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Friday, May 28, 2010

Such a Mess/ Doing it Big!

My favorite lengthening mascara EVER, by Sephora Collection was discontinued recently. I've been scraping the brush to the max, but it was time to start my trialing for a new one, unfortuantely :(
So I've been using the Sephora Collection Lash Stretcher mascara, which is definitely the same formula as the Lengthening mascara I praised, except the brush is awful. I feel it seperates my lashes into a thick mess. This is a picture of the end result with two coats approx:
I just feel my lashes look kind of a mess. I think I'm going to continue to use this mascara but with a disposable mascara wand to appy the product nicely. I will update on how it works out. Do you know of any awesome fiber-based mascaras?

On another note, this week I went away to Atlantic City to party with my biffles (best friend) and we had a ball. We always go on vaca together and do it big. So this time when we went, we got the same suite as last time, but way cheaper because of our previous stay. My favorite part about this luxurious room is the bathroom: (That's Lauren (biff) applying lipgloss) Nothing is more exciting to a beauty regimented girl than a HUGE bathroom. I love that there is a seperate room with just a toliet, now that's a girls bathroom. This room came equipped with a steam shower, jacuzzi bathtub, two sinks, walk in closet, and a makeup vanity. Every girl needs one of these!

I did my friends makeup, of course. What I love about applying her makeup is she always lets me go outside the box and go wild. This time I wanted something more simple because she was in such a girlie outfit. She looked so hot, this is her outfit: Then a close up of her eyes: (looked way better in person, all the colors didn't pick up in this picture) I did all Two Faced cosmetics from their holiday palette, purple as her contrasting color, pink as her crease, and yellow as her highlighter and base color.
I was waiting for my friend to finish up and decided to take a picture of my own outfit, a basic laid back ensemble, but it was cute enough to get me hit on at a bar later on in the night, by the band that was performing. I have a man though, I appreciate a "check out" by boys every once and awhile, but if they try to talk to me, I'll put him in check so quick. Hey, I'm taken, I need to be a lady.

The look I rocked on my eyes was from my Color up my Life FOTD, I didn't want to post it twice, and be a repeat offender, lol.I love dressing up with friends and doing their makeup for a night out. So much fun, definitely my fun time.

To be continued with an update on Lash Stretcher via disposable wand..

xox Laura Beth


  1. Ahh it looks like you had fun. I always end up doing my friends makeup when we go out as well xx

  2. love the outfit & eyes

  3. I always do my friends makeup when we go out, but I wont let them anywhere near my face! lol.
    And thats a bummer about your mascara :( I think I would actually cry if Avon ever discontinued Supershock! XD

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous time (I love time away with my BFF). You both look great and I love your friend's eye make-up...just awesome!

  5. You guys look great! I like doing friends' makeup too!

  6. Oooooh sounds fun :) and the mascara really looks great to me :)

    i love your friend's outfit, the one with the polka dots ^ ^

  7. you have gorgeous lashes! (aside from the mascara clumping up on you... still such gorgeous lashes! im soo jealous!) good luck finding a mascara :/ i'm still on the hunt for my HG one.

    your hotel's bathroom is so nice. i'm just jealous all over! ahaha

  8. Love the outfit and the makeup! Purple suits you really well! Got you a blog award, come check it out :D Have a great weekend <3 <3

  9. Great stuff!

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    Thank you!

  10. You did such a great job on your friend's makeup! It looks great on her. =]

  11. Thanks guys, Yeah I had a fun time. Can't wait for my next vaca lol.

    xox Laura Beth


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