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Monday, May 17, 2010

My adventures at the NYC MAKEUP SHOW! Plus FOTD..

I can not even describe the feeling I recieved when I saw all my favorite brands in one place giving tutorials and selling their cosmetics for 50% off. I literally couldn't take it all in at once! My experience at the NYC makeup show was AMAZING!

I did my peacock look which I posted a while back on details of what I used and how to apply it yourself: Peacock

The lipstick is MAC "o" and the MAC lip glass "Funtabulous."

My hair was 40-50's inspired, love to pin it back with a twist and add a flower :)

This girl was being airbrushed, her boobs were fake, but they were perfect. My friend and I couldn't stop starring in envy lol.

This was done by the MAC Pro Team, pretty amazing because they're doing everything with body paint and it was so detailed. I didn't see a stencil once either! The models were such troopers, they had to stand for hours. The model with the black body paint was in a thong too, and his package was in your face, and he seemed to be very aroused by the show lol, no joke.

Also the MAC Pro team.

This is my friend Erica, she is also a makeup artist, we were in our glory! The glitter on her eyes was applied by one of the brands there, but the rep was so nasty, we didn't purchase because of that.

This is Erica with a hair maker, this brand designed the caveman hair for the Geico commercials. I felt it, it was gross lol.

I loved her eyes, she was a rep for Face Paint University. They actually have a cruise to the Bahamas every year where you can take a week and learn to body paint by the inspiration of the ocean and sea creatures. That sounds like a vacation to me. ;)

Erica and I are about to leave and took advantage of a photo op.

Bought this palette for $20 and the pigment is insane. It's by Crown, and I was going to purchase the Coastal Scents palette but this was right in front of me, I was able to test it, plus, no shipping, it was a done deal.

L'Oreal is awesome and hooked Erica and I both up with a bag of goodies. I was so happy!! Can't wait to try these products and blog a review. If it's free, it's for me!

After the show we went to a delish mexican cafe, ordered a Marg and had a burrito. I love my burritos and chips!

Makeup Forever was also at the show, and the crator Danny Sanz was there, she was doing one on one lessons for $250, I got one for free last year. Which was a great learning experience. In the words of Danny Sanz to me, and I'll never forget, "A true artist always has 2 brushes in their hand at all times." I was holding 2 brushes while I was applying. For her to say that to me, I almost fainted.

Also another steal at the show, Smashbox was there, and was giving their products away for 50-60% off. I purchased my Halo Foundation powder that is normally $60 for $25. That's how my day began too, I can not wait till next year to go again. Erica and I decided to make it a tradition, so we will be back. This time we'll know what to expect and "pace ourselves."

xox Laura Beth


  1. Oh I LOVE your look. Such gorgeous peacock eyes. And I really like the 1st photo of the MAC PRO team's work. I really wonder how the male model felt while they were working on him. =P

  2. Cute, I love your look! 2 color and 3 color eye make up is always my favorite.

    I'm the same way if someone is rude, I won't promote, buy, tell people about their products. OR I'll tell them how rude they were. Yuck for those companies, but congrats on having a good time. The body painting is amazing. I can't believe the one guy didn't have stencils used on him!

  3. i was there 2 it was heaven loved the loreal goodies xoxo

  4. <3 your look! The palette looks fantastic! Can't wait for the swatches & it really looks like a clone of the CS palette ;D

  5. Sounds like fun! I would love to attend!!!

  6. Love the eyes! I love how you use color combinations. And it looks like heaven there! I would be like a little girl in a candy store.

  7. @Kali: the boys were def happy to be there lol

    @Stephine: I know right, no stencils, it was fascinating!

    @confessions of a doll: So weird, we def passed one another lol. What't you buy?

    @LittoMokaa: It really is a clone! I love it!

    @Irresistible Icing: There's always next year :)

    Tiptoe: Thanks! It really was a candy store for girls lol!

    xox Laura Beth

  8. Love all the pictures. You look so beautiful!

  9. OMGOSH girl! You look like you had so much fun, waa wish I could of went. Heh body paint guy XD

  10. Thanks!

    Yeah it was fun, they only hold them in L.A. and N.Y.C. but I'm sure eventually they'll expand worldwide.

    xox Laura Beth

  11. Love your looks and you're so beautiful ;) That looks like a lot of fun.

  12. Sounds like such an awesome time! The airbrushing on those models are sooo crazy looking. Especially on the male model. The words look so perfect! Your makeup looks very pretty on you. =]

  13. Wow! That looks fun :)


  14. Thanks! Yeah I had tons of fun! I was proud of myself for not spending like crazy. I only spent $45 because the deals were that good :)

    xox Laura Beth


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