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Monday, April 12, 2010

Face Chart

Face charts are an awesome way to inspire your look without the need of makeup remover. Some times nature or other peoples looks inspire me to try something new. This week at work we found a stack of face charts, and I began to color after others inspired me. Since it is spring, color is all I want to play with lately, and I mean COLOR: Yellows, blues, pinks, if it's bright, I'll wear it!

My first look was the peacock:
Base: Bright yellow
In the crease: light but bright pink
On half my lid: light bright purple
Highlighter: Under the brow bone apply a light shade to brighten.
At the end of my lash line and right on top of the lighter purple to contour apply a darker purple to contour the lighter shade. I used two types of brushes, a blending brush, and an all over shadow brush. Blending is key when using pigmented colors. Also using an eyeshadow primer is important to keep the colors from bleeding.

The blue look:
Base: Light sky blue
On half the lid: tourquoise blue
In the Crease: Light navy blue
At the end of the lash line contouring the light navy apply a dark navy in circular motions with a blending brush.
Highlighter: With a light shade, in the white silver family.

My choice primer: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in Eden

My choice brushes: Sephora collection Professional line

My choice eyeshadows: Sephora Collection Limited Edition Spring Blockbuster- this item is AMAZING! I used this palette alone to do all these looks. The pigment is great and individual compacts that pop out to take on the go for certain looks. Most of the time buying such a bulk item can be annoying because you can't travel it in your purse. So now you can because it has portable slots. This collectoin is a must have!

I applied the two looks on myself and they came out glamorous! I definitely will be using face charts more often, I missed them.

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