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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Newbies galore!

Did you ever find yourself wanting to see every movie that seems to be coming out in theater, it's as if they saved all the best movies for the same time of year, and it's impossible to see them all! Well, that's what this month has been like for makeup! It seems all these awesome products are all launching at once and I can hardly keep up with it all! I want to buy everything, but I know that I barely even use what I have, so I've tried all these products in store for a day and decided to share my opinion. Hopefully this will help us all decide what are the flops and what is worth eyeing.

All these products are new to Sephora alone, and have launched within the last week, or not at all yet.

First brand I would like to start with is Makeup Forever: I can not even begin to tell you how many new lipsticks they came out with, and the quality is long lasting and creamy. I'm not really shocked that Danny Sanz re-packaged and formulated her lipsticks because they were too creamy, and would melt in the tube. Now the new consistency is thicker and easier to work with. The packaging feels familiar to me, almost drugstore brand like, but I love the line so much, I don't mind the corny package. I looked through all the colors and they are very unique. My favorites being no. 10 (A pearly frosted pink), no. 50 (a black with blue sparkle), and Moulin Rouge (a bright red), the line originates in France, so I think it's clever they named a limited edition color Moulin Rouge.

Next brand is Smashbox:

Their new collection is called Masquerade, and it consists of lip glosses, eyeshadows, and blush:This is Smashbox's first cream blush, it's double ended with a brush for blending on the other end. This product is genius and I want it so badly. This collection has not yet launched at Sephora but you can get it if you beg a sales associate to sneak you one from the drawer. This product can also be used on the lips! (Price $29)

This is the limited edition eyeshadow palette. The quality is nice, but I find the colors kind of lame, I want more spunk! (Price $35)
Also new to Smashbox:
Smashbox lash revival treatment and conditioner $34

Get noticeably longer, lusher lashes in as little as 8 weeks with this revolutionary treatment and conditioning duo. Independent consumer studies showed that 90% of subjects noticed an overall improvement in the appearance of lash length, fullness and thickness in just 8 weeks. This advanced formula contains SymPeptide™, a complex proven to stimulate lashes without irritation while enhancing the look of existing lashes.

After 8 weeks:
• 95% of subjects saw an increase in lash length
• 93% saw softer lashes
• 92% saw an increase in lash fullness & thickness
• 90% saw an overall improvement in their lashes
*Independent consumer study.

This is what it looks like:

I don't know about all of you, but I'm kind of over the lash growing products, like enough is enough, I feel ever time I turn around there's a new product for growing lashes out there, I'm so over it! Although, this product is priced well, I think I'll pass!
Okay next line is Stila:

This line recently went through a rough patch and was bought by a new owner, but now all is right with the line again, especially when the new owner decided to steal away MAC's chemist! This is why you will be seeing alot more FUN in Stila's pigments!

Their new glosses are long lasting and ULTIMATE pigment, with a range of vibrant color:

I really want this palette, those who see my FOTD daily, know I love a simple pink smoky eye for my everyday. It's only $10! I think it's online only.. I was lucky enough to stumble on one at my store. I want it!

This is an interesting new product. It's a One Step correcting serum, the colors inside are green, orange and purple, with a hydrating serum mixed in. The colors help correct problem skin, green corrects pink in the skin, purple corrects sallow skin, and orange helps pigmentation. I like the idea of this product because it's something all makeup artists can grab quickly and it's an all in one, some less products to carry on the go. However, it seems too good to be true.. won't all the colors counter act one another? I tried it on my pink skin yesterday and my skin definitely seemed more hydrated, but I don't think this product is made for people looking to correct severe skin issues (ex. Roscia, sunspots, freckles etc..)

Okay the next line is Two Faced:

Their new mascara Lashgasm is eh, to be honest.. CLUMP ALERT! Their mascara Lash Light on the other hand is something to look into ;)

This is their new Naked Eye Palette, which is pretty darn awesome! I want this palette asap, I almost hid myself one because they launched this week. Two Faced is always making amazing eye shadows, and this product also comes with how to cards, to do certain looks.

