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Friday, April 30, 2010


I placed all the names into a basket and I mixed them up real good (everyone who applied for the contest qualified). I did this at midnight, May 1st, New York City time.

My Mom as my witness and the one who picked the name, the winner is: CLOVER! Which is so weird because she was the first person to sign up for the contest! Beginners luck I guess. Congratulations Clover!!! Please send me an email with your mailing information to within 48 hours otherwise I'll have to select another winner.

Here's what she won:

To those who didn't win, I will be having another contest soon, keep your eyes posted, because my next one is going to be AMAZING!

Lots of Love to all my followers, and thanks for all your support,

xox Laura Beth

The Ultimate "will have" list!

Today I obviously just got paid, so I made myself a fun list of the things I deserve for busting my hump at work. I am so excited to treat myself to a mini shopping spree. Mothers day is also coming up next week and I plan on getting my mother an awesome gift, but I'll keep that on the DL (down low). Here are the things I plan on picking up during my pampered spree:

Essie nailpolish in Sexy Divide. I know, I know, I've been obsessed with purple lately, and what better way to calm my obsession than painting my toes and nails that color!

My favorite lashes that I use on the daily, Ardell lashes #105. I am in love with my falshies, and no one could stop me from getting these babies! I got a second job recently, probably to support this bad habit!

Everyone and their Mom knows what this lipstick is and it's been sold out worldwide, but I've been patient and waited a month before re-visiting my local MAC and hassling them for some Gaga lipstick.

I saw this brush on a few different blog pages and in alot of artists brush belts and it's time I added it to my collection. I know MAC hand selects their goat hair for their brushes and they are still animal friendly. I am so excited to use this brush to blend my next eyeshadow look.

I already use this product, but I have squeezed it's last drop from the tube. I love this foundation primer because it treats your skin with Vitamins B, C, and E. Vitamin C lightens, tightens and brightens the skin. Vitamin E is good for redness, it calms the skin and I need that after washing my face in the A.M., my skin is so pink.

I've also owned this brush already as well, but the other day I when I finished my makeup I went to get up and I heard "crunch" I looked down to see I had kneeled on my eyebrow comb. I need this tool to brush my eye brow powder in evenly. I've been using my broken brush for now, but I need a new one asap.

I use Smashbox lash primer everyday normally with a fiber mascara, and a regular masara. This Sephora collection primer has fibers built into it, so this may save me an extra step in the morning and tons of cash. The primer I usually buy is $16 and the fiber mascara I purchase is $12. The Sephora collection lash primer is only $14, so I'm saving $14 plus extra time in the morning to do something else. Sephora collection came out with a lip palette. I tried it the other day and was surprised at how nice the pigment appeared. I need to add this to my makeup collection. I already own this product and I am banging this bottle to the last drop. I like applying this cheek stain underneath my blush. It helps my blush stay on through out the day. Since I started using this product I never feel washed out, or a need to re-apply my cheeks.

I use this product once a year until I finish the bottle. Talika Lipocils is an eyelash conditioning treatment. It helps grow your lashes, repair damage, and darken the hair. I love this product and now it comes with a sponge tip applicator on the end to rub into your lash line. I am so excited to dive into this one!

Talikia story: My friend and I were at a club dancing and a guy bumped into her causing her to hit her hand into her eye harshly and rip out a section of her lashes. (I know total freak accident). We ran into the powder room to see her lashes were missing. She was so upset because of her new bald spot. The next day I showed her the Talika and she started using it immediately. Her lashes grew back so fast, she was so happy.These pods are for my Temptu airbrush system. They are a limited edition summer glow collection luminizer and I can't help but want them. I may have to order these online because Sephora hasn't recieved them yet.

I am going to be doing some damage to my wallet tomorrow, but as a girl, you have to agree with me, it's well worth it!

What's on your summer wish list? How long till you think you'll splurge and get it too?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank you followers! (3 more days)

I saw today I have 55 blog followers! I am so happy to see so many people around the world share the same passion for makeup as me. Thanks for all the support and I love to read your comments, I always try to respond as well :)

Three more days to enter to win this bad boy:
Click here for details: Contest!

Also new blog post below about Fuller hair!

Big Full and Beautiful!

I love my hair, if I'm having a bad hair day, then I'm just having a bad day in general. My hair makes or breaks my look. I've been hearing wonderful reviews on Living Proof hair products and the brand was generous enough to give me a bottle of their Thickening cream. Ok, normally I post my reviews for products on my "product of the week" page; however, this product was so awesome it made it here. I was so impressed.

