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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Over the years..

Over the years I've gone through some crazy makeup trends. I wasn't allowed to start wearing makeup until 8th grade, and once I began I couldn't stop. I went from simple to extreme, and no one told me how outrageous I was, not even my parents, they supported my funky fads. Now I look back at my photos and realize how much my makeup skills have developed and also appreciate how creative I was when I was younger.

This is me around the time I started dying my hair and wearing makeup, very deep liner and pale lips: (around age 17) Here I was around 18, very gothic look, but I was an angel for Halloween: This was my everyday look for awhile (around age 19):

Still around 19, I did many rainbow eyeshadows (NYE shadows were my fav at the time):
I was 20 in this picture, very into the Gwen Stefani look: This is when my hair began to fry due to way too much flat iron and bleach, was very into pastel eyeshadows. I also ODed on self tanner this summer: (age: 21)

I dyed my hair darker because it was so fried, but kept my bangs blonde. Still stayed with pink light eyeshadows: This is me now, way more natural then I used to be, but I miss my creative-ness and ballsi-ness to wear anything outside and not be scared what others would think. I no longer dye my hair and have grown out my natural dirty blonde hair. I miss my funky colored highlights somtimes, but my hair has never been healthier. We all go through our many phases and one day we all look back and think "wow, I miss that" or "What was I thinking!" haha.
Out of all my phases my bleach blonde hair and rainbow eyes are definitely my most missed moments.
What was your favorite phase you went through?
Post your makeup/hair phases on your blog too! Tag your turn ;)
xox Laura Beth
Hint for contest: I love to "play"


  1. Nice to look back at old pictures. I think most of us went through that phase. Mine was dying my hair every month phase. I don't have the pictures to show you. But I did old party pictures post. Feel free to check it out.


  2. You look a LOT like gwen in that picture!! x

  3. Its good to look back its funny how we all change so much. I think most of us look a lot better now than when we were younger xx

  4. That Gwen picture looks like an exact replica lol. You did go through a lot of looks, and in every one of them you looked different. I don't have many different looks, the only thing that ever changed about me was my hair cut and my weight lol.

  5. @Nur Kisskat: Yes taking a stroll down memory lane is always fun! I'll have to check it out ;)

    @Ariel: I wish! I loved her for awhile. I'd say my new idol is Drew Barrymore as a covergirl, she looks gorge!

    nicoletta: I hope I look better now. I'm growing up so I feel I have to wear less makeup. Save the rouge and messy dark lips for when I'm 60 lol.

    liptontee: Thanks!! I love her! Well you look great now! Did you find the Diet Season emails helpful?

  6. you look so good in the gwen look but my favorite is your current look. very natural and beautiful.


  7. I love this! So much creativity through the years.

  8. I love your current look... so natural :)

  9. You are pretty girl! You could carry off any look and still look hot! xoxo


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