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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Contest Time! (What can I say, I'm a giver!) CLOSED!


I've built up a huge following over the last month and I want to thank my fellow blogger's by holding a GIVEAWAY!!! There's a catch, the prize(s) are secret and at the end of ever post I make in the future I will be giving hints to what the prize(s) may be.
How to enter:
1. You MUST be a follower/subscriber of my blog (if you're not, follow away) lol. I want to know when you felt most beautiful.. for example "I felt most beautiful when I was laying on my boyfriends hammock and he looked at me and smiled, and in that moment I felt our connection. Nothing is more beautiful then love and the connection two people can share." (true story). Comment your story below for: (one entry)

2. Must make a blog or facebook post about the contest. Sending me proof in your comment below. (3 entries)

1. The contest is international.
2. The prize is top secret and hints will be given in my future blog posting.
3. Giveaway ends July 31 at midnight.
4. There may be more than one winner, I am known for that, but you won't know til July 31st!

I hope the secret aspect will make this fun for all, because I love surprizes!

For those who have seen my other contests, you know I give AWESOME prizes. You WILL DEFINITELY want to enter this contest the prize(s) are worth your while!

Thank you to all my blog followers once again,

xox Laura Beth


  1. How exciting thank for doing this.
    I felt the most beautiful on my wedding day. Looking back i know there are times when i have looked better but i was just so happy and felt so loved that day i felt like the most beautiful person alive. ( shame that feeling doesnt last lol)

  2. I have also posted about the comp here is the link

  3. I felt the most beautiful on graduation day when everyone was looking at me when I received my final graduation diploma and the whole school was cheering and calling out my name.It was a truly awesome experience,my best until now.

    Also,I posted about your giveaway on my blog

  4. Hey doll! Yay another giveaway! lol..

    My blog JennikaLuv
    (i've been following and posted!)

    Here's my story..

    This relation ship I have is such a roller coaster but I care ridiculously. Right now were going through a rough spot but I lvoe when he tells me randomly how pretty I am. Before we were together a year, he took me home one morning and while we were driving to my house he says, " you look really pretty int he morning hun" I'll always remembger of the wsweetest things he'd said to me..

  5. I felt most beautiful today when I put on a baggy white v-neck tshirt and my pajama shorts and danced around my room singing Tamia. It was lovely.

  6. I am a follower :)

    Some people might think I'm a little stupid for this but I felt most beautiful when I went to go and see Miley Cyrus live. She has been an inspiration of mine since the beginning and her seeing her in person was wonderful. Every lyric I could relate to and the whole experience made me happy. Walking out of the arena; my head was held high and I felt completely confident.


  7. follower Lily here!

    well i have a nice sensation of liberty when i was riding a horse...never tryed before and first time i prove i saw that i can run with velocity and feel the wind in my face...everyone looked at me and said that i was made for riding horses couldn't believe i never did before and i felt very good, was very fun!


  8. I am a follower!

    I can't really put a finger on when I've felt most beautiful. I feel beautiful on a daily basis, in some way, when my husband holds me and kisses me and cuddles with me. I guess I feel most beautiful when I get all dressed up for him and do my makeup how I know he likes it and then he comes home and gives me big ol man hugs and makes me feel safe. Yeah that's probably when.

    Awesome contest idea by the way.

  9. I'm a follower! There's no specific moment in time, but I feel most beautiful when I know I'm with friends I care about, and I know care about me :)

  10. Hey Laura Beth!

    You already know that I love your blog and am a follower.
    Hmmm, the most beautiful I have ever felt. That's hard. Hmmm, maybe when my best friend got married. Not only did I get my hair and makeup done, but my bestie had an aura about her all day that just radiated beauty in every way and you couldn't help but to feel caught up in it yourself. I've put you up in my contest sidebar and will throw a mention into tomorrows blog post ( I think this is a really unique comp. Thanks, it's nice to have to go back through so many good memories to find the one that fits best.


  11. I probably felt most beautiful when I went to my junior and senior proms back in high school. I NEVER wear a dress, but I did for prom. I also got my hair, makeup and nails done and it was pretty special to me.

    I am a follower

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  12. Cool contest! Gl everyone. I wrote an article on how to get hired at Sephora, being a former cast member and what not lol. Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by.

  13. following! :P

    well..hmm. probably when i was sitting on top of the grassy hills enjoying the sun. I had no makeup on lol! not saying that i look beautiful without make-up, but I felt really good without make-up on.