This is the Leopard Love palette, someone asked me my opinion on this product already, and my review remains the same, it doesn't work on many skin tones. Only fair-medium skin tones could really wear these shades. It's so hard to resist because of it's leopard appearance ;) Next Toki Doki:

Their new brushes are adorable, made from Teddy bear hair, and you get an all over eye shadow brush, angled liner brush, and blending brush for $35, that is an awesome deal, plus they're super cute, what do you think?
This is not even all the newbies, just a small percentage of all the great new-ness. Doesn't it seem like everything great is getting released at once? What products are you wanting?

xox Laura Beth

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FO Yesterday.. "Vow to use oldies"

Yesterday I was going through my makeup dresser and I found some un-touched products (shocker!) So I decided I was going to work atleast two of these products into my look of the day. I need to vow to dip into my makeup dresser and use all the makeup I've been collecting for so long before it goes sour. So I vow to use oldies with the newbies from now on. The items I chose were a Lancome La Laque Fever- Optical Rose (a light pale pink, very glittery lip gloss) and a Bare Minerals eye shadow glimmer in flaunt (a burnt shimmery brown):

I know my head is tilted odd, but I kind of like this picture, and I'm guilty of the kissey face, as usual:
The eye look was very simple, a nude vanilla Sephora collection eye shadow base, and Bare Minerals Flaunt on half my lid. On the bottom lash line I used Dior 5 Color eye palette no.609, the deepest brown in the quad and smoked it out, and then to lighten it up I applied the violet from the Dior 609 palette. The waterline of my eyes are lined with Urban Decay Zero and the cat eye was done with MUFE Aqua Black liner:
Do you find yourself forgetting all the oldies in your makeup collection? I just buy more than I can use sometimes, is it just me? (I truly doubt it :)

Once again one of these products could be yours if you enter my contest ;)

xox Laura Beth

Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't BRUSH me the wrong way!

My friend recently asked me, "how do you know a good quality makeup brush?" I honestly only know what I've tried and the brands I love are Nars and Sephora Collection for myself. On clients I use MAC, Nars, and Sephora Synthetic brushes. Her question really popped some imspiration..

It's something alot of us forget.. to clean our brushes. I pay tons of money for these baby's and then it slips my mind to clean them twice a month. My brushes I use on clients I clean almost every second, but the ones I use on my own face everyday are starting to look alittle shabby. So today I motivated my behind to antibaterial my everyday brushes.

These are some my brushes I use on the daily:

Top row, From left to right: Bare Minerals Limited Edition Double ended shadow brush (I love it because it's animal print), Stila double ended smudge brush no. 15, Smashbox Bronzing no. 19, Sephora Silver Professionnel Collection Blending no. 10, Sephora Collection Professionnel ergonomic blush brush, Sephora Silver Professionnel no. 40, Sephora Silver Professionnel no. 42, Sephora stippling no. 44, Sephora all over shadow no. 21... Bottom row, left to right: Sephora no. 22, Hana K. Cheek Blending Brush, Sephora brow comb no. 11

Of all these brushes my favorites are my Sephora brow comb, Sephora Professionnel all over shadow no. 21, and Sephora collection ergonomic blush brush.

My least favorites: My Smashbox Bronzing brush was about $45 and it's such poor quality, it's always shedding hairs, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. My Hana K brush also feathers but I paid about $3 for it at Target, so I don't mind.

I washed all the brushes above with a gentle Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. This shampoo cleans nicely without leaving any residue on my bristles. It's hard to find products that don't have too much alcohol. That's why baby shampoo worked out so well. All these brushes are made with animal hair which makes them very sensitive. So alcohol free products are the best for this type of brush.

Above are my daily synthetic brushes: (from left to right) Sephora Professionnel no. 51, Sephora Professionnel angle liner no. 22 ( I have two of these brushes, one I use for my cream eyeliner and the other I use on my brows), and Sephora no. 24 Smokey eye. You can use alcohol on these brushes because they are made with synthetic materials. I use synthetic brushes on my clients because they can sustain the harshness of alcohol and I would skeeve using a brush on someone I wasn't confident was clean.

Here I'm washing my real haired brushes with baby shampoo. I squeezed the shampoo on my hand and massaged the brush into the palm of my hand:

Animal haired brushes can hold alot of bacteria in the barrel of the bristles. Which is definitely why I should wash my brushes more:

After washing them all I lay them over a counter to let them air dry, which takes about 24 hours. The reason I hang dry them is so the brushes don't mis- shape when they dry:

My favorite brush in the world: Nars blush brush!!! I've had this brush for 4 years and it has NEVER shed on me. It's pricey at $55, but totally worth the doe! I can use alcohol on this brush, even though it's goat hair, and it still looks like the first day I got it! This brush is made awesome, and I would definitely suggest snagging one. I now have 2 of these brushes, another to use on cleints because I love it that much! This is the brush below:
Below is the MAC blending brush that I've wanted for awhile, I've seen so many artists with this brush and I love the way it blends in the outer corner of the eye. I will be getting this brush before summer ends, hopefully ;)

My brushes are still drying but tomorrow morning they will be ready to use, and I can't wait to get them dirty again, is that bad? lol

xox Laura Beth

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Nars lip gloss shades/ New Hair!

