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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eye don't want to grow up!

You know you're the ultimate girlie girl when someone cuts you off on the road, and your response is to scream out the window, "You really need an eye cream lady, those glasses aren't fooling anyone!" This was my reaction yesterday on the road, and my mother was in the passenger seat laughing at me. She said, "Most people would cruse her out, or beep, but you notice the weirdest things!" I have to admit I do look at the beauty view of things. I mean, it's what I love, beauty blogging is a big hooby of mine, so you know I have a problem, lol.

Did you ever get in a situation where you yelled something totally random that no one would expect?

So in my defense, I do use MANY eye products, haha.

Morning eye routine:
Soak my eyes with an ice cold water soaked sponge. This instantly decreases my morning puffiness and wakes my eyes up.
Clinique eye serum (depuffs while cooling the eye):
Skyn Iceland eye cream (de-puffing, anti-aging, good for stressed skin)
Physicians Formula green color corrector (the skin around my eyes get sort of red after a night's rest, this corrects my skin tone.)

Night time routine:
Clinique eye serum
Boscia Enlivening eye treatment (Anti-aging, dark shadows-which I luckily do not have, and hydrates.)
Fun Fact: In France many people soak their faces in ice cold water to close their pores and de-puff their face from their nights sleep. This is maybe a good reason why French women age so well.

I know I'm young, (well in some peoples eyes), but I started anti-anging when I was 18. I feel it's better to be safe than sorry. This year I'm going to be 25, and I'm so depressed thinking about it. My friends and family keep asking me what I want to do for my birthday, but I'd rather not talk about it OR have a 21st birthday celebration again. Everything at the party can say I'm 21, and I can kind of go back in time for that day. That would make me feel way better, a DENIAL birthday party. This could defintely work. What better gift than the gift of denial and all my friends and family pretending I'm younger for my own sanity, haha.

Do you use any eye cream and when do you think one should start anti-aging products?


  1. OMG, you are sooo funny. I can't say I have done that. I don't know of anyone but you who has, but I have said things like stop hiding behind those tinted windows or maybe if you'd get off your cell you could drive. I can't think of any others cause I'm lmao.

  2. hahaha that's funny!

    I do use an eye cream night and day (daytime with SPF). I think 18 is a good time to start using an eyecream, especially if the person faces a lot of stress and lacks sleep. But as far as other anti-aging products (like serums), one can definitely wait till late 20s, early 30s because those products tend to be a little rich for young skin. Honestly, I think the best anti-aging product that anyone can use (regardless of age) is sunscreen.

  3. LOL! Those are the kinda comments that really hit home though hahahaha.

    I've been using anti aging products since I was a teen also. Now I use some rosehip oil around my eyes at night and some clinique all about eyes rich in the morning.

  4. @Tiptoe21: Yeah I agree, spf is key in keeping your skin wrinkle free.

    @ Nina: I think it's best to start in late teen years too. I love Clinique eye products, thet really nourish and they've been around so long, I feel they've worked out all the kinks.

    Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments :)



    I think I would cry if somebody yelled that at me hahaha

  6. OMG YOU DID NOT!! LOL thats SO funny!!! :D I usually stumble all over the words that want to come out when I try to yell at someone - so I don't (yes how sad of me). Does the Clinique Eye Serum work instantly on depuffing the eye? I saw another blogger talk about this MAC one with pictures of her bags instantly depuffed! I actually wash my face with warm water and then my last few rinses/splashes are with cold water to close my pores and of course to wake myself up :P I think anti-aging should begin in the early twenties, but i'm guilty of not using any yet (i'm 23) because i had an allergic reaction to ROC retinol face cream a while ago :( :( :(

  7. You have a great skin care routine. I think it's really beneficial that you're doing this, not only to keep yourself looking youthful for the future, but because these products are very good for your skin overall, I'm sure.

    I am at the point where I am starting to contemplate which anti-aging products I should use. I am 26, but here's the story: I look 16 and have VERY good genes on my dad's side. He is 66 and nobody believes he is over 50. I think it's because of our dark skin (he's Indian, I'm half). BUT, like you, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'd hate to think I'll be like my dad, only to let my mom's not-so-youthful Swedish skin genes kick in. LOL!

    Right now, I am using almond oil around my eyes every night because I heard in two weeks I will start to notice a significant decrease of dark circles and puffiness. I read this on an Indian beauty website. Have you heard anything about this? I'm trying it out, but I have no idea if it works. I'm poor right now, so I can't afford fancy eye creams...sigh.

    PS. I always wondered if that ice water technique worked! I read a biography of Joan Crawford and it mentioned that for 30 or so years she would dunk her whole head in ice water for a minute every morning to maintain her youth...

  8. Holy hell that was a long comment. Sorry about that! :P

  9. Great stuff!

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  11. @ Jenny: The clinique serum does give me instant gratification. I only really suffer from puffiness, so far.. lol. So I love this product! I stay away from most retinol related products also, it's way to intense for my sensitive skin. Try something more natural like Korres or REN, you may like those lines.

    @ Jennifer: Yeah, totally better to be safe! lol. I hear you though, I totally am lucky I have good genes and I still get IDed everywhere I go. Once I stop getting carded I may have a panic attack lol. About the almond oil, the extract is used in many natural based anti-aging products. I want to so more research on that now. Thanks for sharing your secret ;)
    The ice water totally a fountain of youth in my eyes. Marilyn Monroe also used to lay herself in a bath of ice water (makes me cold thinking about it) and soak to close her pores and tighten cellulite. I believe it really does help, but I'm not that dedicated, an ice cold sponge will do fine, haha.

    xox Laura Beth


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