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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Freckle Juice

My favorite book when I was a little girl was by Judy Blume, "Freckle Juice." This book was about a young red haired boy who envied a girl in his school, Sharon, who had freckles. He felt Sharon always got everything she wanted because she had adorable freckles. So one day he asked her how he could get freckles too? She took advantage of him and told him he needed to drink freckle juice. Sharon's Secret Recipe for Freckle Juice (from the story):
One glass makes an average amount of freckles. To get like Nicky Lane drink two glasses.
Mix up all these things together-stir well and drink fast.
-grape juice
-juice from one lemon
-pepper and salt
-olive oil
-a speck of onion
PS: The faster you drink it the faster you get F.R.E.C.K.L.E.S

Of course he doesn't get freckles and the next morning he is so embarrassed he draws fake freckles on with a magic marker. The moral of the story: He learns he can't get freckles and to appreciate the skin he has.

I used to read this book all the time when I was younger, over and over, I loved it so much. Now I'm older, and I have freckles on my forehead, shoulders (have clusters of them), my arms, and legs. Most people who have freckles hate them, I on the other hand embrace them. I love freckles so much. Especially the ones on the shoulders. In the summer time I'll lay out in a tank top just to enhance my shoulder freckles. I think beauty marks and freckles are so unique and I love to show mine off.

Lindsay Lohan has a massive amount of freckles but unlike me she is not a fan. But I think without them she wouldn't be any different than any other girl in Hollywood: For those who hate freckles, mostly on their face, they can be covered, the quickest way I find is airbrushing. For those who don't own an airbrush, color correcting with Smashbox blend primer will help smooth the complexion and prep the skin for your foundation. Use a foundation with a medium to full coverage, depending on how dark your spots are. For those, like me, that love to embrace their freckles use a tinted moisturizer to let those spots shine through, and concealer in your problem areas, like under the eyes, or blemishes.
The moral of my story: Love the skin your in. I'm a firm believer that if you are positive with yourself your body will look and feel better.

So now for your opinion, freckles/beauty marks, ugly spots or beauty spots?

xox Laura Beth

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Freakin Sweet with Random Facts!

I recieved a Stylish Blog Award from Sara Hasssan's blog, she has a super chic blog and only blogs the best posts, check her out ;)
For this Award/tag, you list 5 random facts, and then nominate/tag 5 bloggers.

So here are 5 random facts about me:

1. I love reading autobiographies and Tommy Land by Tommy Lee is my favorite book I ever read:
If I wasn't a makeup artist/addict, I would be a comedian but I feel I'm not witty enough at times to throw out jokes on stage. I love being a goofball and don't care if I look ridiculous doing so: Looking up at the sky makes me so relaxed, I could get lost in the clouds: I took these pictures both at the beach.
This is my baby Sugar Boogar, I love her so much: Everyday I have myself a delish Mocha Frappuccino with no whip cream: (I know the picture has whip lol) I love being appreciated, puts a huge smile across my face and I am ready to share the joy!

I will be tagging/nominating 5 stylish bloggers:

1. Jane
2. Asian Beautifier
3. Sara H
4. Arabian Eyes
5. Get Gawjus!

Love all my bloggers, and would love to thank you all for the love! :)

Two more days to enter my giveaway!

Thanks everyone and let me know of anything you'd like me to blog in future posts!

xox Laura Beth

Friday, May 28, 2010

Such a Mess/ Doing it Big!

My favorite lengthening mascara EVER, by Sephora Collection was discontinued recently. I've been scraping the brush to the max, but it was time to start my trialing for a new one, unfortuantely :(
So I've been using the Sephora Collection Lash Stretcher mascara, which is definitely the same formula as the Lengthening mascara I praised, except the brush is awful. I feel it seperates my lashes into a thick mess. This is a picture of the end result with two coats approx:
I just feel my lashes look kind of a mess. I think I'm going to continue to use this mascara but with a disposable mascara wand to appy the product nicely. I will update on how it works out. Do you know of any awesome fiber-based mascaras?

On another note, this week I went away to Atlantic City to party with my biffles (best friend) and we had a ball. We always go on vaca together and do it big. So this time when we went, we got the same suite as last time, but way cheaper because of our previous stay. My favorite part about this luxurious room is the bathroom: (That's Lauren (biff) applying lipgloss) Nothing is more exciting to a beauty regimented girl than a HUGE bathroom. I love that there is a seperate room with just a toliet, now that's a girls bathroom. This room came equipped with a steam shower, jacuzzi bathtub, two sinks, walk in closet, and a makeup vanity. Every girl needs one of these!

