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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So many brushes, so little time..

There are so many different ways to apply your foundation. Each way having a different result. I used to airbrush my face every day with my Temptu, but it's breaching summer time now and I want a different look.

Cool Fact: Temptu airbushing is good for acne prone skin, it will not clog pores because of a built in primer and it covers up the areas of concern.

Lately I've been using my favorite foundation L'Oreal True Match. I love this product because it's so light weight and evens my skin so nicely. I'm number N1, the lightest shade of the neutral category. (The shades are spilt into 3 categories: Neutral, warm, and cool.) I'm more neutral, I need a tone that's both pink and yellow. This is why I chose the neutral category.

Fun Fact: L'Oreal produces Lancome, that is their high end brand. So you can still get quality but owning L'Oreal. Also alot of celebrity makeup artists use L'Oreal True Match on their clients, I read that in the magazine "Makeup Artistry" all the time.

In this picture I applied my foundation-L'oreal with a stippling brush:

Stippling brush:

HD Brush:

The difference between a stippling brush and a HD brush isn't the finish, because both these brushes leave your foundation with a flawless result. The HD Brush can be used for other tasks: setting powder, bronzer, powdered blush, basically powdered products. The Stippling brush is better for creams like MUFE HD blush, or even a liquid highlighter.

Sponges are also a popular way to apply; however, if you're using a sponge, make sure you fill it with water first so the sponge isn't eating up your expensive foundation. This is a good way to save money.

I think the best way to apply your foundation is with a basic foundation brush. I have more control of where the makeup is going and I'm comfortable with this application.

My favorite: Sephora Professional Line Foundation Brush
This angled brush is made to contour with your foundation, using precise movements with this brush you can use light illusions to contour your face. This brush also gets into the crevice of the nose.

Then there's good old fashion fingers. I have a small problem with using my fingers, because I've been trained against it my whole life due to sanitary issues. Also I feel the application is not as neat. If this is your way of applying that's okay, alot of makeup artists are hands on, I'm just not comfortable with this method. Our hands produce oils and I'm a sensitive skin type, it's one thing if it's your own face because your body knows your own oils, but on someone else, this may cause clogged pores. This is obviously my least favorite method to use on a client.

What is your favorite foundation, and how do you love to apply it?


Some pictures may be downloaded from other sources. This blog is just my opinion. If you choose to use some of the products listed, use with caution.