1. The smell of it is amazing.
2. You feel your hair volumizing as you're drying it.
3. My hair stayed cleaner into the next day.
4. My hair stayed plump!
5. No frizz!

Living Proof products help your hair from frizzing throughout the day and they actually work. Depending on your hair type, you may need more or less product. The bottles are made for hair dummies (like myself) to navigate you towards your hair type: fine to medium hair, medium to thick, or thick to coarse. They have products for straightening and curling your hair, shampoo and conditioner, thickening cream and coming soon a hairspray. I don't know if I could change my hairspray from Dove Flexible hold, but I'm always willing to try a new anything.

This is my hair Volumized with Living Proof: (Sorry for the silly face lol)

Living proof products are silicone free. Silicone attracts dirt, so in a clinical study they found that people using their product, their hair stayed cleaner longer. I love this, because I hate adding product to my hair if I don't have to. So if I could skip the dry shampoo on my non-shampooing day, that would be great. I have thin and soft hair, I don't dye my hair, but I can only wear my hair down for one day and I feel it's a bit greasy already. So I usually wash my hair every other day. When I don't wash I use Tresemme dry shampoo and hair refresher. But now I may be able to skip a step.

A quick tip from Living Proof: "Finding the right amount can take some expermimentation. It is possible to use to much Full. So if your hair feels greasy reduce the amount you're using. If you don't feel the thickening effects, increase the amount you're using- a dime sized amount at a time."

Like I said I'm a fine hair type, so I used one dime sized amount starting at my roots and I was satisfied with the results.

As you can tell I definitely suggest Living proof, what products to you swear by for your hair?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update: Sparkle Be Dazzle in Action

Yesterday I wrote about my glitter inspiration and I decided today I was going to have some fun, here's what I came out with: Pink glitterey cat eye: Products used MUFE hot pink glitter and MUFE silver sparkle. (Only $13) I based the glitter with MUFE cream body color, in pink, black and white. I blended the pink and white to make a very barbie pink shade to start.

Tip: Cream eyeshadows are best applied with a concealer brush, the flat brush makes it easy to blend the product.

Lipgloss: MAC liglass in Hot house

Just having fun and being a girl!

I loved getting my sparkle on, so much pink makes me happy :)
What do you think?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sparkle Be Dazzle

Nothing catches my eye quicker than the glimmering of sparkles. I can't help but let shine inspire my look. I always want my cheeks to be glowing and sometimes I can't help but dive into my many glittering makeup products.

The Britney Spears toxic video always gets my makeup mind going. There's nothing more creative than body art. It's time consuming and well thought out. I love the fact that she's wearing crystals on her body to cover and flatter certain areas:

The other celebrity that gets my creative juices going is Lady Gaga, her outfits can be way too outrageous for my taste, but her makeup is always so wild. Sometimes I think her makeup is a hit or miss, but in this picture she was a hit:

I purchased stick on jewels for a party I was going to a few months ago and wore them on my eyes. My boyfriend noticed half way through the party (So observant men are), that my eyes were sparkling, and loved that I had jewelry on my face, he thought it looked unique. I loved it too, and now with my creative part of my brain going, I may have to re-open my jewels and try something alittle more outside the box. I am defintely going to add some sparkle and jewels to my day tomorrow. I'll update with a post of my look.

What celebrites inspire your look?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

High Maintenance Beauty Routine..

Everyday I sit on my floor by my vanity mirror, I grab my "everyday" makeup bag, and lay out all my products I use on the daily. For the first time today, I looked at my every day makeup collection and I thought, "Wow, I'm a nut!" Every single morning I sit and apply all this makeup in order to leave my house. Although I've come to the negative realization that I am high maintenance and spending alot of money on cosmetics. I have to reward myself for my patience. I sit in indian style for 40 minutes and apply my makeup. Then I get up and go and apply makeup at work. I definitely am a makeup-aholic. Well, the first step is admitting, atleast I've come this far. For my patience my reward shall be.. more makeup! Shopping Spree!

This is my everyday makeup:

The High Maintenance Beauty Regimen: (In order of how I apply)

Ole Henrikson Spot Treatment Roller
DDF Fiz 1000 Serum (for hydration, I'm a dry-combinmation skin type)
Clarins Hydra Quench Moisturizer for Normal to dry skin
Nars Primer
Physicians Formula green color corrector stick
Kat Von D Tattto Concealer in light
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1
Smashbox eyelash primer
Smashbox Halo powder
Benefit posie tint cheek stain
Lorac Cheek Stamp in Pink Paradise
Physicians Formula Bronzer in light
Nars Multiple in Copacabana
Urban Decay eye primer in Eden
Smashbox Opt eye brightner
Anastascia eyebrow powder in Medium Ash
Sephora Fiber Mascara
Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero
MUFE Aqua Black cream liner
Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
MUFE Mist and Fix makeup setter
Sephora black liquid liner
MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara
Ardel False Lashes #105

Okay, I know what it looks like. I use 3 mascaras on the daily, plus a primer, plus lashes, but nothing is more important to my femininity than LASHES! Big full, long lashes is what I love most than any other part of my makeup, so I sit on my behind everyday and patiently apply it all.

