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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Contest Winners!/ blogging break!!

I just emailed the winners of my contests!! Congrats guys!

I will be taking a couple months off from blogging. All contest winners will recieve their gifts asap. I need to take a break and clear my mind and get my creative juices flowing again.

Hopefully I'll be back by Feb.

Thanks all for the support

Laura Beth

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Christmas is in the air" FOTD

Yesterday morning I woke up and it smelt like snow. I swear you can smell it when it's coming, and then today it snowed! Just a few sprinkles of snow but I witnessed it right after the Macy's parade and Santa was shown. SO cute!

Since I was in the Christmas spirit, I followed my makeup according to my feelings. So I did a Sparkly smoky eye with red lip:

Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Uzi and Oil Slick

Lips: Sephora Matte Raspberry pencil and Maybelline Lip Diamonds glodd in red

I'm so in love with my new red scarf too! It goes so well with my black peacoat.
So ready for snow and hot chocolate!

xox Laura Beth

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My 5 seconds of fame!

Francesco and I made the local paper, for the contest we entered to win an engagment ring. With all the support from our community, friends, family and blogging pals. We made the top 7, out of thousands!

Thank you all for the support!

To view the paper: click here.

Don't forget to enter my contest: Give a Helping hand!

xox Laura Beth

Monday, November 15, 2010

My face is stressing!

All day today, I've been studying with a sulfur mask dabbed in certain areas on my face.
I am definitely a hormonal girl, because once a month, when I get "my dot" I get those random blemishes. Plus to boot, I've been getting acne from stress as well. School is not helping, every time I turn around I have another exam waiting for me. So I need help!

My skin type is: combination-dry/ weather effects me

I suffer from eczema, luckily not on my face.

I need HELP! What can I do to stop the break out cycle!

Things that I think help:

1. I drink ALOT of water.

2. I avoid soda because I think corn syrup causes me to break out.

3. Ever since I started BC my skin has cleared alot.

Things that DON'T help:

1. Proactiv, ek, made it worse, for me anyway.

I'm not saying I have a spotted face, but who are we kidding, 1-3 blemishes is enough to cause a stir in my book. Plus, They're always monsterous! I wish I was the girl that had a black head and was complaining, but noooo.

Any secrets you want to share?

Perhaps I need to take up yoga?

xox Laura Beth

Monday, November 8, 2010

And my christmas list begins...

New on is this set from MUFE. I know I have more than half the stuff in this training case, and yet I need to have this. It's $299 online only. I am adding this to my christmas list!

What do you think? Is this a good deal?

Laura Beth

Saturday, November 6, 2010

FOTD w/ Kat Von D inspiration!

I recently purchased the Temptu's limited edition Kat Von D temporary tattoos for my friends Halloween costume. But I just couldn't resist when I saw them in my room today. So here it is...

Okay, first, this morning for class I went more natural:

But after class I added some spunk:

The lip is Sephora collection's new long lasting lip pencils in Raspberry, I love this color!

Don't forget to enter my contest!

Laura Beth

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Double Trouble Contest Winners/ much more..

First off this year for Halloween I had to work, so I decided not to invest too much in my costume. I bought a $5 sparkle be dazzle cat ear headband and rocked my cat eye, hardcore!

Check it out:
I'm a vicious cat, lol.
My hair was so soft and curly, I was in love with it all day because it actually stayed curly because of John Frieda's Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Hair spray. Love it!

I dolled my best friend up this Halloween as Kat Von D, we did tattoos all up her arm, neck and of course her signature stars on her face. What do you think:

Okay now for the winners of the contest:
I used to pick the winners this time around, there was such an overwhelming amount of participants. Thank you to everyone for all the daily support on my blog posts. I really love to write and I'm glad you all like to hear the things I'm thinking.
If you didn't win, no worries, I'll be hosting another contest soon. You know how I roll, I love to give surprises. So stay posted for more fun chances. ;)
Okay here we go!!
First price goes to: Miss Nikka
Second Prize goes to: Jenny (from Canada)
Congratualtions Ladies! Please get in touch with me via email within 48 hours.

