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Monday, June 7, 2010

If it's Pee, it's not for me!

I know there are many beauty regimens around the world that involve pee. One celebrity made a pee statement once and I never forgot it. These words followed me my whole life and now I'm sharing them with you. Madonna was in an interview and she confessed she pees on her feet in the shower. She confessed that her peeing was actually naturally curing her athlete's foot. She also stated that her feet never felt softer. To think all these years I've been wasting money on expensive body lotions and the answer to softer skin was in my... lol.

I know other famous people have come clean about using pee as a cure for things. After a bit of research I found out that baseball player Moises Alou pees on his hands to cure his calluses. British actress Sarah Miles has been drinking her pee for 30 years ((GAG)). Plus former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai also drank pee. According to my research, by a study done at the University of Castleton, morning urine can actually cure jet lag and produce the feeling of a good night sleep. (I don't want to know how they found this research to be true! Interesting but, ew.) Apparently pee can soothe calluses, soften skin, cure athletes foot, and improve your energy after a long flight. Although this information is interesting I will definitely be sticking to my morning cup of coffee!

How far would you go for beauty, if you heard pee could cure aging, would you drink it?
xox Laura Beth

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying pee should substitute medicine.


  1. Haha i've heard this too but no i wouldn't go that far for any beauty benefits xx

  2. in my opinion, peeing on hands and feet are fine cause we can wash them off after, but drinking it? ickk. i think i'll pass. LOL.

  3. This is gross!
    People will go any length for beauty!
    I think I would only pee on my feet in the shower because at least it would wash straight back off again from the water.
    I would never drink it no matter what it did.
    Yuck eugh!!

  4. If it could cure aging - yes probably. I mean if someone has been for the past 30 years it can't be that bad, can it??

  5. I thought the reason we peed was to get the toxins out of our body? I don't see how drinking it could be good for you lol

  6. you know i was drinking my mango shake and reading your post and when i ended reading it, i didnt wanna drink it anymore, LOL! Oh God!! How can people go THIS far?? I would never do that LOL!

  7. All you comments literally had me LOL. Love them all.

    @Luc: Thanks for being so honest, and I'm right with ya. If I never had to see a wrinkle on my face, I would take shots of it. ew. lol

    @Keiko: HAha, I know right! But on survivor man he drinks his own pee when he can't find any food. Guess there's some sort of nutrition in there. I heard it's better to drink someone elses. But GROSS. lol

    xox Laura Beth

  8. @ Sara H: hahahaha sorry! You're too funny!

  9. I hate to admit it...but I actually did try a night cream that had urine as one of its ingredients. And I must say, it's true that it can really soften your skin. But i found it too rich for my skin, so I stopped using it. I don't think I'll ever try another urine product, let alone drink it...yuck haha

    Thanks for sharing the post. I had no idea that so many people drank it/pee on themselves!

  10. thats so interesting!
    i dont think i could bring myself to do it even if i wanted to! maybe i would if it would save my life or something but not to save my face from a little aging haha

  11. oh wow i wonder if that really works! haha

    Anna Katrina

  12. LOL OH GOD EW :| just no.

    The only time I'll have anything else to do with my pee is if I need to drink it to survive D:


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