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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Newbies galore!

Did you ever find yourself wanting to see every movie that seems to be coming out in theater, it's as if they saved all the best movies for the same time of year, and it's impossible to see them all! Well, that's what this month has been like for makeup! It seems all these awesome products are all launching at once and I can hardly keep up with it all! I want to buy everything, but I know that I barely even use what I have, so I've tried all these products in store for a day and decided to share my opinion. Hopefully this will help us all decide what are the flops and what is worth eyeing.

All these products are new to Sephora alone, and have launched within the last week, or not at all yet.

First brand I would like to start with is Makeup Forever: I can not even begin to tell you how many new lipsticks they came out with, and the quality is long lasting and creamy. I'm not really shocked that Danny Sanz re-packaged and formulated her lipsticks because they were too creamy, and would melt in the tube. Now the new consistency is thicker and easier to work with. The packaging feels familiar to me, almost drugstore brand like, but I love the line so much, I don't mind the corny package. I looked through all the colors and they are very unique. My favorites being no. 10 (A pearly frosted pink), no. 50 (a black with blue sparkle), and Moulin Rouge (a bright red), the line originates in France, so I think it's clever they named a limited edition color Moulin Rouge.

Next brand is Smashbox:

Their new collection is called Masquerade, and it consists of lip glosses, eyeshadows, and blush:This is Smashbox's first cream blush, it's double ended with a brush for blending on the other end. This product is genius and I want it so badly. This collection has not yet launched at Sephora but you can get it if you beg a sales associate to sneak you one from the drawer. This product can also be used on the lips! (Price $29)

This is the limited edition eyeshadow palette. The quality is nice, but I find the colors kind of lame, I want more spunk! (Price $35)
Also new to Smashbox:
Smashbox lash revival treatment and conditioner $34

Get noticeably longer, lusher lashes in as little as 8 weeks with this revolutionary treatment and conditioning duo. Independent consumer studies showed that 90% of subjects noticed an overall improvement in the appearance of lash length, fullness and thickness in just 8 weeks. This advanced formula contains SymPeptide™, a complex proven to stimulate lashes without irritation while enhancing the look of existing lashes.

After 8 weeks:
• 95% of subjects saw an increase in lash length
• 93% saw softer lashes
• 92% saw an increase in lash fullness & thickness
• 90% saw an overall improvement in their lashes
*Independent consumer study.

This is what it looks like:

I don't know about all of you, but I'm kind of over the lash growing products, like enough is enough, I feel ever time I turn around there's a new product for growing lashes out there, I'm so over it! Although, this product is priced well, I think I'll pass!
Okay next line is Stila:

This line recently went through a rough patch and was bought by a new owner, but now all is right with the line again, especially when the new owner decided to steal away MAC's chemist! This is why you will be seeing alot more FUN in Stila's pigments!

Their new glosses are long lasting and ULTIMATE pigment, with a range of vibrant color:

I really want this palette, those who see my FOTD daily, know I love a simple pink smoky eye for my everyday. It's only $10! I think it's online only.. I was lucky enough to stumble on one at my store. I want it!

This is an interesting new product. It's a One Step correcting serum, the colors inside are green, orange and purple, with a hydrating serum mixed in. The colors help correct problem skin, green corrects pink in the skin, purple corrects sallow skin, and orange helps pigmentation. I like the idea of this product because it's something all makeup artists can grab quickly and it's an all in one, some less products to carry on the go. However, it seems too good to be true.. won't all the colors counter act one another? I tried it on my pink skin yesterday and my skin definitely seemed more hydrated, but I don't think this product is made for people looking to correct severe skin issues (ex. Roscia, sunspots, freckles etc..)

Okay the next line is Two Faced:

Their new mascara Lashgasm is eh, to be honest.. CLUMP ALERT! Their mascara Lash Light on the other hand is something to look into ;)

This is their new Naked Eye Palette, which is pretty darn awesome! I want this palette asap, I almost hid myself one because they launched this week. Two Faced is always making amazing eye shadows, and this product also comes with how to cards, to do certain looks.

This is the Leopard Love palette, someone asked me my opinion on this product already, and my review remains the same, it doesn't work on many skin tones. Only fair-medium skin tones could really wear these shades. It's so hard to resist because of it's leopard appearance ;) Next Toki Doki:

Their new brushes are adorable, made from Teddy bear hair, and you get an all over eye shadow brush, angled liner brush, and blending brush for $35, that is an awesome deal, plus they're super cute, what do you think?
This is not even all the newbies, just a small percentage of all the great new-ness. Doesn't it seem like everything great is getting released at once? What products are you wanting?

xox Laura Beth


  1. LOL I asked about the Leopard Palette! Yea, I agree -there are LOADS of new things at Sephora. I watch the site like a hawk to see if there's anything new. I admit, I'm a total Sephora whore.

    What are you waiting to buy/try out??

  2. I will be buying Nars Angelika and Albatross lip glosses, and the Two Faced Naked eyeshadow palette. I also really want those Stila lip glosses, and their new water proof liners, but in purple. Considering my budget, I may have to stop there lol. What about you?

  3. Oh dear, no wonder Stila's new things are sooo pigmented and HOT looking!Way to go with stealing the chemist! hehee

  4. Hey

    Just found your blog. If you have a chance, please check out my blog. I am having a giveaway for 6 M.A.C products. It ends on Wednesday.

  5. I want the naked eye palette so bad because I love neutral colors but unfortunately it is not available in my country

  6. The Toki Doki brushes look so damn adorable! ^____^

  7. wow, everything looks so good. I love love love those brushes.

  8. Wow. I need thoses Toki Doki brushes. Too bad I can't buy off the Sephora site. I don't think it does international orders.


  9. OMG! I want the masquerade and the toki toki! Thanks for sharing!



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