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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smooching Secrets!

Today marks me and my boyfriends 3 year 4 month anniversary. I know it's not one to celebrate traditionally, and I'm not one of those girls that keeps track of every second we're together lol. I just happened to notice the date today, and calculate where me and him stood in time. I am so proud to say I'm actually happy still. You know when you date a guy for awhile and within a few months to a year kissing him is like kissing a pillow, BORING! It's kind of like you're just running with the motion but the tingles have subsided and you're just doing it, to do it (No, just me, perhaps). Well, this time it's different... my infatuation for this man has remained and I kiss him and I feel like I can't get close enough. I've never been happier (not to sound corny, but it's true).Cute Story: Everyone knows from previous posts how obsessed I am with Lipsmackers lip balm. Well.. my man and I were making out and I heard my phone vibrating, so I reached over to grab it from my purse and he said, "Are you serious, you're really going to re-apply your chapstick right now?" lol. I told him my cell was vibrating and I was going to check it, but he said he wouldn't doubt I'd do that. Neither would I, because I do that to him sometimes, lol.

I find the best solutions to making out and feeling fresh liped are:

1. Reapply your lip balm half way to smooth your lips and his. (I swear by my excessive balm re-applying has benefited my boyfriends lips) my choice: lip smackers.

2. Use a lipscrub to exfoliate off any dead skin before meeting up with your love. (Makes your lips silky smooth) My choice: Laura Gellar Lip Scrub or Fresh Sugar Lip Balm- the lemon naturally, gently exfoliates while you wear it.

3. If you want your lipstick to stay on nicely, my choice: Revon Color Stay will do the trick, it's no joke.

4. Don't forget your lips can experince sun damage too. Make sure you're protecting your lips with a SPF. My choice: Burt's Bees Wax Lifeguard lip balm.

5. If you're nervous about fresh breath on both sides, use a lip gloss with mint, the mint plumps your lips plus makes your breath extra delish. My choice: Bare Minerals Buxom Diamond.

This is just advice given from experience, I'm sure you have some tricks up your sleeves as well, care to share.. xox Laura Beth


  1. Congrats on your anniversary and wishing both of you long lasting love =)

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! I don't even know when me and my bf "officially started our relationship" LOL.. so I never know the answer to "How long have you been together?" questions. =P Love the little Fresh Lips tips. I'm a maniac about my lips and lip balm too.

  3. That's soo sweet :) Congrats to the both of you. My boyfriend and I don't even celebrate our anniversary. We don't even know when you got together, it just happened. Lol!

    And as for me I'm obsessed about lip balms. Every time I apply lip balm , I would apply it on him as well :)


  4. aaaw congratz on the 3 years and four months! :D I've been with mine for 3yrs and 3 months now XD We always use to celebrate but then we just stopped because he said "will we be still celebrating when we are going to reach 50 yrs and 7months" LOL!!

  5. Thanks guys :)

    I love applying lip balm on boys so cute! Yeah, I just remember the day because I write everything in my planner so I have it marked lol.

    xox Laura Beth

  6. Congrats and hehe good tips!

  7. ur so cute, congrats. This was cute & funny.

  8. congratulations! so adorable. and thank you for the tips. my lips aren' always smooth and soft =(

  9. Aw congrats on your anniversary! I'm always putting chapstick on my bf, he's a baby and would have horribly chapped lips if I didn't do it for him! Haha so sad but true..applying it halfway during a kissing sesh is a good idea too:) xxx


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