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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion's night out, Time square, pictures/ video!

As I posted earlier this week I was invited to work Fashion's Night Out in Time Square for Sephora, and the Temptu airbrush pro-team. I had such an amazing experience. When I first arrived I was part of the Temptu street team, where I literally had a Temptu airbrush strapped to my side and went around airbrushing random girls on the street. Doing instant in street makeovers was so outside my comfort level. Walking up to random strangers and saying, "you need some pop on those cheeks girls!" I was so surprised how many girls said "Definitely, let's do this!" It really helped me break a new barrier with myself, and now I can say I've done that.
After about 3 hours on the street team, the sun began to set, and I went inside to airbrush all night inside. Kat Von D was due to make an appearance at 7:15, and fans were beginning to pack in left and right. When she did arrive she came in the front door and the doors were on lock down. She went upstairs to spiff up and I was set to have lunch. Since the front elevator was being bombarded by people, I went up the back stairs, and guess who walks out? Kat Von D, who looked at me shyly and said, "Hey, how are you?" I said, "Hey" casually back and walked up to get my purse. I just thought to myself, did I just really do that. I just nonchalantly Heyed Kat Von D, like I knew her, haha. She was a doll the whole visit though, she didn't have to say hi, and she's on my celeb like list now, lol.

Kat Von D above, the best picture I got anyway, on my way out to lunch.
Below is my makeup for the event (Still in my pjs lol )Sephora also had live models all around the store, and in the front window. The models had alot of patience standing all night long. They were literally standing the whole time I was there, which was about 10 hours. I made one of the window models laugh by doing an awful dance in front of the window. I'm sure she won't get a paycheck cut for that though.
Temptu had temporary tattoos made for the night, I chose to apply this one:
I have some pictures of Kat Von D, but I didn't get an opportunity to take one with her because I was on the job, but this video really shows how hot she was. Her skin is flawless, and she's super tall.

I can't load the link onto this page because it belongs to Temptu, but I was there working and you see me within the video. I'm in the first 15 seconds in the video, and then two more times. Check it out.. it was such a fun event!

xox Laura Beth


  1. Hey Babe! I received the prize today! I won't be able to use it until my stye goes away but I'm pumped. My skin is okay, it's been through big ups and downs but I love the current state of it! Don't confuse my oilyness for dewy. hehe. Anyway, I saw the vid. You are like my own celebrity makeup artist. I would love for you to apply that on me some day!

  2. @D: I'm so glad you got it! I hate getting styes, hope it goes away soon. I think your skin looks great though. Thanks, I was really excited to see I made their video :)

  3. How cool! She seems like a genuine sweet lady to me (well what do I know, I've never met her!). I mean, I've never heard of her being an ass to people like some stuck up celebs are on a regular basis. Her makeup and makeup line is awesome. I don't watch her show though.

  4. @Blix: I heard from ppl I knew that met her she was nasty, but I totally put them in place now because she was sweet to me lol. I only saw her show once, I don't know if it's on anymore though.

  5. funny, interesting and soo cool!


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