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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Save the last dance..

It's Prom Season! My favorite makeup client is a prom girl. I love how exciting it is for the girl, and unlike brides who are so stressed on a whole different level about their big day; Prom has a more fun feel to it. But don't get me wrong Prom can be stressful. You need to find a date, buy flowers for your dates suit, find a dress, pick shoes, think transportation, and worry about makeup and hair and if you're going to do it yourself or get it done. But once you plan all of that, the fun begins and you can relax and get ready! I would suggest getting makeup and hair done, because this will definitely relieve the stress level a bunch.

As I've said before I freelance, so this month has been a busy one. Sephora also started a new service where we do appointment makeup in the store. We do full face application with the purchase of a $50 gift card. I've been booking in the store left and right. Which is super cool, I love teaching how to apply but being able to bedazzle someone for a big event is what I live to do.

Some Prom Tips and Tricks:

1. Focus on emphasizing one asset: eyes or lips. Either make your lips super duper extreme or your eyes. Ask others what they think your best feature is and roll with it.

Example of fun eyes and nude lip: (Hilary Duff, always love her lashes) Wondering what colors would look best to pop your eyes check out this post: Eye see color!
Example of fun lip and nude eye: (Lauren Conrad) Want to know what reds work for your lip and skintone, then read this post: Holla out to an icon! 2. Always carry a damage prevention kit in your purse with: dental floss/toothpick, touch up powder/blotting papers (all that dancing can make one sweat), clear nailpolish (any run in your panty hose can make or break an outfit, apply alittle clear nailpolish around the hole and stop the hole from spreading down your leg). Mini travel hairspray (Dove is my fav), also a bobby pin and safety pin (you never know if your hair will come loose or a bra strap so it's better to be prepared or help a friend in need)

3. Self Tan advice: For those who decide to spray tan before the event, be careful to not do it the day before, God forbid it doesn't turn out as planned you'll have those pictures for life.

4. My advice: Fake lashes are a must, they make your whole look that much better. (strictly my opinion)

5. Last Minute uninvited face guest(s): For the sudden blemish, which always happens to appear the night before: apply a tooth paste on the area over night. The mint opens the pores and helps cleanse out the problem area while drying it out. Also use a green color corrector to hide the redness and conceal that baby up!

6. Keep your makeup on: Don't forget to Prime and set your makeup! Use a primer to build a barrier and keep stubborn oily areas dry. Then to seal the deal after all your makeup is done, spray your face with a setting mist to keep your makeup put. (My choice: NARS primer and MUFE Mist n Fix setting spray).

And now for fun I'm going to share my prom day pictures: I know I had a famous prom date (That apparently kept taking his clothes off), but let's keep it on the DL. LOL.

A close up of my makeup: I remember my prom day:
Dress: $30 at Joyce Leslie and I added straps I purchased at a craft store for $3
Shoes: $35 platforms
Stockings: $4
Hair and makeup: $350
My night: Punk Rock Pricless!

I don't think the dress is everything, the hair and makeup is my accessory and to me the most important part of any outfit. If you have bad hair for an event, it's done, it'll ruin everything. So paying so much for it all was worth it to me. How much did you spend on your prom?

xox Laura Beth


  1. I left my school and just go to exam centres to do my exams because of bullying so I'm not going to the prom but I love the post and tips atill very usefull even if I'm not going!

  2. Aw sorry to hear that, but you'll def get a better education than those snot nosers anyway.These tricks are def essential for any big day though. :)

    xox Laura Beth

  3. I LOVE your prom outfit and hair <3

    I didn't go to mine because at the time I was all like 'fuck-you-all-I-hate-this-shitty-school-and-everything-associated-with-it' but now I kinda wish I'd gone to get dolled up. Though at the time, dolled up definitely wasn't my cup of tea :P

  4. LOL hahah your prom date is hot! Prom was so long ago which makes me feel old thinking about it =)

  5. @Silhouette Screams: I hear ya, my Jr High prom pix will never make it up here because at the time I was a tomboy, such horrid pics, lol. No regrets you have plenty of time to doll up :)

    @naturalnchicmakeup: OMG, I know right! I honestly can't believe how long it's been since highschool it makes me naseous. But I try to ignore that factor and finish college, lol.

    xox Laura Beth


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