I did my friends makeup, of course. What I love about applying her makeup is she always lets me go outside the box and go wild. This time I wanted something more simple because she was in such a girlie outfit. She looked so hot, this is her outfit: Then a close up of her eyes: (looked way better in person, all the colors didn't pick up in this picture) I did all Two Faced cosmetics from their holiday palette, purple as her contrasting color, pink as her crease, and yellow as her highlighter and base color.
I was waiting for my friend to finish up and decided to take a picture of my own outfit, a basic laid back ensemble, but it was cute enough to get me hit on at a bar later on in the night, by the band that was performing. I have a man though, I appreciate a "check out" by boys every once and awhile, but if they try to talk to me, I'll put him in check so quick. Hey, I'm taken, I need to be a lady.

The look I rocked on my eyes was from my Color up my Life FOTD, I didn't want to post it twice, and be a repeat offender, lol.I love dressing up with friends and doing their makeup for a night out. So much fun, definitely my fun time.

To be continued with an update on Lash Stretcher via disposable wand..

xox Laura Beth

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eye don't want to grow up!

You know you're the ultimate girlie girl when someone cuts you off on the road, and your response is to scream out the window, "You really need an eye cream lady, those glasses aren't fooling anyone!" This was my reaction yesterday on the road, and my mother was in the passenger seat laughing at me. She said, "Most people would cruse her out, or beep, but you notice the weirdest things!" I have to admit I do look at the beauty view of things. I mean, it's what I love, beauty blogging is a big hooby of mine, so you know I have a problem, lol.

Did you ever get in a situation where you yelled something totally random that no one would expect?

So in my defense, I do use MANY eye products, haha.

Morning eye routine:
Soak my eyes with an ice cold water soaked sponge. This instantly decreases my morning puffiness and wakes my eyes up.
Clinique eye serum (depuffs while cooling the eye):
Skyn Iceland eye cream (de-puffing, anti-aging, good for stressed skin)
Physicians Formula green color corrector (the skin around my eyes get sort of red after a night's rest, this corrects my skin tone.)

Night time routine:
Clinique eye serum
Boscia Enlivening eye treatment (Anti-aging, dark shadows-which I luckily do not have, and hydrates.)
Fun Fact: In France many people soak their faces in ice cold water to close their pores and de-puff their face from their nights sleep. This is maybe a good reason why French women age so well.

I know I'm young, (well in some peoples eyes), but I started anti-anging when I was 18. I feel it's better to be safe than sorry. This year I'm going to be 25, and I'm so depressed thinking about it. My friends and family keep asking me what I want to do for my birthday, but I'd rather not talk about it OR have a 21st birthday celebration again. Everything at the party can say I'm 21, and I can kind of go back in time for that day. That would make me feel way better, a DENIAL birthday party. This could defintely work. What better gift than the gift of denial and all my friends and family pretending I'm younger for my own sanity, haha.

Do you use any eye cream and when do you think one should start anti-aging products?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mystical Cloud FOTD/ Exciting News!

I've been dreaming up this look in my head for about a week now, so today I decided to bring it to life. The looks inspiration must have been clouds because I feel it looks like a mystical cloud in a cartoon.

Don't mind the fact that my hair decided it wanted to fly away, lol.

My eyes in order of how I applied:

Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden

Bare Minerals Queen Phyllis (One of my favorite shadows!) I applied it with my fingers for severe pigment.

In my crease NARS Strada (Such a beautiful shadow,to even just look it, gorge)

At the end of my eyes I blended a bright Purple from NYX to make the NARS shadow pop.

Contour color on my browbone: Dior Beige Sparkle

Liner: MUFE Aqua black (My HG liner! It' heaven sent!)

Mascara: MUFE Smoky lash

On my loswer lashline: NARS strada (applied with a smudge brush)

Lips: Liner NARS lipliner Miss Sadie, NARS Lip Laquer Chelsea Girls (Whitney from the city wear this color), NARS lipgloss Greek Holiday (Kim Khardashian wear this one). Together these 3 are hot combo! My bangs are not so bangin right now, they need a cut. Today is WAY humid out, so half way through the day I'll push my hair back, for sure. Acutally I pushed it back right after this picture *See first picture above, haha.