On a super cute note:

My neice decided to help me do my hair this morning. How cute is she! I love her!

xox Laura Beth

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I need a favor, my boyfriend and I entered this contest: for an amazing engagment ring. Help us win by voting for us. You can vote on all the things we've submitted, please spread the word. Thank you! Here is the link

Our team name: The next step to-get-"her"


Laura Beth

Monday, October 25, 2010

A girls first makeup product results/ FOTN

I recently took a poll on my blog asking,"What should be a girls first makeup product?" I was really surprized by the results and here they are:

What should be a girls first makeupproduct?
nailpolish: 9 (21%)
lip gloss: 15 (35%)
blush: 3 (7%)
mascara: 15 (35%)

It's a tie between lip gloss and mascara!! Anyone want to break that tie, then write below what you think the winner should be. I thought the winner was going to be nail polish, it was my first makeup product, and it's the first thing I ever did on my niece. She does love to play with makeup though. She'll run into my room and go straight for my $60 powder brush and any cosmetics she can get her hands on. The cutest thing is she knows the difference between lipgloss and lipbalm. She's a beauty queen at heart. She knows blush goes on your cheeks and mascara on your eyes, and etc.. She's such a girl! She makes her Aunt proud :)

Here she is caught red handed, lol:

Last night I had a batism to go to and I really wanted to feel pretty. Lately I've been getting hormonal acne in my chin area, I'm guessing due to stress of midterms. So I've been using Peter Thomas Roth- Sulfur Masque to zap those problems away. It definitely helped, and quick, so I was able to enjoy my party with confidence.

My hair was a main focus on my look. I really wanted a soft curl like Kim K would do, so I tried my best. My makeup was a smoked out eyeliner (top and bottom) with a Sephora lip gloss in Rosy Glow. The rest of my look is part of my normal routine.

This was the view on from the car window on the way to the party. How gorgeous:

The most beautiful thing in the world to me is sunrise and sunset. I want to travel the world and take pictures of the sunrise and sunsets all around the world. It's on my bucket list ;)

Laura Beth

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Treat news/ false tats!

I'm really obsessed with temporary tattoos from Temptu, they are awesome! Have you ever tried them? Check them out here.

For those who entered my sweet treat, I sent out emails to the winners; however, since the link has leaked on the internet anyway.. Here it is..

Laura Beth

Monday, October 18, 2010

A sweet treat for my dedicated followers!

A sweet treat for my followers! I know I have some dedicated followers, that always comment on my posts and make me smile. So I would like to make you guys smile too! For TWO of my followers I'm going to offer my friends and family discount at Sephora. The offer is ONLINE ONLY, 20% off your whole purchase (valid 10/22-11/3).

What do you need to do?

1. Write below a brief story of something that made you smile recently.
Along with your email.

I will be picking the 2 winners at random in 4 days (10/21).

Something that made me smile recently was going pumpkin/apple picking with my man. I had a fever, but he's been promising to take me for years. So I dragged my bootie out of bed and sucked it up for a few hours. I don't regret it at all. It was so fun :)

xox Laura Beth


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Summers still alive in my shadow FOTD

Even though summer's over I'm still not ready to give up fun pastel eyeshadow colors. I'm really feeling the purples and pinks lately. This is a pink into purple smoky eye:

Urban Decay Eden primer

MUFE 952 stardust powder

MUFE white matte shadow

Tarina Tarantino baby sparkle (light pink)

Tarina Tarantino bow (bright pink)

Claire's purple to pink palette (the bright purple)

Lip: Dior Lip gloss 982 (deep burgundy plum)

But I also have been feeling the fall colors as well, last week I did an apricot orange FOTD: Eyes:
From my 88 color palette (the brightest orange lightly brushed)
Also vanilla matte base
Dior Coral Elixir 225 creme gloss
I've been trying to have alot of fun with my look lately and be creative.
Halloween's right around the corner and I'm super excited to do funky makeup for my costume.
I'm also going pumpkin picking and apple picking for the first time. I'm so excited :)
xox Laura Beth

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Funniest Sephora Product EVER!

It's called BOO BOO BLING, what is it you may ask? It's bling for a band-aid. Who knew scraps and falls could be so fashionable. I can not believe Sephora has come out with this product. Although to some this may be a silly product, I actually would buy these for friends and family as a spoof gift. These will definitely sell.

How cute would that be as a gift for a friend who just had a surgery, along side a get well soon card, or if you have a scrap you want to cover because you have a super cute dress you wanted to wear to a certain event.

Whoever thought of this was genius! I know what my family's getting in their stockings this Christmas!! (Laughing, but I may be serious).

Price: $6

What do you think?

xox Laura Beth

Sunday, October 10, 2010

LOTD- Cyndi Lauper Lip Glass

Lately I've been diving into the colorful lip. I've been wearing my lips up more than my eyes. A new addition to my collection is MAC lip glass Cyndi Lauper. I've had it since it launched a few months ago and I absolutely love it. It's so different from all the colors I normally go for, it's a reddish coral. So unique!

