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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Diet Seaon. (Who's with me?)

Once a year, sometimes twice I decide I want to loose alittle weight. This is that time of the year. It's bikini season and my body is not looking as spiffy as it used to. I know I'm in a relationship and you get "love pounds" but I'm not okay with just using that excuse. Also I recently started birth control and although it made my chicas bigger, I'm not ready for it to bloat my body. Every night I've done 1000 situps since I was 13. Over the past couple of years I've slacked in the number of crunches I do, approximately 300 a night. My body needs to go back to 550-1000 crunches a night mode because I feel out of shape.

In highschool I weighed about 80 lbs. so to go up 25 lbs. is alot for me to handle. People think I'm nuts when I use the word "diet" but I really need to tone up and watch what I'm eating. I definitely take in too many calories for my small frame. So lately I've been watching what I eat. So far I've been eating healthy: yogurt, whole wheat bread with tuna, lots of water, butter roll or bagel (but I watch how much butter I use). I know I can still eat whatever I want, I just need to eat less, and that's basically what I'm doing. My winter belly needs to go, and I need to shrink down my stomach so I get stuffed quicker. So far it's been working out well.

My starting weight is: 112 lbs. (this is in the am before eating).
My goal: 107 lbs.
Total Weight loss goal: 5 lbs.
(Keep in mind I've already been watching my food intake/working our for 2 weeks and my starting weight was 117 lbs, so I've already lost 5 lbs.)

Who's with me:
If anyone wants to join in and we can motivate one another and do this together, let me know. Send me your email below, and we can email eachother what we did to try to lose the weight for the day: exercise, what we ate, and use positive words to help one another out. Also email me your weight goal and total weight loss goal.

xox Laura Beth


  1. Wow girl, I'm with you but I'm so lazy!

    Heres my email :)

  2. hey I'm clairey's twin I'm up for it too! I just want to tone up my stomach though not so focused on weight loss

    my email

  3. Hey Laura, I definitely should loose some weight again... I lost a lot in the last 3 years, but since I have a new job (I sit at my desk the whole day), I put on 5 kg, that's about 11 lbs =(

    It's actually a great idea that you had, we can motivate each other! My mail is

  4. Hey, I'll join in too if you don't mind. I've been keeping a journal every day of what I eat, what I drink/how much water, and the amount of exercise I do, so I don't mind sharing! I love hearing what other people come up with for healthy snacks too.
    My email is

  5. I want to lose weight as well. I've already started working out and cutting back and I've lost 2 pounds in less than a week!

    here is my email

  6. Heyy,
    im doing the exact same i have my prom in less that a month now, so thats a real insentive! In two weeks ive lost 4lbs,, gymgymgym is all i have been doing and eating healthy of course :) If you want to do a diary thing but over email, email me on :). You may not be intrested but i think it helps if your doing it with someone else too especially if were a thousand miles away :L Erin xox

  7. I'm in, I'll e-mail you my e-mail. 80 lbs in high school? I hope you gained weight. I've seen your pic, you are NOT overweight. But I know what you mean we all need to eat heathier and firm up. (I need to lose 20lbs) So I'm in.

  8. This is such a good idea, to motivate each other and monitor our diet together!!! I am in for sure :) Been trying to keep off the pounds I lost over summer but its getting harder when the weather gets colder. :(

    My email is throughbeautyeyes [at] gmail [dot] com


  9. Awesome, I'm so excited for you! Keep me posted!

    xox Laura Beth


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