  14. The time I felt most beautiful was when I actually thought I looked the worst lol. I was at home with no make up on, some simple clothes and my hair tied up and my boyfriend looked at me and said "It's crazy how you're dressed down and still look like the most beautiful woman in the world to me"

    I blogged:


  15. the time I felt most beautiful is when I first got my hair extensions and I wore then even though I had surgery and my face looked like a chubby hamster but I still felt beautiful

  16. Hi Laura! This secret giveaway is really cool! The whole secrecy thing is bugging me so i had to enter!

    Anyways, the time when i felt the most beautiful was probably my graduation day. Although only for high school back then, it was a ton of fun getting to dress up real nice and have makeup/hair done :) Soon it'll be convocation for university.. haha thanks for having this giveaway!

    I posted about this on my blog:


  17. Hi! Thanks for this giveaway! I love surprises :)

    I felt most beautiful during my mom's birthday (I felt like I was stealing her spotlight!!!) when I dressed up for a formal dinner, and she told me I was beautiful in the most sincere way. My dad and my sisters said so too... that nearly made me cry :D

    I posted this on my blog:


  18. Cute giveaway!

    I felt most beautiful after i had my baby.I felt very low (Hormones),my husband told me i look very beautiful.This meant a lot to me.I almost cried.
    Down through the memory lane,happy with my baby girl and my husband.
    username- ks sn


  19. Hi there,

    I feel most beautiful when I am with my children. They don't care if I have my hair done or makeup on, if I'm wearing my pajamas or a cute tee. They see me for me and think I am beautiful just as I am, even if I am sick and haven't showered in a day ;) LOL. When I am with them, I am beautiful.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I can't wait to find out the secret.


    I posted it on my blog too

  20. Can't believe how long it's taken me to enter this...I've been meaning to for ages!

    Anyway the time I feel most beautiful is when I'm with friends laughing, just because I always think people look their best when they're relaxed and having a good time! :) xxx


  21. Enter me!

    I felt the most beautiful when I went to our fresher's day party wearing a green sari with my hair in a bun. I didn't really want to stand out in the crowd coz I was a first year student but I did and my friends really made me feel comfortable and beautiful about myself.



  22. Hi!

    I'm a follower. I feel most beautiful when walking down the street and then I see people's heads turn to look at me :) Never fails to make me feel good :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  23. Hey hun! i'm a follower.
    I felt really beautiful one morning a few months ago when i woke up and my bf was looking at me, smiling, and told me how pretty i looked. this tends to happen a lot and it really makes my day! :D
    email :

  24. I felt most beautiful when I was told that I have a heart that is bigger than BP's oil spill!

  25. Hello girly!
    I feel most beautiful when I'm playing with my puppies!Even if I get messy it's the feeling you get!These pretty souls love you for you!You are the world to them!It feels beautiful to know you're the world to someone!
    freeeedz at yahoo dot com

  26. Hi!

    I felt most beautiful when i met my boyfriend. We are together for four years and i feel beautifull everytime i am near him.

  27. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a follower via GFC as VIctoria.
    I feel beautiful after receiving a relaxing massage with aromatic oils. My body is relaxed, soft and smells great.

    I posted on FB!/profile.php?id=100000825456707&v=wall&story_fbid=123776331000607&ref=mf



  28. i felt most beautiful at my graduation
    check out my giveaway:

  29. Great idea for a giveaway!
    It might sound predictable but the time I felt most beautiful, was when the person I love told me they loved me for the first time. It was the best, and most beautiful, feeling in the world!
    Other than that I feel my best when I am riding our jetski/seadoo really fast across the open lake in the sunshine, it's a rush!
    Email is
    Thanks :)

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  32. Hi!Im a follower via google friends.
    I feel pretty everytime my boyfriend looks at me with love in his eyes.Regardless how i look,with or without makeup,dirty or clean,fatter or thinner.

  33. I feel most beautiful during that hour to hour and a half while getting ready to go out. I put on my makeup and model in front of the mirror and feel like a D-I-V-A!

  34. I keep forgetting to enter this! Agh..

    Ok. When have I felt most beautiful?

    I feel most beautiful when my hubby kisses me when he thinks I'm asleep. I'll be half asleep and without realizing that I actually know he's kissing me, he'll kiss my neck, back, or cheek and wrap the covers around me very lightly as to not wake me up. I just adore when he does that because we're a very non-mushy couple. It gives me butterflies and makes me feel beautiful because he's still giving me kisses when I'm a hot mess with the drool, eye boogers, and all. It's nice to know there are guys out there who love you whether you're fat, skinny, beautiful, or monstrous looking!