How long does it take you to do your makeup everyday? Do you ever use more than one mascara?

Also don't forget.. CONTEST!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Alice in Wonderland Playtime..

Where to Begin I thought to myself:

Since the colors at work where purple, turquoise and brown, I rolled with the theme. I did all the colors together...

Fun tip: The Alice in Wonderland palette is limited edition; however, the colors were just re-named for the collection. You can still buy all the colors from this palette in single shadows.

First I started by applying Urban Decay eye primer in Eden, and then applied a light purple, which is Grifter in the regular collection. In my crease I did the deep purple, which is Flash in the regular collection. As my contour color I did a deep purple from Urban Decay named Freakshow. My highlighter by my brow bone is polyester bride.

I wanted to spice up the fun factor so I added an electric eyeliner from the Alice collection in Flipside on my top and lower eye line. This liner looked almost wet, awesome quality. I lined my lash line with MUFE Aqua black liner as well.

Added alot more mascara and some individual lashes and my end result was: FUNKY!
(My camera picked up a black dot on my eye, that wasn't there really, must have been makeup on my lense, shocker!)

I lined my water line with a white eyeliner:

What do you think?

Also don't forget to sign up for my contest, in the third post below this one for a chance to win an awesome eyeshadow palette... CONTEST!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I got my hands on One!!!

Oh, it happened, I got my hands on the VERY limited edition Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. I am so excited to have one I don't even want to use it, I just want to stare at it. Of course I will be using it though, as soon as tomorrow. I love when I get an item that makes my whole morning makeup regimen exciting. I can not wait!

Urban Decay is known for their pigment. Their shadows just glide together and blend to a perfect smoky eye. I feel this line allows you to mix any two shades and they just always work. Tomorrow we're having a Hippie event at my job so I'm going to apply some funky colors. The palette also comes with their best selling, and Allure rated best 24/7 eyeliner in colors Zero (black) and Flipside (blue). It also has the top selling eyeshadow primer potion in a miniature size. Can you tell I'm excited?

The top of the box opens to reveal a pop out "Alice in Wonderland" cut out with a mirror:

I will definitely have to update this post with my hippie look, have any ideas?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Plump up my pout!

There is a wild obsession with lip plumpers. Everyone wants a soft and full lip. Many products promise these results. Most lip plumpers work because they're actually causing an allergic reaction on your lip and makes the blood run to the surface of your lip, thus plumping your pout. If you're comfortable with this process than the best lip plumpers are one's with collagen. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson use Lip Fusion. This line carries a lip plump XL which has a large amount of collagen to topically pucker. Kim is the new face for lip fusion, you'll see her face on Lip Fusion ads everywhere soon.

The queen of the plumpers is Lip Venom, this one comes in a special edition Twilight version which has a blood red finish. For those looking for a bitten red lip look, the twilight venom takes it to that extreme. The original adds a nice rosy look to the lip.

Important note: I've experienced that lip plumpers will tingle and burn because of the blood flowing to your lip.

If you want a bigger pout but you're uneasy about using an artificial enhancer, then you can use lip liners to give a fuller lip illusion. Find a lip liner that is super close to your natural lip color, or your everyday lip stick, and apply it around your lip line. (Don't go so far away from your lip it looks unreal, just a smiggen away from the line of your lip.) On the V of your lip apply a highlighter, this will give your lips more shape. I do this trick all the time, because my lips form more of a heart than a V. I need to play with lip pencils to draw a V to my lip because of my lip shape.

This is my lip with a V illusion, sorry about the blurry picture, my camera focuses poorly up close:

My favorite everyday lip color: I have two Jordana Matte and MAC Cyndi Lauper, both are rosy colors, I like my lip to look natural and brighten my face.

Are you daring enough to wear Lip Venom Twilight?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The prize: Tarte Day to night palette. This is a $44 dollar product, full size eyeshadows, with a double ended eyeliner in blue and brown, also comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush, one side blends. Such a great steal!

This is my first contest! First off you must be a follower of my blog. To follow me click the "follow" button on the top of my page, it's free and quick to join.

