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Friday, September 17, 2010

My 10 Beauty Mishabs, what are yours?

Here are some of my Beauty Mishabs, that can happen quite often:

1. Sneezing right after I'm done applying my mascara.

2. When I try on a bright lip and then change my mind and want to go lighter. The bright shade practically stains my lip and it's hard to go nude after.

3. Cleaning out my hair brush, I always forget and then it gets embarassing to look at.

4. When I apply my blush in dim light in the morning, and then get in the car and look in the natural light and realize I need to tone it down.

5. When the cold winter wind makes my eyes tear, and then I get to class (usually happens there most) and realize my liner is running.

6. When I over product my hair and my bangs fall flat. Luckily you can use baby powder to avoid rewashing, but it's still better when your hair just comes out right the first time.

7. Once my blow dryer died mid-way. I was going to see my boyfriend too, so I had to think quick. I ran over to my neighbors and begged to use hers. Luckily she said yes, and I finished my hair. But the next day I had to go out and buy a new blow dryer, $150 later...

8. When I sleep on my eyebrows awkward and they get stuck in a dracula/ Mr. Snuffy position. Nothing alittle water cant do, but if you wake up next to your man, and you had no idea, then it's so embarassing.

9. Sometimes I wish there was a lip balm that didn't come off, so when I kissed my boyfriend, I didn't have to re-apply.

10. When my brush begins to shed on my face, and I don't know. Then all day I'm finding little brush hairs all over my look, and worse is when someone tells you they're there.

What are some beauty mishabs you've encountered?

xox Laura Beth


  1. ha great post, i forget to clean my hair brush and it looks awful too. xx

  2. hahaha i love this post because i can relate to them all. Unfortunately it happends to the bst of us. So we just have to laugh it off! :]

  3. I like this post! :) I sneeze after curling my eyelashes too and tight lining my upper lash line. I try to clean out my hair brush often coz they do look nasty later on. Omg, I cant think of anything else, you mentioned all of them.

  4. When I apply my mascara and rub my eyes forgetting I have it on, what a mess. Also the sneezing or when I get in the car and drive realizing I forgot my sunglasses and my eyes start to tear.

  5. When I put my mascara on too quickly and I blink hard and it destroys the whole thing, used to happen on a regular basis.

  6. Love this post!! I have a lot of the same issues lol.

  7. I definitely do the brush hair thing - sometimes I swear I got them all off, then I find some more when I'm at uni!

  8. haha wonderful post! the awkward eyebrow part is quite hilarious but so true! we all need a lipbalm that is budge proof! hehe


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