What lipsticks have you been loving for fall?

xox Laura Beth

Friday, October 8, 2010

FOTD tutorial with my sister n law

My sister n Law has a wedding this weekend and she needs to sleep over away from home. So she was bummed she wouldn't have her makeup artist sis near by. I told her to come by and I would teach her how to do her eyes the way we thought best for the event. I did one eye and she did the other. She's the maid of honor for her cousin's big day, and her dress color is black. All the brides maids are wearing red dresses. So we thought it'd be gorgeous if she had a black smoky eye and red lips. We searched for the perfect red lipstick, and we chose one by Makeup Forever- 21 (bright pearly red).

We primed her eyes with Urban Decay Eden.
The eyeshadow: Sephora collection smoky eye kit (this kit shows the steps to the perfect look)
Mascara: Maybelline the Falsies
Eyeliner: Makeup Forever 0L black pencil (we smoked it out)

Foundation: L'oreal True Match
Blush: Nars Orgasm
Bronzer: Physicians Formula Light beige/warm

Lipstick: MUFE Rouge 21

My sister n law and her daughter (my godchild). Isn't she precious?
On that note.
Hope everyone's having a great October so far.
xox Laura Beth

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bring it on Macy's!

It's about time! The most commonly asked for brand at Sephora is "Bobbi Brown." Atleast 3 times, everytime I work, I have a cleint asking me if we sell Bobbi Brown, and I have to say "no," and send them to Macy's. But not anymore, mwaahahahaa! Sephora now sells Bobbi Brown! Take that Macy's, bring it on!

You can check out the collection here.
I honestly have never tried the collection ever! So I'm super excited to see what all the fuss is about. Anyone really love Bobbi Brown? What are your favorites from the line?
xox Laura Beth

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How makeup can start a smile trend.

I had a client who is currently going through Chemotherapy and her eyebrows had fallen out due to the treatment. Her goal was to get the most natural look, and I was ambitious to satisfy her need. I tried a few different products, like eyebrow powder, markers and pencils. I really like the marker because it's water proof and usually people recieving chemo treatment can have hot sweats. But considering we were just working with skin and no brow, the markers looked so fake and so did the powder (plus the powder would never stay after a slight sweat). I avoided doing the pencil because I thought it would look the fakest, but I grabbed the right pencil: Benefit instant brow pencil in medium to dark. Her brows looked so natural. She was so happy with the results, and her boyfriend approved of my work. I was so happy to make her feel good about her brows again, she looked great!
To shape her brows I used stencils from Anastasia, petite arch, and it really worked well with her frame, and was the shape she once had. This product is really a good tool.
It felt good to help someone in a hard time in their life, her smile really made my day.

Share a Story with me below of a time makeup made you smile :)

xox Laura Beth

Friday, September 17, 2010

My 10 Beauty Mishabs, what are yours?

Here are some of my Beauty Mishabs, that can happen quite often:

1. Sneezing right after I'm done applying my mascara.

2. When I try on a bright lip and then change my mind and want to go lighter. The bright shade practically stains my lip and it's hard to go nude after.

3. Cleaning out my hair brush, I always forget and then it gets embarassing to look at.

4. When I apply my blush in dim light in the morning, and then get in the car and look in the natural light and realize I need to tone it down.

5. When the cold winter wind makes my eyes tear, and then I get to class (usually happens there most) and realize my liner is running.

6. When I over product my hair and my bangs fall flat. Luckily you can use baby powder to avoid rewashing, but it's still better when your hair just comes out right the first time.

7. Once my blow dryer died mid-way. I was going to see my boyfriend too, so I had to think quick. I ran over to my neighbors and begged to use hers. Luckily she said yes, and I finished my hair. But the next day I had to go out and buy a new blow dryer, $150 later...

8. When I sleep on my eyebrows awkward and they get stuck in a dracula/ Mr. Snuffy position. Nothing alittle water cant do, but if you wake up next to your man, and you had no idea, then it's so embarassing.

9. Sometimes I wish there was a lip balm that didn't come off, so when I kissed my boyfriend, I didn't have to re-apply.

10. When my brush begins to shed on my face, and I don't know. Then all day I'm finding little brush hairs all over my look, and worse is when someone tells you they're there.

What are some beauty mishabs you've encountered?

xox Laura Beth

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion's night out, Time square, pictures/ video!

