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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kim Kardashian in the wax!

Kim Kardashian's wax figure launched at Madame Tussand's wax museum in NY and of course I was super pumped to go check it out. So I went today, and it was super fun. I'm so impressed by the detail it takes to make a wax figure and how real they look as well. I was kind of amazed and creeped out at the same time. I kept feeling as if the figures were going to blink or jump out at me. It took some time to adjust.

This is Kim Kardashian's wax figure, I heard her figure was supposed to talk when you got close to it, but she didn't say anything. So I guess that was a fib, but the figure was gorgeous, of course. I took a side picture to get a shot of her famous booty. From seeing her body measurements in person, all women should really hate her for how hot she is, haha.
This is a close up of her face, of course she's wearing her signature makeup look and nude lip. Some girl had a nerve to say her boobs were small. Are you serious?!? Her boobs look huge! Plus I heard they made her boobs look smaller than they actually are, but besides that point, you can see in this picture her ta ta's are gigantic. Of course I glanced at the girl saying the remark and her boobs were smaller than Kim's, she's obviously WAY jealous.

I took alot of pictures with other figures for fun!

Jessica Simpson:

Madonna (not an exact replica on the face):
Miley Cyrus:

Elton John and Carrie Underwood:

Spice up your life!

Me and my girl Britney!

It looks like
I'm kissing Marilyn Monroe's boob, haha. My friend and I were both supposed to make a kiss face but noooo... now I look foolish, haha.

Shakira was pretty short, I had no idea she was so small. Represent for us shorty's!!

HULK! This figure was huge! To the left you can see the door way we came in from to compare to the true size. "You won't like me when I'm angry!"

Had a great time, and I am so amazed with the wax figure art. What do you think of Kim's figure?
xox Laura Beth


  1. Woah, Kim's boobs look really big in that photo! Ahahah.
    & the hulk is huuuuge.

  2. Wow her chest looks huge in the figure!

  3. Right? I was so shocked when that randon girl said she had a small chest!?! She had to have been jealous or not really looking well lol.

    xox Laura Beth

  4. Yeah, that girl was definitely just being jealous (or perhaps sarcastic?)

    the Hulk is HUGEEEE


  5. The girl was probably joking about her having a small chest. Because excuse me...those things have their own zip code!

    The Madonna one looks awful. Could have done a better job. I like Britney's pose. Looks fun!

  6. Can I just say I'm so so so jealous! I want to see Kim's statue so badly! I was going to run to go when she was their unveiling it, but I would of gotten fired haha boo hoo

  7. @Roxy: nah, her tone was nasty, but not sarcastc nasty lol (like I know her, haha)

    @Blix: SO funny!! HAHA! Her boobs are pretty intense! I agree though Madonna's figure was a flop.

    @Josie: You should have came with me, I had no idea you wanted to go. We need a makeup run asap lol

    xox Laura Beth

  8. LOL.. I agree with you and everyone else. Kim's boobs are HUGE.. like 3 times the size of mine!

    I wanted to ask you.. have you seen the new NARS Angelika lip gloss?? Is it pretty?? I read on the comment you entered for my giveaway that you really like the new Super Orgasm gloss so I was wondering if you've seen the others.

    Thanks girl!

  9. Looks like you had fun lol. I love your blog it always makes me laugh. In a good way x

  10. @ Kali: Yes I actually got a sneak peek at all the new Nars lip glosses: Angelika, Luster, and Super Orgasm. They are so hot! Luster is okay, more of a rusty brown color, Angelika is so hot pink! and Super Orgasm is gorgeous!! I've been wating for the super for, well forever, and they were supposed to launch it in June but the manufacturer took longer too produce the gloss than expected, so there in Sephora stores now, but they haven't launched yet, not until the end of the month. So just ask a Sephora cast member and they can find you one in the back and let you purchase it. I have 2 already, and will be blogging them asap!

    @Nicoletta: Thanks, that really means alot. I wasn't sure if my goofy personality showed in my writing, and I'm glaf you understand me :)

    xox Laura Beth

  11. WoW! All the statues look so real! I soo wanna visit the Madame Tussand's wax museum and get some pics clicked with all of them! hehe

  12. I love Shakira, yes she's tiny. she is 5 foot 3, how cute. I had no idea she was that small either.


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