I live In Sephora so I'm not shocked that I had 500 points and was able to pick a 500 point gift, but I mean I work there, it's hard not to buy man. I've been waiting for a great gift to come in and thrusday we got a gift I couldn't pass up. Two Faced Cat Walk Collection makeup bag, filled with goodies: Two faced Glamour to Go palette, mini lash injection, and mini shadow Insurance primer (which is just as good as primer potion honestly). since I have so many mascaras I've decided to add the mini mascara in my giveaway! To the second prize winner :)

Exciting News: Yesterday I had my last final/class for the semester and I got all my grades for semester.. all A's and I got my first A+ in a class! I have a 4.0 and next semester I'm eligible for Dean's List! :)

Tonight I'm going out with one of my biffs to my favorite Spanish eatery, can not wait! I'm kind of in love with spicy food. Is it just me?

Laura Beth

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love Bites, not just for vampires/ ridiculous story!

Love bites can be a problem! You would be shocked to hear how many circumstances I find myself involving hickeys, and not on myself, but on clients. I have seriously sensitive skin myself, so I understand these things happen. You get caught up in the moment and before you know it you're looking in the mirror at a purple monster on your neck! My boyfriend moves towards my neck and I halt his actions immediately! I am not going to spend an extra 15 minutes disguising a bruise on my neck.

We all know the tricks passed down from past generations:

1. Combing the hickey out with a brush (looks more redick then anything, and I have yet to see it work on myself).

2. Sticking a spoon in the freezer and rolling it around the area. (Such an unenjoyable act, and the only thing it does is make me cold and more frustrated.)

3. Wearing a turtle neck/scraf (but in the middle of the summer, you may be questioned).

4. Wearing your hair down for a week and parted to convience (this is okay until your hair makes any slight movement and exposes you). This has happened to me and my professor was the one to observe this mishap.

5. Put a band-aid on it. (But get ready for an elaborate story on how you were opening your mail and have no idea how you gave yourself a paper cut on your neck, it was so crazy!)

So this is were makeup comes into play, when all else fails cosmetics will always have your back!

1.Color corrector is the first step. If your hickey is more red/pink apply a green corrector. If your hickey is more purple use an orange color corrector. If your love bite is more green (which tends to happen when it's healing) use a pink color corrector. My choice: MUFE color correcting palette, has all the shades you'll need, plus camoflauge concealers.
2. Once the color is diffused a bit, time for layering, I like to use an intense concealer, something that will cover a tattoo. My choice: MUFE full cover (mat finish) or Kat Von D tattoo concealer (more hydrating concealer). It's all about layering now, and how intense your bruise is.
3. Next use a powder to set your concealer. Make sure the color matches your neck exactly. You don't want a big sallow mark on your neck. Use your natural face powder. Apply it with a synthetic concealer brush for a perfect coverage.
4. Your hickey should be gone. Now time to make your skin look lively again. The one area of your neck where you applied the powder should look drier than the rest of your neck. Trick: spray water or setting mist on your neck, lightly, to liven up the area and make it look like skin again. Let the water/mist dry entirely before doing any movement in that area (like putting on a shirt). Do not touch the area for awhile until it's dry!

Ridiculous story: Like I said early clients are always showing up with hickeys lately. I mean I know summer's in season and everyone's getting restless. So here it is: This girl came into my job and she was having a panic attack because she had the hickey of all hickies! I actually reacted when she showed me it, it was intense! I told her no worries though, that I could solve it, and hide that sucker (sucker, hhaa). So I did the steps as I stated above. Her hickey was gone. She was so excited she kissed me on the neck (weird, I know). I pushed her away and said, "Don't give me a hickey now." She said," You have no idea my boyfriend would have killed me." I reluctantly said, "Why would your boyfriend be mad he gave you a hickey?" Yup, you guessed it she was cheating on her man! I was sucked into the scandal, how ridick is that? Sad part is that's not the only cheater I think I've helped in my day. ::shaking head::

Do you have any creative ways to hide love bites? Or any wild stories to share?