As I posted earlier this week I was invited to work Fashion's Night Out in Time Square for Sephora, and the Temptu airbrush pro-team. I had such an amazing experience. When I first arrived I was part of the Temptu street team, where I literally had a Temptu airbrush strapped to my side and went around airbrushing random girls on the street. Doing instant in street makeovers was so outside my comfort level. Walking up to random strangers and saying, "you need some pop on those cheeks girls!" I was so surprised how many girls said "Definitely, let's do this!" It really helped me break a new barrier with myself, and now I can say I've done that.
After about 3 hours on the street team, the sun began to set, and I went inside to airbrush all night inside. Kat Von D was due to make an appearance at 7:15, and fans were beginning to pack in left and right. When she did arrive she came in the front door and the doors were on lock down. She went upstairs to spiff up and I was set to have lunch. Since the front elevator was being bombarded by people, I went up the back stairs, and guess who walks out? Kat Von D, who looked at me shyly and said, "Hey, how are you?" I said, "Hey" casually back and walked up to get my purse. I just thought to myself, did I just really do that. I just nonchalantly Heyed Kat Von D, like I knew her, haha. She was a doll the whole visit though, she didn't have to say hi, and she's on my celeb like list now, lol.

Kat Von D above, the best picture I got anyway, on my way out to lunch.
Below is my makeup for the event (Still in my pjs lol )Sephora also had live models all around the store, and in the front window. The models had alot of patience standing all night long. They were literally standing the whole time I was there, which was about 10 hours. I made one of the window models laugh by doing an awful dance in front of the window. I'm sure she won't get a paycheck cut for that though.
Temptu had temporary tattoos made for the night, I chose to apply this one:
I have some pictures of Kat Von D, but I didn't get an opportunity to take one with her because I was on the job, but this video really shows how hot she was. Her skin is flawless, and she's super tall.

I can't load the link onto this page because it belongs to Temptu, but I was there working and you see me within the video. I'm in the first 15 seconds in the video, and then two more times. Check it out.. it was such a fun event!

xox Laura Beth

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh no, Kim!

Sephora has given Kim Kardashian the boot! I'd say for good reason too. Kim had a deal with Sephora to sell her fragrance exclusively to them, it was in contract. Unfortunately Kim broke her promise, and is now rumoring to be selling her perfume in Target and Macy's. She broke the rules and Sephora kicked her to the curb. Guess she thought they wouldn't notice? haha. I think it's rather silly of her, if she stayed with Sephora she may have gotten a deal to make her own makeup line, that was actually of decent quality, like Kat Von D and Tarina Tarantino did, they were smart cookies. But I guess we'll never know now of the line that never was....

What do you think of Kim's move to Target/ Macy's, good or bad move?

xox Laura Beth

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guess who's meeting Kat Von D?

I was invited to represent my store in a Temptu (airbrush) demonstration, were Kat Von D will be making an appearance. I am so excited to see her in person considering I love her makeup line. I'm not too much into her famous reality show L.A. Ink, I only saw it once. I just really love her line. Her Tattoo Concealer is one of my everyday makeup products, I couldn't live without it. It really does a miraculous coverage on my post blemish marks. I'm so excited and can't wait to show you all pictures, and updates of this day. I'll try and do as much research as possible, but I'm not sure how the day will pan out, because I will be getting paid to work there, so I have to work, but this is definitely fun work :)

xox Laura Beth

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Double Trouble" Contest! CLOSED.


I have collected so much makeup excess over the past few months. I usually am a bargain shopper and tend to buy in bulk, so my makup drawer is beginning to buldge. So I decided the best idea was to throw a contest and giveaway the things I have too much of and flourish to those who will appreciate this stuff as much as I would, but in reality, I just have too much to use.

Note: (All products are brand new and never been used)

So I call this excess giveaway "Double Trouble!"

Contest ends: I will be announcing the winner on Halloween!


* Contest is international

* You must be a follower of my blog, and if you're not follow away ;)

* You must post about this contest on your blog (side bar or blog post), if you don't have a blog than post via facebook and send link proof below.

* Leave your email below so I can contact you if you win.

Okay Prize time, since the contest is "Double" the trouble it only makes sense to have 2 winners:

1st Place:

First place winner will recieve:

*Cover Girl professional mascara in black
*EOS lip balm ball in summer fruit
*Wet n wild lash n brow black liner set
*Toki Doki cactus nail filer
*Toki Doki limited edition cell phone charm with the Milk Moofia
*Two Faced retractable teddy bear hair face brush
*Makeup Forever False lashes with glue

This is what the false lashes look like up close:

2nd Prize:

Second Prize Winner will recieve:

*Two Faced Limited Edition Leopard Glamour to Go palette
* Sephora Professional eyeshadow brush with cap
* Mini Urban Decay primer potion
* Laura Mercier violet eyes and cheeks quad

This is the Two Faced Leopard Palette inside:

This is the Laura Mercier Quad up close:

I want to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday recently, and thanks for all the lovely comments on my posts. I enjoy reading them all, and always respond.

I hope you all enjoy this contest and Good luck to all!

xox Laura Beth
Some pictures may be downloaded from other sources. This blog is just my opinion. If you choose to use some of the products listed, use with caution.