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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WWKW? (What Would Kim Wear?)

My latest poll on my blog was, "Which celebrity carries the best makeup trends?"
a) Kim Kardashian (53%)
b) Drew Barrymore (23%)
c) Scarlett Johansson (13%)
d) Cameron Diaz (10%)

Kim won by a whooping 53%!! So in dedication to all our love for her style of makeup, this blog is about WWKW?

WWKW? I got the inside scoop with alittle bit of research and stalking.. What is in Kim Kardashians makeup bag! Let's not kid ourselves, we we all love to hate on her, but we all want to know what she puts on that face! She doesn't always look sparkling and ready to go, every girl has their "just woke up" face. This is Kim minus the cosmetics:

She's a normal loooking girl, when she's not being pampered by her makeup artist Stephen Moleski. She has flaws, just like "normal" girls. So I wanted to see what her favorite products were.

On the daily Kim wears:

Makeup Forever HD foundation
Makeup Forever Face and Body Foundation (I heard she uses it on her legs)

Nars Orgasm blush
Nars Deep Throat

FUN FACT: Nars Orgasm blush is the top selling blush IN THE WORLD! One sells every 5 seconds!

Nars Belle Du Jour Lipstick (A light honey nude):

Nars lipgloss in Greek Holidy (Pinkish with multi-colored sparkle, one of MY FAVORITES as well. I love it over a pink lipstick and liner, gorgeous!)
Mac lipliner in Stripdown
Nars lipgloss in Chihuahua (rosey brownish)
Nars lipgloss in Turkish Delight (a very pale pink):

Diorshow Mascara (She applys this in her sex tape with Ray J, Scandal! lol)
Lancome Hypnose Drama (She says she uses this on her blog)

MAC concealer stick in NW25 and NW30
MAC paint pot in Painterly

Makeup Forever eyeshadows:

ANOTHER FUN FACT: I met and personally trained with the creator of Makeup Forever, Danny Sanz: Proof:

Kim is now the new spokes person for Lip Fusion, one of Sephora's top selling lip plumpers with collagen benefits. It seems her face is gold, she pops up everywhere. She came out with a Kim Kardashian fragrance (The volumptous fragrance), exclusive at Sephora. It smells just like Marc Jacobs orignal though. I'm not a fan of floral scents, but if you like Marc or Micheal Korrs, then you'll like it.

I love Kim though, I really do think she's a nice person from what I see on television and in magazines. Maybe I'm nieve, but this is what I think.

Do you think Kim is beautiful, or are you just tired of seeing her face?


  1. aww she's gorgeous & we share the same, foundation, concealer, blush, & lipliner :)

  2. i love Kim cant get sick of her! thanks 4 the info! have to invest on some Nars lol

  3. Aw Eva, you're so lucky. I'm so pale I share the same complexion as Casper, whomp whomp! lol

    Tami: Nars is amazing, I just bought their new summer collection, I'll be posting it soon ;)


    xox Laura Beth

  4. I voted for Scarlett but I do think Kim is gorge. I'd love to look half as foxy as her!

  5. Kim K's make up is always so flawless! I need to save that list with products and go get them all lol!

  6. I love her style and makeup thank you for sharing this lovely post with us.

  7. Thanks, I'll be posting some more celeb's soon :)


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