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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good news, bad news...

Good News: I recieved my prize from Corrine's:Alluring Bath & Beauty Blog yesterday in the mail. I'm not going to lie I wasn't sure how I felt on homemade products. They look amazing, but would they compare to big brands? The answer-omg better! They are so awesome! Corrine sent me 3 homemade body butters from her line "Custom Blends by Corrine," and they are so great!

First off I tried the butter in a small area on my arm to make sure I didn't react from any of the ingredients, even though they are all natural, one of the ingredients is sweet almond oil and I wasn't sure if I was allergic to almonds or not. After a few hours I felt the area and it was hydrated. After my test I began to play with all the butters, smelling all the scents and rubbing them on my hands. I immediately showed my mom and she rubbed the lotion on her elbows, because her elbows get really dry. About 2 hours later we felt her elbow, and no joke, it felt like baby skin. So soft, you couldn't even feel the creases in her arm. I was shocked, this butter is way better than any lotion I've ever bought in a store, and I've bought some high priced stuff. I now love that it's homemade and one of a kind. My mom and I placed a butter in both bathrooms in the house and we're going to be fighting over our favorite scent: coconut lime until we need to order more.

The scents are from left to right: Bitter orange orchid, fresh ruit salsa with line, and coconut lime. The butters are so light weight and absorb nicely into the skin. The skin feels smooth and silky for hours.
Corrine mailed the lotions with a cute little note. I'm so happy I won this contest, thanks again Corrine. I'll be getting in touch with you when I need more, this time as a client ;)
If you would like to order, or check out how Corrine makes her butters click here, also her blog is full of homemade remedies for so many things, check her out!

Okay now for the Bad News:
Yesterday I decided to lay out in the sun and I got burnt to a crisp. I didn't realize how long I was outside for and not wearing SPF was silly of me. I am now regretting my decision.
I only laid on one side of my body my front neck, arms and legs are crispy red and the back of me is pale as can be, looks so funny. I will NOT be neglecting my sunscreen for the rest of the summer. Look at this madness: Take a lesson from me and remember to SPF this summer.
xox Laura Beth
Hint for contest: Makeup is my art...


  1. Awww, getting sunburnt sucks! hope your skin feels better soon.

    & those lotions seem to work like magic! :)

  2. Awwww =( Girl definitely get on that sunscreen. Maybe you can rub something on your burn -my whole family burns in the sun except for me and I remember we bought this stuff in Hawaii.. some type of oil. I totally forgot the name but I'm sure they have those things at your local drugstore. Oh and I really want to try those butters! I know you have sensitive skin so maybe they'll work on me too.

    P.S. Your sad, pouty face looks so cute! That's the face I give when I don't get my way. =P

  3. those butters look great i love the colour and Thats fantastic that there well fantastic! I feel you sunburnt pain I burn easily :(

  4. Aw I'm sorry about your sunburn =( Perhaps some aloe would help?

    the body butters look really great!

  5. WOW.. i am happy for the butter product you got :) looks nice to me.. love the packaging. ^ ^

    and hey :( i am sorry for the burn. this looks bad. this will be okay in no time :)

  6. Aww hope you feel better soon. Maybe rub some aloe vera on the skin to soothe the burn. The body butter looks great!

  7. Thanks for all the tips and feel betters all ;)

    xox Laura Beth

  8. Aw hope your burn goes away quickly! I finally got to open your package last night and I'm so excited to try everything, thank you! I'll be doing a post soon :) xx

  9. Thanks for the wonderful review! I just got a whole bunch more oils and supplies, so I'm excited to make some different things in the next couple weeks!

  10. Congrats on winning the contest hun! awwee hope the burn goes away quickly, xoxo


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