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today the weather was so pefect-o! I didn't get a chance to go outside and indulge in the sun yet, first step was to give myself a mini pedi-cute! So I dipped into my nail polish bin and found all the colors I've been purchasing over the winter, anxiously waiting for summer. So today I finally got the opportunity to let my toes free. My favorite nail brand is Essie. I usually go for funky colors because I've collected so many pinks and neutrals along the way, I like my toes to have some shock value now. The color I chose was Essie-Shelter Island. This is my only tattoo I have, so I like to wear sandals to show it off:

Story behind the tatt: I got this tattoo in memory of my sister, on her birthday 3 years ago. I am a baby when it comes to needles so this was a brave thing for me to do. I wanted to have a memory of my sister with me at all times. This tattoo is from a journal my sister and I shared when we were younger. She signed the journal "Lots of Love" and then her name. I went to the tattoo parlor and they copied her handwriting straight from the journal onto an ink based paper that they placed on my foot and perfectly sketched her hand writing on my foot, forever. So every day I walk, I walk in her memory :)

What's your favorite nailpolish brand and are you funky or more neutral with your shade picks?
"Lots of Love"
Laura Beth

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smooching Secrets!

Today marks me and my boyfriends 3 year 4 month anniversary. I know it's not one to celebrate traditionally, and I'm not one of those girls that keeps track of every second we're together lol. I just happened to notice the date today, and calculate where me and him stood in time. I am so proud to say I'm actually happy still. You know when you date a guy for awhile and within a few months to a year kissing him is like kissing a pillow, BORING! It's kind of like you're just running with the motion but the tingles have subsided and you're just doing it, to do it (No, just me, perhaps). Well, this time it's different... my infatuation for this man has remained and I kiss him and I feel like I can't get close enough. I've never been happier (not to sound corny, but it's true).Cute Story: Everyone knows from previous posts how obsessed I am with Lipsmackers lip balm. Well.. my man and I were making out and I heard my phone vibrating, so I reached over to grab it from my purse and he said, "Are you serious, you're really going to re-apply your chapstick right now?" lol. I told him my cell was vibrating and I was going to check it, but he said he wouldn't doubt I'd do that. Neither would I, because I do that to him sometimes, lol.

I find the best solutions to making out and feeling fresh liped are:

1. Reapply your lip balm half way to smooth your lips and his. (I swear by my excessive balm re-applying has benefited my boyfriends lips) my choice: lip smackers.

2. Use a lipscrub to exfoliate off any dead skin before meeting up with your love. (Makes your lips silky smooth) My choice: Laura Gellar Lip Scrub or Fresh Sugar Lip Balm- the lemon naturally, gently exfoliates while you wear it.

3. If you want your lipstick to stay on nicely, my choice: Revon Color Stay will do the trick, it's no joke.

4. Don't forget your lips can experince sun damage too. Make sure you're protecting your lips with a SPF. My choice: Burt's Bees Wax Lifeguard lip balm.

5. If you're nervous about fresh breath on both sides, use a lip gloss with mint, the mint plumps your lips plus makes your breath extra delish. My choice: Bare Minerals Buxom Diamond.

This is just advice given from experience, I'm sure you have some tricks up your sleeves as well, care to share.. xox Laura Beth

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Color up my Life FOTD!

Today I tried my new makeup palette from Crown, that I purchased at the NYC makeup show for 20 bucks. Woo-hoo! The pigment is insane, and I would have swatched the colors but I really don't want to waste any product trying it on my arm, I'd much rather blog my FOTD's as I play with my new addition. Today I started my playing...

This is my FOTD with the colors I numbered
1- Is lined on my lower lashline.
2- Which there is two of them are on half of my upper lash line located near the outer end of my eyes.
3- I placed near my innner eye on the top and bottom corners.

Fun Tip: For colors in an eyeshadow palette that you feel are too extreme to wear, use them as an eyeliner, this way you get your moneys worth ;)

I didn't do a smoky eye, I wanted more of a relaxed look because I didn't want to seem over done. It was raining out and my mood was blah. On my lip I'm wearing from my Sephora lip palette: Important nude. I really am in love with palettes lately and they have not been dissappointing me at all!
I definitely recommend this palette, 88 colors and insane pigment! I will be updating with more looks with this palette, and I can not wait to do so!

Do you have any favorite palettes? ( I may need some more...)

xox Laura Beth

Monday, May 17, 2010

My adventures at the NYC MAKEUP SHOW! Plus FOTD..

