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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FO Yesterday.. "Vow to use oldies"

Yesterday I was going through my makeup dresser and I found some un-touched products (shocker!) So I decided I was going to work atleast two of these products into my look of the day. I need to vow to dip into my makeup dresser and use all the makeup I've been collecting for so long before it goes sour. So I vow to use oldies with the newbies from now on. The items I chose were a Lancome La Laque Fever- Optical Rose (a light pale pink, very glittery lip gloss) and a Bare Minerals eye shadow glimmer in flaunt (a burnt shimmery brown):

I know my head is tilted odd, but I kind of like this picture, and I'm guilty of the kissey face, as usual:
The eye look was very simple, a nude vanilla Sephora collection eye shadow base, and Bare Minerals Flaunt on half my lid. On the bottom lash line I used Dior 5 Color eye palette no.609, the deepest brown in the quad and smoked it out, and then to lighten it up I applied the violet from the Dior 609 palette. The waterline of my eyes are lined with Urban Decay Zero and the cat eye was done with MUFE Aqua Black liner:
Do you find yourself forgetting all the oldies in your makeup collection? I just buy more than I can use sometimes, is it just me? (I truly doubt it :)

Once again one of these products could be yours if you enter my contest ;)

xox Laura Beth


  1. I'm sooo guilty of that! I find makeup in the strangest places! I finally cleaned out my makeup drawer and actually threw out the makeup I had from Highschool (I graduated 10 years ago...). I guess that just shows what kind of makeup pack rat I really am!

    I love the color on your lips! Very pretty.

  2. lovely look on you hun, i try and use my old stuff just to try & use it up but i like to wear so many different colours that i never seem to use anything up so just get a build up of more & more xx

  3. That's a great idea, I am guilty of it as well. That's why I am currently on a no buy. SO hard to do let me tell you. LOL Great post

    I love the color on your lips too.

  4. pretty look and I love your idea of surprise products in the giveaway every time I see a post I wonder which product will be in the giveaway , can't wait to see what you are giving and I hope I win.

  5. wow. that is an amazing idea!!! and trust me, i dont think you're the only one buying more than you can use. i think every girl does that whether it is with makeup, purses, shoes, or all of the above! ;) haha anyways, love your idea of working the old products into your looks :) i think im going to try to do that.. although i have only started my makeup collection not too long ago, im sure theres products that need some extra love ;) hehe thanks for posting!!

  6. I have so many products that I've used or swatched a couple of times, but never used again, so this is a great idea! I might try to incorporate 2 products into my look tomrrow that dont get a lot of love :)

  7. I try to put myself on a rotation sort of schedule to make myself use everything as much as possible. I tell myself to use something of almost every brand/type once a week and then do it the next week with different colours and I keep up with that each week. It doesn't always work because of getting new products or wanting to use the same thing over and over again for whatever reason. But I use more of almost everything I have a lot more than I used to. Although there are a few things I have that I don't use that should be either thrown away or given to someone who will use them.

    Anyway! You look great. I think you might be the best blogger with doing the kissy face. I think I look dumb when I do it and only do it jokingly like I did in this post:

    Heh heh!

  8. I think we can do this girls! Let's give some love to the oldies!

    @ Blix: I'm going to have to get myself in a routine of looking though my makeup. I too fall into the repeat habit.

    @Silhouette: I know right, sometimes we get so excited to just share our new stuff, and than the infatuation just fades and we forget we have it lol.

    @Alvira: Thanks, I'm also glad you're excited for the contest. I can't wait to pick a winner.

    xox Laura Beth


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