    I also posted a blog post =)

  35. Hi, I am a new follower
    I had long hair since my childhood(upto my waist) I cut them upto shoulder length 2 years ago when my mother saw my new hair style she said I look so beautiful and she had the most cutest smile on her face at that time , I felt most beautiful at that time because I am really attached a lot to my mother she is like my best friend and her compliments mean a lot to me they always boost my confidence

  36. My answer on when I felt the most beautiful would be the moment I first got to hold my precious little daughter after giving birth to her. I know it sounds weird, I know it was messy, I know I didn't look beautiful the "my face looks perfect" way..

    But the emotion inside me, the joy, the pride, the love I felt towards her when seeing and holding my daughter for the first time.. it made me feel beautiful inside. Sometimes beauty isn't about what's been seen outside, sometimes being beautiful has more depth to it and that's what's being felt inside.
    There's no moment I felt more beautiful in my life, than when I held my daughter for the first time <3

    I have blogged about your giveaway here:

  37. Hey! enter me pls! I am a follower (crisz).

    I felt most beautiful when the boy i have a crush on flirted with me.

    I've blogged about your giveaway here:

    email: neith4u at

  38. Hey Laura! Nice giveaway, and i think i guessed some of the prizes:D. I feel most beautiful every morning i wake up hugged by my boyfriend, because he looks at me in a very special way:). Im a follower and i blogged ab ur giveaway here:

  39. follower thru google friends
    name is smilefest
    Feel most beautiful when see myself in my children.
    Thanks for the chance!
    smilefest(at) yahoo (dot) com

  40. hello, Laura!
    you are notorious for great great giveaways! and now as it's all about secret prizes...I'm even more curious and excited!
    so thanks so much for the opportunity :)

    I always feel beautiful when my boyfriend tells me out of the blue that he loves me very much (*blushing*)...most of the times I'm just at home wearing a t-shirt, but in that moment and because of his words, I feel very special.

    I also feel beautiful in an almost magical way every time I wear one of my bohemian maxi dresses. They represent to me the epiphany of everything feminine.

  41. I felt most beautiful when my daughter wakes me up in the morning with butterfly kisses all over! Love from an innocent child is so precious and it makes me overjoyed. I thank God for having her.

    Posted your giveaway on my sidebar at

    shared this giveaway on my FB wall
    Facebook username: emiliana sison

    I follow you blog thru GFC as luckyfinds

    name: emiliana

  42. hi.
    another giveaway! yupi!
    i'm a follower already
    i had 2 moments in my life till now, when i felt beautiful. first, was in my wedding day. it was so great to be in the center of attention. more great it was because my tummy was the attraction - i was pregnant in 5 months. nothing was more beautiful then to be part all 3 to this special day.
    and the second time, was the day when i had my caesarean. i felt the most beautiful mom even if i didn't felt very well...

    the post on my blog you can find here:

    have a great day!

  43. I felt most beautiful when I attended my uncle's wedding last December. I felt like I was the blushing bride who is smitten by love and ready to conquer the world! That event made me realize that Love is such a wonderful feeling.

    I follow your blog thru GFC

    Posted this giveaway with a linkback on my sidebar at


  44. I felt most beautiful at my very first roller derby bout. Decked out in a short skirt, booty shorts underneath, fishnets and my brand new uniform shirt along with tons of eye makeup and some cute pig-tails, it felt like the crowd was cheering just for me...there was so much glitz and glamour and I know all 13 of my teammates felt just as beautiful as I did. It's an amazing feeling to be empowered by a group of kick-ass women and that's still when I feel the most beautiful! If I had one wish it would be that all women could feel this special as a result of friendship rather than from the approval of a significant other. There's something to be said for feeling beautiful because someone else tells you that you are but it will never compare to feeling beautiful because you KNOW you are.
    (Proof of reposting on my facebook:!/profile.php?id=27900455)

  45. the day i took my oath after passing my boards was when i felt most beautiful. it felt great to fit into my gala uniform in better (and lighter) form, after i had a disastrous first fitting. and that day, after weeks of discipline, i felt beauty radiate inside-out.

    blogged about your intriguing giveaway here

    new follower, makeup newbie.
    iamtorque15 at gmail dot com

  46. Follower! =)

    I felt most beautiful when my lover told me he loved me looking like this. This is referred to me without makeup after hours at the water rides!

  47. I'm a follower!
    Name: Vicky

    I felt most beautiful when my boyfriend, after three long weeks of not seeing each other, came by my door unexpectantly with a bouquet of flowers.

  48. I felt most beautiful at mu prom, with my bf, we looked just so gr8 together than i even can't believe, with a white dress, lovelly.

    I blogged



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