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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is this a flop or heaven sent?

I was browsing, and I heard about the new portable makeup stand by Sephora. It has retractable legs and a light up mirror. The weight is about 35 lbs. The price is $998. I thought the idea was genious until I saw the price. What were they thinking?!? I would never drop a grand on something like this, and I'm an addict. Plus how much could it really hold?? I have a pink training case from Sephora, and when I travel for work, I can barely fit everything I need. I always have to pack a back-up bag.

This is the traning case I own, priced at $98 (which is a reasonable investment):The problem I see is if the case weighs 35 lbs. and you're traveling you'll have to check it in as extra luggage. That's so inconvient, plus you have to pay for extra luggage. So not only did you spend $1000 plus tax to buy it but now you have to keep investing in the thing everytime you fly. NO THANKS! Sephora, lower the price, that is in no one's budgest these days. It's a great idea but the price was not!

What do you think, would you dish over the $1000 or is this just a flop?


  1. That really is an insane price, it looks really average as well- was hoping it'd be made out of gold! Imagine all the make up you could buy instead of it!

  2. I can't even think who will buy that for the price, that's madness!

  3. def. a flop! The legs dont even look that sturdy. I rather buy make up :)

  4. Flop! The price is too high and it's not convenient to carry around 35lbs + products for a makeup artist.

  5. I agree with you all! The legs do look flimsy. Plus carrying all that weight is harsh. I thought it was a flop too. It was a good idea, gone wrong.


    xox Laura Beth

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