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Friday, February 5, 2010

Holla out to an Icon...

Marilyn Monroe had a huge impact on the makeup industry. No one can rock a red lip and not think, "Is this Marilyn enough?" For many years I told myself I would dress up as her for Halloween, finally, Halloween 2009, I did. To be an icon for a day was amazing. The confidence you gleam while wearing a daring red lip is indescribable. You can't just put a red lipstick on, you have to ROCK THAT LIP!

Fair skin tones look good with a bright red lip. Medium skin tones look good with a deep red. Deeper skin tones can wear deep or bright red and it will flatter their tone. If your pout just isn't pouty enough, add a white or pink highlighter to the V of your lip (cupids bow), and line the outer rim of your lip with a lip pencil similar to your regular lip tone. Add your red lipstick and you will be as fierce as an icon, and don't forget to ROCK IT!

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