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Thursday, May 6, 2010

That gets under my skin!

Lock up all makeup crime committers...

There are many makeup crimes! So many people love to push the boundaries of outrageous or even weird style through cosmetics; however, some people just commit sad attempts at perfection.

My worst makeup pet peeves:

1. False lashes with WAY to much mascara caked on top of them!

2. Individual semi-permanent eyelash extensions: they don't look real! Everyone knows you weren't born with those snuffaluffagus lashes. Just take baby oil to your eye and remove them, because you're not fooling anyone!

3. Lip liner is applied way too far from your "lip line." We all can see how big your lips are, so don't think we're convinced you have porn star lips from birth.

4. Bronzer that is applied all over the face and the neck is forgotten. Poor Neckline :(

5. Foundation that is the wrong color!

6. Women over the age of 40 that wear glitter, and I mean glitter not eyeshadow with some sparkle in it. (Sorry mean, but so wrong.)

7. Eyebrow powder that sits on the skin rather than on the brow hair.

8. Greasy eyelids, when the shadows all creased.

What wrong makeup acts get your skin crawling?!?


  1. My sister in law draws on her nonexistent brows w/ a black pencil she looks both cholalicious & pissed.

    Super Racoon eyes like taylor Momsen & Ke$ha

    Old ladies with lipstick on their teeth :(

  2. Oh, the drawn on black eyepencil offender, so annoying.

    LMAO on the old lady comment. I totally agree with all your rants too.

    Feels good to let them out! lol


    xox Laura Beth

  3. i totally agree with the lipliner and eyebrow powder. those bug me like crazy!!!!

    i don't like it when girls go out wearing heavy makeup on their eyes, cheeks, and lips. it just seems like overwhelming and just too much in my opinion.

  4. oh sorry for posting twice, but i meant a casual everyday look - it really isn't casual if your face is popping with color! D:

  5. Hey, could you go over your bedtime routine with us? Thanks :-)

  6. overplucked eyebrows!



  7. LOL!! Great post! I can't stand non-blended blush, it looks clown-like.

  8. Over plucked eyebrows, that's a sad crime too! I just want to apply some hair stimulation serum to their brow line. lol

    @ Jane: Yeah, I agree, It's one thing to be bold for runway or photos, but in the mall.. tisk tisk! lol

    xox Laura Beth

  9. Ahhh. The Orange Face-White Neck combination. That classic. Hahahaha :P

    RANT: people who play it too safe with their makeup are another source of irritation for me- I know so many beautiful girls, with the best skin imaginable, who never mix up their look at all & are frightened of any colour other than tan! I just know they'd look stunning in a bright lipstick and simpler eye but no.. they seem perfectly content with their eternal truckload of bronzer, nude lipgloss and back-combed hair.

    Lannie xo

    Thanks for the comment btw, I love your blog it's mighty delicious :)

    Just started a sideline blog for everything beauty related too... follow!

  10. Lmao Lannie, so true. The girls that have a perfect compelxion, and everything, and all they do are neutrals. That is annoying for the makup savy, because you want to turn them into a canvas lol

    xox Laura Beth

  11. People who don't use colors that are flattering! Foundation that is about an inch thick (and usally way too dark OR Orange)! The only way that is natural is if your father fu*ked a cheeto!

  12. oh wow, you went there! lmao!

    xox Laura Beth


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