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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ultimate "will have" list!

Today I obviously just got paid, so I made myself a fun list of the things I deserve for busting my hump at work. I am so excited to treat myself to a mini shopping spree. Mothers day is also coming up next week and I plan on getting my mother an awesome gift, but I'll keep that on the DL (down low). Here are the things I plan on picking up during my pampered spree:

Essie nailpolish in Sexy Divide. I know, I know, I've been obsessed with purple lately, and what better way to calm my obsession than painting my toes and nails that color!

My favorite lashes that I use on the daily, Ardell lashes #105. I am in love with my falshies, and no one could stop me from getting these babies! I got a second job recently, probably to support this bad habit!

Everyone and their Mom knows what this lipstick is and it's been sold out worldwide, but I've been patient and waited a month before re-visiting my local MAC and hassling them for some Gaga lipstick.

I saw this brush on a few different blog pages and in alot of artists brush belts and it's time I added it to my collection. I know MAC hand selects their goat hair for their brushes and they are still animal friendly. I am so excited to use this brush to blend my next eyeshadow look.

I already use this product, but I have squeezed it's last drop from the tube. I love this foundation primer because it treats your skin with Vitamins B, C, and E. Vitamin C lightens, tightens and brightens the skin. Vitamin E is good for redness, it calms the skin and I need that after washing my face in the A.M., my skin is so pink.

I've also owned this brush already as well, but the other day I when I finished my makeup I went to get up and I heard "crunch" I looked down to see I had kneeled on my eyebrow comb. I need this tool to brush my eye brow powder in evenly. I've been using my broken brush for now, but I need a new one asap.

I use Smashbox lash primer everyday normally with a fiber mascara, and a regular masara. This Sephora collection primer has fibers built into it, so this may save me an extra step in the morning and tons of cash. The primer I usually buy is $16 and the fiber mascara I purchase is $12. The Sephora collection lash primer is only $14, so I'm saving $14 plus extra time in the morning to do something else. Sephora collection came out with a lip palette. I tried it the other day and was surprised at how nice the pigment appeared. I need to add this to my makeup collection. I already own this product and I am banging this bottle to the last drop. I like applying this cheek stain underneath my blush. It helps my blush stay on through out the day. Since I started using this product I never feel washed out, or a need to re-apply my cheeks.

I use this product once a year until I finish the bottle. Talika Lipocils is an eyelash conditioning treatment. It helps grow your lashes, repair damage, and darken the hair. I love this product and now it comes with a sponge tip applicator on the end to rub into your lash line. I am so excited to dive into this one!

Talikia story: My friend and I were at a club dancing and a guy bumped into her causing her to hit her hand into her eye harshly and rip out a section of her lashes. (I know total freak accident). We ran into the powder room to see her lashes were missing. She was so upset because of her new bald spot. The next day I showed her the Talika and she started using it immediately. Her lashes grew back so fast, she was so happy.These pods are for my Temptu airbrush system. They are a limited edition summer glow collection luminizer and I can't help but want them. I may have to order these online because Sephora hasn't recieved them yet.

I am going to be doing some damage to my wallet tomorrow, but as a girl, you have to agree with me, it's well worth it!

What's on your summer wish list? How long till you think you'll splurge and get it too?


  1. Will have lists are so much more satisfying than wish lists! haha! I love payday :)

  2. I totally agree, I can not wait till tommorrow :)

    xox Laura Beth

  3. My wallet too is going under some serious damage lately LOL! But I think I'm pretty set for summer, maybe just a few lippie, mascara & other stuff here and there ;D Aah! Women would never get enough of beauty products! Especially beauty bloggers! hahaa :D

  4. You said it! I mean it's obvious we're obsessed when we blog about it on the daily. It's our excuse to buy, we're doing it for our blogs lol ;)

    xox Laura Beth

  5. I agree! It is totally worth it! =]

  6. The Talika Lipocils seems to be an interesting product to try in! xoxo

  7. Yeah, I definitely recommend it :)

    xox Laura Beth


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