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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eye see color!

Blue, brown, hazel and green, which eye color are you? Certain colors can really enhance the pigment of your eye. I always wished I had blue eyes because I wanted my eyes to seem more exotic, but after I learned how to enhance the yellow in my brown eyes I saw my eyes lighten and appear larger. I believe any eye color can wear any shade of the rainbow; however, there are specific colors that will give the eye a larger illusion.

Blue Eyes:
Taupe, gray, violet, purple, deep blue (navys and ocean blues will give a sophisticated look), black (blend with bright blues for a smoky effect)
Playful ideas: silver, turquoise, fuschia (brightens blue)

Green or Hazel Eyes:
Brown, apricot, purple, plum, dark khaki colors or dark green (these will brighten green eyes)
Playful choices: gold, light greens, and bright purples.

Brown Eyes (like myself):
Bronze, copper, gold, champagne (soft pinks with a touch of orange), brown (gives an innocent big eyed look), beige, and green (light greens really pop the yellow in your eye)
Playful choices: Light Oranges, royal blue and navys, light pinks (which are in this season), purples, and light greens.

I applied a playful purple violet smoky eye on myself with a bit of glitter liner on the bottom:

Every eye shade can wear:
Navy blues or charcoal grays. Every eye needs a light highlighter to arch the eyebrow bone and make eyes appear more awake.

Always prime your eyeshadow, this gives the shadow a full pigment and keeps the shadow from creasing throughout the day.

My favorite pigmented shadows are:
1. Urcan Decay
2. Nars
3. MAC
4. Bare Minerals
5. Dior

Either playful or sophisticated don't hesitate to mix and match!

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