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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Color up my Life FOTD!

Today I tried my new makeup palette from Crown, that I purchased at the NYC makeup show for 20 bucks. Woo-hoo! The pigment is insane, and I would have swatched the colors but I really don't want to waste any product trying it on my arm, I'd much rather blog my FOTD's as I play with my new addition. Today I started my playing...

This is my FOTD with the colors I numbered
1- Is lined on my lower lashline.
2- Which there is two of them are on half of my upper lash line located near the outer end of my eyes.
3- I placed near my innner eye on the top and bottom corners.

Fun Tip: For colors in an eyeshadow palette that you feel are too extreme to wear, use them as an eyeliner, this way you get your moneys worth ;)

I didn't do a smoky eye, I wanted more of a relaxed look because I didn't want to seem over done. It was raining out and my mood was blah. On my lip I'm wearing from my Sephora lip palette: Important nude. I really am in love with palettes lately and they have not been dissappointing me at all!
I definitely recommend this palette, 88 colors and insane pigment! I will be updating with more looks with this palette, and I can not wait to do so!

Do you have any favorite palettes? ( I may need some more...)

xox Laura Beth


  1. Wow that's pigmented! How's the staying power on these babies?

  2. I love it! Those blues look great on you! :)


  3. Wow! It looks amazing on you, I wish I was as good as you!!!

  4. WOW! love the palette and love what u did to your eyes.. pretty :D

  5. Gorgeous colours, I want a neutral palette like that (ha, I'm boring!) xx

  6. That is such good advice! I'll pull out my bright eyeshadow colors that I don't use much and use them as eyeliners. lol

  7. the palette will become your bestfried i have tons of mac but the 120 palette is my bestfriend for the summer and for my clients xoxo

  8. @naturalnchicmakeup: it stayed ALL day at work, perfect! I was so pleased! I did use a primer to base, like I always do, but I had no excess smudge, perfect line all day long! :)

    @maxinecassidy: They carry a neutral palette too!

    COnfession of a doll: I think this palette is my new boy friend lol

    Leenda: I can't wait to see it on a FOTD ;)

    Thanks guys. I felt the first picture looked kind of goofy, I wish I had more time to photograph properly, but I was on my way to work, and took some quick pictures. :)

    xox Laura Beth

  9. i love blue makeup !

    if u want check out my new issue! :D

  10. Preeetty! You're FOTD are so colorful I love it! =)


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