to apply lightly, unless you love a deep contoured cheek bone, then the more the merrier.

MAC lipsticks are reaonably priced and very hydrating. You defintely need a lip primer to keep them on for a long time because of their cream texture, but they are defintely worth the investment! I tried the new shade "Cyndi Lauper" because I love the rosy lip. The color is gorgeous, and I also tried the shade "o" and mixed it with their purple lip gloss "Funtabulous" and it is exactly what the name describes. The two together make a dangerously sexy combo on my fair complextion. Love Love Love itt!!

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Week 3
Tarte's Multipleye enhances lash length and volume. I will be trying it out within the next 3 weeks, posting before and after pictures of my lashes, with mascara on. I really want to see how long my lashes will get, or if even at all. The difference between this lash enhancer and others is this one has no steroids and is produced by a more natural brand. This product does not have the harsh side effects. I am really excited to bring my lashes to maximum length.

Urban Decay Eye shadow primer in Eden: This version of eyeshadow base is supposed to give a matte finish and help neutralize the lid for a more intense pigment when applying eyeshadow. I will be using it today and post the result of how well it wears later tonight...

The results are in product rating.. AWESOME!! I'd say it's even better than the orginal formula, in the solid purple bottle. It really stays nice and matte all day long, and brightens the eye area. Even before applying my shadow it evened out my eye lid skin tone. Shadow was vibrant and didn't smudge/crease all day. Definitely a must have in every makeup savy cosmetics bag!
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