Nars has come out with a bunch of new lip glosses to rock along side their blushes, with the same name, the shades are on target. This is me applying the new Super Orgasm gloss: This gloss wears great, and leaves a golden sparkle when it starts to wear down that is beautiful!

This is the rest of the new collection:

Albatross, Luxor (which I'm super excited about), Super Orgasm, Luster, Angelika, and Oasis.
Albatoss: Is a highlighting blush, so this color is very frosted and pale, with a golden tinge.
Luxor: Also a highlighting blush, so this color is very frosted with a pink tinge.
Super Orgasm: Pinkish Apricot with a heavy golden sparkle.
Luster: A rusty orange brown tone.
Angelika: Hot Pink Baby! Right up my alley!
Oasis: A burnt Rose (most boring of all the new shades in my opinion)

Are you excited for the new collection? Which color are you dying to try?

Today I got a new hair cut, I am a baby when it comes to cutting my hair because I'm growing it out, well trying to anway. My hairdresser laughs at me as I cringe at every snip of the scissors, is it just me, or is it hard to let your hair go?
This is the back with some long layers:
I can't wait to wear my new Nars lip gloss out tonight with a Nars lip liner in Miss Sadie. I'll post the pictures up tomorrow.
xox Laura Beth

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quickie Contest.. blink and it could be gone! CLOSED!

Contest CLOSED! Stay posted for new giveaways though ;)

The new Dior show maximizer could be yours soon? Here's some info on it first:

What it is: Dior's first lash primer that boosts the effects of any Diorshow mascara, while nourishing and improving lash health resulting in increased volume, length and curve.

What it does:
- Nourishing serum treatment that intensely strenthens and promotes lash health
- Instantly doubles the volume of each lash and helps boost all Diorshow mascara effects!

- Can be used day and night for 24 hour lash treatment

Application: The primer goes on white to show coating of each lash and instantly dries clear. Apply Diorshow Maximizer at night as well, and use it as a serum to help stimulate lash growth. This product will make your lashes fuller and volumized.

Stats: The Dior Innovation Center has tested Diorshow maximizer for effciency and found amazing results after 8 weeks of use:
- 58% increase in volume, 38% increase in length, and 73% increase in curvature

- Studies also showed that lashes were more resilient, and protected and revitalized.

Key Ingredients:
Soy Protein Extract- revitalizes and stregthens the lashes for improved lash health
Hyaluronic Sphere- helps the plump lashes for fuller volume

Points of difference: Only Sephora has launched this product! Other locations will not have it until the Fall season. I on the other hand have TWO! I have been using this product with my maybelline The Falsies mascara and the two together are awesome! Yesterday for the first time EVER, I wore no fake lashes to work. I had on the Diorshow primer and Maybelline the Falsies mascara and that was all. My lashes actually looked fake. Clients all day were asking if those were my real lashes and what mascara I used, and for the first time I was able to say, "Yes these are my lashes proudly!" I sold soo many of the Dior primers yesterday, which makes me very satisfied my lahes looked great.

Wanna get your hands on one? Here's how? Post my Quickie giveway on your blog for an entry and post the evidence below.

-This contest is International.

-This contest will end quickly, when? I'm not telling.
-You must be a follower of my blog! (If not follow, but hurry ;)

Good luck all!
xox Laura Beth

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kim Kardashian in the wax!

Kim Kardashian's wax figure launched at Madame Tussand's wax museum in NY and of course I was super pumped to go check it out. So I went today, and it was super fun. I'm so impressed by the detail it takes to make a wax figure and how real they look as well. I was kind of amazed and creeped out at the same time. I kept feeling as if the figures were going to blink or jump out at me. It took some time to adjust.

This is Kim Kardashian's wax figure, I heard her figure was supposed to talk when you got close to it, but she didn't say anything. So I guess that was a fib, but the figure was gorgeous, of course. I took a side picture to get a shot of her famous booty. From seeing her body measurements in person, all women should really hate her for how hot she is, haha.
This is a close up of her face, of course she's wearing her signature makeup look and nude lip. Some girl had a nerve to say her boobs were small. Are you serious?!? Her boobs look huge! Plus I heard they made her boobs look smaller than they actually are, but besides that point, you can see in this picture her ta ta's are gigantic. Of course I glanced at the girl saying the remark and her boobs were smaller than Kim's, she's obviously WAY jealous.

