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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I'm Loving this June, plus what I miss...

1. Lindsay Lohan's self tanner Sevin Nyne really enhances my sunkissed glow without looking fake, love it!
Cliniques de-puff serum is an instant gratification for my morning eye puffiness:

Dove Flexible hold hairspray is a must-have to my getting ready experience. It smells awesome and it makes my hair silky smooth. I ran out the other day and my hair was not the same, but I bought two more asap!

Tresemme Frash Start hair refreshing mist re-livens my hairs scent throughout the day. I love my hair to smell shower fresh all day long and this does that. I carry it in my purse because some of my friends smoke and my hair clings to the scent, so I spray the refreshing mist in my hair to erase the smell. It's like Febreze for the hair lol.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Double Body Mist in Berry, I'm obsessed with smelling delish. I spray this on my stomach before I leave my house, and it hydrates the area too. This has become a routine item for me.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist is very hydrating for skin and hair. I recently did a post on how good it's been for my ezcema.

I recently purchased the MAC gaga lipstick and it's been in constant use:

Urban Decay's Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finish Powder is my last step before I leave, it really smooths out my complexion and keeps my oil at bay.

Clean Warm Cotton is my everyday fragrance paired with Baby by Gwen Stefani, I spray Warm Cotton on my shirt before I leave so I always smell fresh from the dryer. Cover Girl Last Blast Fusion has been my everyday mascara lately paried with Sephora Collection fiber based primer. The two together make my lashes soft and full.

I'm loving racerbacks right now! I need to get more than what I have, I own about 5. I am using these when I walk and sunbathe and even wearing them out with friends to show off my shoulder freckles. I need more asap!
What I'm missing this month: my blue hair! I want to dye my hair again so bad, but it took 2 years to grow it out to my natural color and I'm not going to ruin it again.
What are you enjoying or missing this month?
xox Laura Beth
Hint for contest: The quality of Dior..


  1. My best discoveries this month have been Pre Game beach hair spray, MAC Back to the Beach collection (even though I didn't get my hands on a seahorse)and the summer return to flip flops!

    Best, Lisamarie

  2. right now I miss my concealer it was a simple drugstore brand but i binned with looking at the label so I don't know what it was :(

  3. omg, your blue hair is amazing!!
    tresemme has some really good hair products


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  4. @Lisamarie...: I know, it's so hard to get our hands on the collection!

    @Ami: What did it look like, you should blog a post describing and I bet we could figure it out!

    @Roxy: Thanks love, yeah their products are definitely salon worthy!

  5. My go to right now is ROC's self tanner! It works great, and no streaks! One of these days I'll get some days off and get some real sun. I won't have to resort to this tan in a bottle method... but until then, I'm keeping a golden glow!

  6. Don't go blue, I love your hair.

  7. What I miss, a color lipstick I use to have. They dicontinued it and it took me years to find one I liked again.


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