I can not even describe the feeling I recieved when I saw all my favorite brands in one place giving tutorials and selling their cosmetics for 50% off. I literally couldn't take it all in at once! My experience at the NYC makeup show was AMAZING!

I did my peacock look which I posted a while back on details of what I used and how to apply it yourself: Peacock

The lipstick is MAC "o" and the MAC lip glass "Funtabulous."

My hair was 40-50's inspired, love to pin it back with a twist and add a flower :)

This girl was being airbrushed, her boobs were fake, but they were perfect. My friend and I couldn't stop starring in envy lol.

This was done by the MAC Pro Team, pretty amazing because they're doing everything with body paint and it was so detailed. I didn't see a stencil once either! The models were such troopers, they had to stand for hours. The model with the black body paint was in a thong too, and his package was in your face, and he seemed to be very aroused by the show lol, no joke.

Also the MAC Pro team.

This is my friend Erica, she is also a makeup artist, we were in our glory! The glitter on her eyes was applied by one of the brands there, but the rep was so nasty, we didn't purchase because of that.

This is Erica with a hair maker, this brand designed the caveman hair for the Geico commercials. I felt it, it was gross lol.

I loved her eyes, she was a rep for Face Paint University. They actually have a cruise to the Bahamas every year where you can take a week and learn to body paint by the inspiration of the ocean and sea creatures. That sounds like a vacation to me. ;)

Erica and I are about to leave and took advantage of a photo op.

Bought this palette for $20 and the pigment is insane. It's by Crown, and I was going to purchase the Coastal Scents palette but this was right in front of me, I was able to test it, plus, no shipping, it was a done deal.

L'Oreal is awesome and hooked Erica and I both up with a bag of goodies. I was so happy!! Can't wait to try these products and blog a review. If it's free, it's for me!

After the show we went to a delish mexican cafe, ordered a Marg and had a burrito. I love my burritos and chips!

Makeup Forever was also at the show, and the crator Danny Sanz was there, she was doing one on one lessons for $250, I got one for free last year. Which was a great learning experience. In the words of Danny Sanz to me, and I'll never forget, "A true artist always has 2 brushes in their hand at all times." I was holding 2 brushes while I was applying. For her to say that to me, I almost fainted.

Also another steal at the show, Smashbox was there, and was giving their products away for 50-60% off. I purchased my Halo Foundation powder that is normally $60 for $25. That's how my day began too, I can not wait till next year to go again. Erica and I decided to make it a tradition, so we will be back. This time we'll know what to expect and "pace ourselves."

xox Laura Beth

Friday, May 14, 2010

100 Follower Giveaway! CONTEST CLOSED.


I made a promise when I reached 100 followers I would hold a FAB giveaway, and I'm keeping to my word. I am so grateful for all who read my rants everyday and would love to share with you some of my favorite beauty items.

There will be 2 winners to the contest, second prize and first place.
First place will be granted:
*Sephora makeup bag filled with goodies:

- Sephora makeup bag, Ardell Lashes New Style 135, Smashbox photo finish eye primer, CoverGirl Lash Blast (very black), Tarte Clean Slate foundation primer, Sephora O.P.I. nailpolish in Metro Chic, Makeup Forever HD powder, Wet N Wild Kohl eye pencil in white and black. All these prizes add up to a $100 value! What can I say I like to give :)

Second Prize winner will get: A perfect summer prep! Essie nailpolish in Flirty Fuscia, Color Club nailpolish in Mrs. Robinson, exfoliating foot lotion and dry foot cream, Bath and Body works body lotion in Sweet Pea and their body splash in Cucumber Melon. Your skin and toes will be ready to hit the beach! The lotion scents are my favorite smells from Bath and Bosy works! Plus a mini Two Faced Lash Injection not showed above (just added).

The rules:

*You must be a follower/subscriber! (If you're not, follow away) lol. Comment the post below if you would like to enter the contest. (one entry)

* Link the contest on your blog, in a blogpost or sidebar, if you follow me via facebook you must link this contest on your page, and send me proof of the link in a comment below. (2 entries)


* The contest is international.

* The contest ends June 1 and I will be selecting the 2 winners at midnight!

(All the products are new and unopened and they were purchased with my own money).

I want to thank my followers yet again for all the support, and I also wish you luck in winning :)

Lots of Love,

xox, Laura Beth

Some pictures may be downloaded from other sources. This blog is just my opinion. If you choose to use some of the products listed, use with caution.