I took alot of pictures with other figures for fun!

Jessica Simpson:

Madonna (not an exact replica on the face):
Miley Cyrus:

Elton John and Carrie Underwood:

Spice up your life!

Me and my girl Britney!

It looks like
I'm kissing Marilyn Monroe's boob, haha. My friend and I were both supposed to make a kiss face but noooo... now I look foolish, haha.

Shakira was pretty short, I had no idea she was so small. Represent for us shorty's!!

HULK! This figure was huge! To the left you can see the door way we came in from to compare to the true size. "You won't like me when I'm angry!"

Had a great time, and I am so amazed with the wax figure art. What do you think of Kim's figure?
xox Laura Beth

Monday, July 19, 2010

Falsies Mascara is kind of false!

Is it just me or are you sick of mascara companies using fake techniques to sell their products? It's so obvious that this model is wearing actual false lashes, and she is airbrushed beyond recognition. I get so annoyed watching Rimmel London, Covergirl, Maybelline and etc.. using fake lashes to sell their mascara products. Those of us that wear falsies are able to recognize a fake lash from a mile away, so we know their lashes are ultra fake. I would rather them find a model with amazing lashes and try them on her, or a normal lash sized model and show what the mascara really does.

I went to a beauty supply store to purchase my favorite drug store mascara Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion, and it was sold out! Which was okay because I've been dying to try the new Maybelline Falsies mascara, took me forever to find it and when I did there was only one left in Brownish Black. I bought it because I was super curious and it was $6.49, I knew I wasn't going to get it cheaper anywhere else. I also bought my L'Oreal True Match foudation for $8 (drugstores it's priced for $11.50), and Physicians Formula Bronzer for $11.49 (in drugstores it's priced for $15.99). I really love this beauty store, it's called Harmon Beauty.

This is the way Maybelline advertises the Falsies mascara wand, which from the texture of the picture, I was under the impression the mascara wand was plastic. What do you think? But it's actually a regular texture wand. I was kind of disappointed with this because plastic wands tend to grip my lashes better so I get more of a curl:

This is the mascara wand the way it really looks to the left, the brush is alittle bit decieving in the ads for it. The quality of the product is not bad though. I like how wet the mascara is too.

In the picture below I'm wearing Maybelline Falsies mascara, the right eye is my all natural boring blonde lashes. I didn't do both eyes so you could really see the difference and what the mascara really does: (Don't mind the rest of my look it was a lounge day for me and I have no makeup on, I try to let my face breathe once and awhile, haha).

This is my Haul of the day, the
leopard pilow is new as well. Which
I'm sure you all have figured out
I have a leopard obsession, haha.

This is Maybelline Falsies with me looking down, the mascara does give the illusion of fake lashes but I would still add some individuals for more volume.
I asked my mother what she thought of the mascara and she thought I had primer and false lashes on already, so this mascara was mother approved, haha.
I would like to wear this mascara all day and see if it keeps my lashes curled up all day, nothing is more annoying than lashes falling flat through out the day. Oh, and fall out, that's annoying as well. But so far so good for this mascara ;)
Has anyone tried this mascara yet? Are there any mascaras you would like me to review, you never know I may have tried it already, haha.
xox Laura Beth
Hint for contest: How do you say beauty in french?
Still time to join my contest...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kiss goodbye to the Kiss face?/ New Cosmo!

The kissey face has been around for so long, and myspace made it that much more popular. But myspace has had its run, and the kiss face is still running strong. But is the kissey face out of style? We all know why we do it, our cheekbones instantly appear and our lips look extra plump.

I am guilty of the kissey face and I found myself doing it so much lately in photos out with my friends I became embarassed. But I do think I look better with my lips in the smooching position, haha, it's all in my head: The QUEEN of the Kissey face is definitely Ms. Kim Kardashian! She is always blowing kisses and puckering up for the paparazzi or her own camera lol:
What do you think, has the Kiss face had its run or will you continue to pucker up a pose?

Also, I bought the latest August Cosmopolitan. The reason I bought it wasn't because the best sex positions men prefer that they print in almost every issue, but because Britney Spears was on the cover. "Where has she been lately," I thought. Once I got in the car I opened the mag because I was really curious on what Brit has been up to and whomp whomp! Catching up with Britney Spears? There was literally a brief paragraph about her, no pictures, and a cosmo survey she filled out, a max of 2 pages, if that! SO LAME! I paid 5 bucks for nothing. Just giving everyone a heads up ;) I do still like to read the mag though, but I did buy it for the Britney article that barely existed.

xox Laura Beth

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