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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sparkle Be Dazzle

Nothing catches my eye quicker than the glimmering of sparkles. I can't help but let shine inspire my look. I always want my cheeks to be glowing and sometimes I can't help but dive into my many glittering makeup products.

The Britney Spears toxic video always gets my makeup mind going. There's nothing more creative than body art. It's time consuming and well thought out. I love the fact that she's wearing crystals on her body to cover and flatter certain areas:

The other celebrity that gets my creative juices going is Lady Gaga, her outfits can be way too outrageous for my taste, but her makeup is always so wild. Sometimes I think her makeup is a hit or miss, but in this picture she was a hit:

I purchased stick on jewels for a party I was going to a few months ago and wore them on my eyes. My boyfriend noticed half way through the party (So observant men are), that my eyes were sparkling, and loved that I had jewelry on my face, he thought it looked unique. I loved it too, and now with my creative part of my brain going, I may have to re-open my jewels and try something alittle more outside the box. I am defintely going to add some sparkle and jewels to my day tomorrow. I'll update with a post of my look.

What celebrites inspire your look?


  1. I love Britney and Gaga too! I think Britney needs a MAC lipstick as well though. I'm sure what celebrities actually inspire my look though... I'm excited to see the sparkly look!

  2. I love Lady Gaga. Her make up looks so good there. =)

  3. Imagine if Britney got a Mac lipstick, that would be hot! I need to go pick up a new purple and apricot lipstick from MAC, and while I'm there I need their blending brush. I love the way it looks, I have to add it to my collection :)

    xox Laura Beth

  4. I love sparkles to (though I love anything shiny ¬.¬) Lady gaga to me either gets it right or dead wrong.


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