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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love Bites, not just for vampires/ ridiculous story!

Love bites can be a problem! You would be shocked to hear how many circumstances I find myself involving hickeys, and not on myself, but on clients. I have seriously sensitive skin myself, so I understand these things happen. You get caught up in the moment and before you know it you're looking in the mirror at a purple monster on your neck! My boyfriend moves towards my neck and I halt his actions immediately! I am not going to spend an extra 15 minutes disguising a bruise on my neck.

We all know the tricks passed down from past generations:

1. Combing the hickey out with a brush (looks more redick then anything, and I have yet to see it work on myself).

2. Sticking a spoon in the freezer and rolling it around the area. (Such an unenjoyable act, and the only thing it does is make me cold and more frustrated.)

3. Wearing a turtle neck/scraf (but in the middle of the summer, you may be questioned).

4. Wearing your hair down for a week and parted to convience (this is okay until your hair makes any slight movement and exposes you). This has happened to me and my professor was the one to observe this mishap.

5. Put a band-aid on it. (But get ready for an elaborate story on how you were opening your mail and have no idea how you gave yourself a paper cut on your neck, it was so crazy!)

So this is were makeup comes into play, when all else fails cosmetics will always have your back!

1.Color corrector is the first step. If your hickey is more red/pink apply a green corrector. If your hickey is more purple use an orange color corrector. If your love bite is more green (which tends to happen when it's healing) use a pink color corrector. My choice: MUFE color correcting palette, has all the shades you'll need, plus camoflauge concealers.
2. Once the color is diffused a bit, time for layering, I like to use an intense concealer, something that will cover a tattoo. My choice: MUFE full cover (mat finish) or Kat Von D tattoo concealer (more hydrating concealer). It's all about layering now, and how intense your bruise is.
3. Next use a powder to set your concealer. Make sure the color matches your neck exactly. You don't want a big sallow mark on your neck. Use your natural face powder. Apply it with a synthetic concealer brush for a perfect coverage.
4. Your hickey should be gone. Now time to make your skin look lively again. The one area of your neck where you applied the powder should look drier than the rest of your neck. Trick: spray water or setting mist on your neck, lightly, to liven up the area and make it look like skin again. Let the water/mist dry entirely before doing any movement in that area (like putting on a shirt). Do not touch the area for awhile until it's dry!

Ridiculous story: Like I said early clients are always showing up with hickeys lately. I mean I know summer's in season and everyone's getting restless. So here it is: This girl came into my job and she was having a panic attack because she had the hickey of all hickies! I actually reacted when she showed me it, it was intense! I told her no worries though, that I could solve it, and hide that sucker (sucker, hhaa). So I did the steps as I stated above. Her hickey was gone. She was so excited she kissed me on the neck (weird, I know). I pushed her away and said, "Don't give me a hickey now." She said," You have no idea my boyfriend would have killed me." I reluctantly said, "Why would your boyfriend be mad he gave you a hickey?" Yup, you guessed it she was cheating on her man! I was sucked into the scandal, how ridick is that? Sad part is that's not the only cheater I think I've helped in my day. ::shaking head::

Do you have any creative ways to hide love bites? Or any wild stories to share?


  1. LOL!! Such a crazy story and your little post is soooo informative. Thanks! I actually haven't had a hickey in forever -I hate the look of it and I'm not about to add another 10 minutes into my routine fussing with it.

    #5 seriously cracked me up. I think over a year ago I gave my boyfriend one and he proceeded to go to work with a bandaid on it. How obvious is THAT?? A bandaid on your neck! =P

  2. hahah! that's so crazy. you got sucked into that one. lol

  3. Kali: So funny, I wonder what his backup story was. What's really funny was today I went into work and one of the boys had a hickey on his neck from his g/f. Such perfect timing since I just wrote a post on it lol. But boys can use makeup too, I've done some hickey covers on men as well. lol

    Leenda: Literally "sucked" in lmao!

    xox Laura Beth

  4. Hahahaha loved this post!!!!
    Can't say I have any crazy stories like this (which could be a good thing lol) but perhaps I can just live vicariously through yours :P

  5. LOL @ that story :| In the past when I've had a hickey I said I got punched in the throat hahaha

  6. very interesting post i like it

  7. Lol that was a crazy story! You're right! Makeup is the ultimate rescue from such suckers he he

  8. haha. love the hickey remvoer tips!

    would love you to visit Passport Glamour & follow if you like!

    Anna Katrina

  9. I nominated you for a blog award! <33


  10. I have a really sad confession to make...i've never gotten a hickey before! *Hangs head in shame*

    ...But when I do, I'll definetly use these tips to hide it! ♥

  11. That's always a good thing, my skin is too sensitive, you could blow on it and I bruise lol

    xox Laura Beth

  12. Lol. This post is very entertaining ESP the "paper cut on the neck" :p I myself don't like hickey. They look dirty and unprofessional (ESP I work at the hospital) but I don't mean offense on those who likes being "marked". I guess it's just preference on how we show love and affection :p

  13. I def agree they look trashy, but sometimes in the moment they just happen unfortuantely. I see where you're coming from, no offense taken, I don't get them too much now. I guard my boyfriends moves lol.

    Glad you all enjoyed this post :)

    xox Laura Beth

  14. Haha! I love that story :] so crazy you helped with a coverup though D:

    the trick i used to do was wear a really chunky necklace. i doubt it'll work for most people but it just so happened one of my ex-bfs always got overzealous in the right area which made it really easy for me to cover up... haha!

  15. @ clover: haha You were def lucky! My man seems to find the most blunt area!

    xox Laura Beth


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