Here are the rules:

Post my blog on your blog page and let me know you did it so I can check. If you don't have a blog, link my blog on your facebook asking your friends to join my blog and you are entered towards the contest. I will be entering the names at random, and will chose the winner on the first of May.

So many brushes, so little time..

There are so many different ways to apply your foundation. Each way having a different result. I used to airbrush my face every day with my Temptu, but it's breaching summer time now and I want a different look.

Cool Fact: Temptu airbushing is good for acne prone skin, it will not clog pores because of a built in primer and it covers up the areas of concern.

Lately I've been using my favorite foundation L'Oreal True Match. I love this product because it's so light weight and evens my skin so nicely. I'm number N1, the lightest shade of the neutral category. (The shades are spilt into 3 categories: Neutral, warm, and cool.) I'm more neutral, I need a tone that's both pink and yellow. This is why I chose the neutral category.

Fun Fact: L'Oreal produces Lancome, that is their high end brand. So you can still get quality but owning L'Oreal. Also alot of celebrity makeup artists use L'Oreal True Match on their clients, I read that in the magazine "Makeup Artistry" all the time.

In this picture I applied my foundation-L'oreal with a stippling brush:

Stippling brush:

HD Brush:

The difference between a stippling brush and a HD brush isn't the finish, because both these brushes leave your foundation with a flawless result. The HD Brush can be used for other tasks: setting powder, bronzer, powdered blush, basically powdered products. The Stippling brush is better for creams like MUFE HD blush, or even a liquid highlighter.

Sponges are also a popular way to apply; however, if you're using a sponge, make sure you fill it with water first so the sponge isn't eating up your expensive foundation. This is a good way to save money.

I think the best way to apply your foundation is with a basic foundation brush. I have more control of where the makeup is going and I'm comfortable with this application.

My favorite: Sephora Professional Line Foundation Brush
This angled brush is made to contour with your foundation, using precise movements with this brush you can use light illusions to contour your face. This brush also gets into the crevice of the nose.

Then there's good old fashion fingers. I have a small problem with using my fingers, because I've been trained against it my whole life due to sanitary issues. Also I feel the application is not as neat. If this is your way of applying that's okay, alot of makeup artists are hands on, I'm just not comfortable with this method. Our hands produce oils and I'm a sensitive skin type, it's one thing if it's your own face because your body knows your own oils, but on someone else, this may cause clogged pores. This is obviously my least favorite method to use on a client.

What is your favorite foundation, and how do you love to apply it?

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm addicted to Lip Smack-ers!

I can never go my day without over applying my favorite lip balm, lipsmackers! It's official I am totally obsessed. When I went to Disney World with my boyfriend 2 years ago, I had him carry my lip smackers and gloss in his pocket. Then I would ask for either one, and by the end of the trip he knew the difference between a gloss and a balm. I love all the flavors, but my favorites are skittles and cotton candy. I keep atleast 2 at my boyfriends house, just incase, and 3 on my night stand so I can grab them during a midnight lip craving, and always 2 in my purse at all times. Yeah, I know it's a problem and I need an intervention, but the first step is admitting the problem, so I'm half way there.

What are some of your lip addictions?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Makeup is my art

OMG! Sepora's new blockbuster palette is a must have! The pigment is amazing, and the shadows are now manufactured from Dior. I've been using it for a week straight and have got nothing but compliments. Yesterday I applied a smoky eye on a client with greyish blue eyes and she looked sultry. I used the charcoal colors in the set.

I always suggest applying a primer, my favorite being Urban Decay in Eden. I'm going to continue to use this palette this week and post the pictures of my eyes. I can not wait to play with these colors some more!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friends get benefits

One of the many luxuries of be-friending a makeup artist besides snatching gratis from her job, is free makeup service whenever you want. I did my friends makeup for her graduation photo today. She said she wanted a "fresh" look. I thought what fresh meant to me might be different for her. To me the definition of fresh is natural colors: corals, baked golds, browns, and a natural enhanced lip. Once she told me she was wearing a coral shirt I knew we were on the same page. So much fun doing makeup for people you know, such a more relaxing setting being in my room and talking about boys and what not.

When I feel like a more natural look I usually apply my bronzer as my eyeshadow and a highlighter by my brow bone. To me I feel more fresh with light hues on. Even light pinks, and oranges are fresh looking on my brown eyes. I feel neutral shades look day time appropriate on all eye colors though. If you're wondering what colors work for your eyes, view my "Eye see Color" blog post below. Natural for me is alot different for most, I still glob on the mascara and always have a thin cat eye.

What can I say I love lashes!
Some pictures may be downloaded from other sources. This blog is just my opinion. If you choose to use some of the products listed, use with caution.