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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Never see me run!

With the summer sun sneaking up on us, and April showers, you might be wondering ways to keep your makeup on. The ultimate staying power from sun, rain, and crying, hey the summer brings alot of drama too! Besides the basic primers for foundations, shadows and lips there are other ways to keep your makeup set. The best waterproofer on the market is Benefit She laq, this stuff is no joke. It will practically glue on your shadows, mascara or lip. You could go scuba diving and your makeup will not budge.

If you're going to be sitting in the sun alot this summer and prefer just to wear tinted moisturizer, bronzer, or like me a whole lotta everything. Always finish your makeup with a setting mist. (My choice: MUFE Mist and Fix) This will set your makeup and keep it from bloching in that harsh heat. Also carry around Evain spraying water to refresh your makeup and cool off your skin.

The best way to set your makeup is to do the 3 steps: Prime, setting powder, and mist. This will ensure your face to stay put if you're an oily skin type. If you find you're still producing excess oils through out the day, carry around Sephora or Neutrogena blotting wipes, the one's with the blue material that look almost ballonish are made to use on makeup applied faces; therefore they won't remove your look.

My choices:
Primers for oily skin: Laura Mercier oil free primer or Smashbox light
Dry skin: Nars primer without SPF or MUFE primer 0
Combination: Tarte Clean Slate or Smashbox light
Large pores: Perfekt primer or Dr. Brandt Pore Refiner
Dull skin: Benefit That Gal or Dior

Certain primer's have different colors to correct your skin tone. Green corrects red, I am very pink in the morning so I use a green color corretor. Pink will brighten swallow yellow skin tones. Yellow will even out and brighten dull skin as well. Orange will color correct sun or age spots. Blue will brighten fair skin tones. Dark primers are usually to bronze.

Eyebrows are also important for those of us that must apply brows everyday, there is a solution to the sweat factor. If you use a powder apply a wax first to seal in the product or apply a clear brow gel after to keep brows in order. ( My choice: for wax Anastacia has an awesome wax pencil and their clear gel is the best also. A cheap trick, seal your brows with a clear mascara.) If you use a pencil then, use a clear brow gel/mascara also. If you use a marker then you have no worries, they are waterproof, swim away!

To keep your mascara from running laying pool side this year, try applying a primer first. (My choice: Smashbox) You can also prime your eye shadows as well. (My choice: Urban Decay in Eden, because it also brightens, I have my reviews for it on my product of the week page.)

There's nothing mother nature can do, we will wear our makeup no matter what she throws at us, and look fabulous while doing so!

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