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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Freckle Juice

My favorite book when I was a little girl was by Judy Blume, "Freckle Juice." This book was about a young red haired boy who envied a girl in his school, Sharon, who had freckles. He felt Sharon always got everything she wanted because she had adorable freckles. So one day he asked her how he could get freckles too? She took advantage of him and told him he needed to drink freckle juice. Sharon's Secret Recipe for Freckle Juice (from the story):
One glass makes an average amount of freckles. To get like Nicky Lane drink two glasses.
Mix up all these things together-stir well and drink fast.
-grape juice
-juice from one lemon
-pepper and salt
-olive oil
-a speck of onion
PS: The faster you drink it the faster you get F.R.E.C.K.L.E.S

Of course he doesn't get freckles and the next morning he is so embarrassed he draws fake freckles on with a magic marker. The moral of the story: He learns he can't get freckles and to appreciate the skin he has.

I used to read this book all the time when I was younger, over and over, I loved it so much. Now I'm older, and I have freckles on my forehead, shoulders (have clusters of them), my arms, and legs. Most people who have freckles hate them, I on the other hand embrace them. I love freckles so much. Especially the ones on the shoulders. In the summer time I'll lay out in a tank top just to enhance my shoulder freckles. I think beauty marks and freckles are so unique and I love to show mine off.

Lindsay Lohan has a massive amount of freckles but unlike me she is not a fan. But I think without them she wouldn't be any different than any other girl in Hollywood: For those who hate freckles, mostly on their face, they can be covered, the quickest way I find is airbrushing. For those who don't own an airbrush, color correcting with Smashbox blend primer will help smooth the complexion and prep the skin for your foundation. Use a foundation with a medium to full coverage, depending on how dark your spots are. For those, like me, that love to embrace their freckles use a tinted moisturizer to let those spots shine through, and concealer in your problem areas, like under the eyes, or blemishes.
The moral of my story: Love the skin your in. I'm a firm believer that if you are positive with yourself your body will look and feel better.

So now for your opinion, freckles/beauty marks, ugly spots or beauty spots?

xox Laura Beth


  1. Awwwww what a cute book and well i have to say, freckles look cute.. in fact i think they make you even more pretty :)

    one more thing i would want to add here is that, beauty isn't perfection. beauty is being natural and feeling good in what, who and how you are, freckles or no freckles. :)

  2. Cute dog :-) I think people should show off their freckles, not hide them!

  3. I love freckles my mum had loads and always covered them up but whenever i saw her without makeup i would love how pretty they looked on her. I have just a few which only come out in the sun xx
    PS cute story i might get that book to read to my son

  4. I personally hate my freckles.. but this prom season I was doing this girls make up & she explained that she didn't want to wear any foundation because she wanted her freckles to show up in pics :) I thought it was sooo cute of her to embrace them .. maybe i will one day.

  5. love this post.
    I've never read that book but it looks amazing.
    I'm a freckly person and I embrace them.
    I don't tan easily so I know that I've caught the sun when I get freckles

  6. well....i only have freckles on one side of my face. But I love them. No one else has freckles like me.

  7. I am learning to embrace my freckles, I have them a little bit on my forehead and across my nose. MAC's face and body is pretty good for letting them shine through :) xx

  8. What a good post! I thouroughly enjoyed reading it! I get freckles in the summer on my nose and cheeks. I love it, because it means I have a tan!

  9. @ Sara H: Well said! Also like your new picture :)

    @ Nicoletta: Loved your story. So sweet you loved your Moms freckles. This book is def a good read for your son.

    @ Eva: I think the book influenced my love for freckles, otherwise I may have grown up disliking mine too.

    @ Sammi: Me too, freckles show I took some sun in and I like that! I'm way pale. lol

    @Nicole: WOw, that's so unique! So pretty too :)

    @Nikki: I might have to pick up some MAC face and body!

    @Alluring Bath & Beauty: Thanks! I feel ya, I need freckles to show how long I've been in the sun too lol

  10. thank you so much Laura for liking my photo :)

  11. I used to be ok with my freckles but now I have a lot more compared to before and I don't like it!! thank you for this post!! the story from the book is so cute<3

  12. OMG I love that book as a kid :D I like it when people with freckles let them show through, this girl I knew in high school would CAKE on the foundation to cover them up and it looked so gross :(

  13. I agree, one should love who and what they are. It is what makes up the world, it is what makes us special. I love freckles, I don't have alot of them but I love the ones I have. Also love the book, I remember it well.


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