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Thursday, February 4, 2010


What a world we live in, when you can go into a store and purchase a mini at home air compressor to apply your foundation. I must say there is nothing like it. Your face picks up the light perfectly for a flawless picture everytime. I purchased the Temptu airbrushing system, easy clean up.. because there is no clean up. All the makeup is in individual pods that you slide in for an easy application everytime. I definitely suggest in investing in one, totally worth it and super fun. Defintely need an oil based makeup remover or cleanser to remove though, because the foundation is just that good.

Khole Kardashian had her makeup airbrushed for her wedding that aired on E about a month ago. Her skin looked gorgeous, and she probably paid a hot amount to get it done, probably the same I paid to get the machine and pods, for her one day event. I may not be able to afford to get my makeup done to that extreme, so I pamper myself. Hey, it may be expensive but if it makes you happy and beautiful, I say invest!

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