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Sunday, February 7, 2010

No makeup-makeup

The trick to the no makeup look is not to wear none, but to wear perhaps more. It's kind of like when you do the roll out of bed look to go to school, you wear your pajamas, a messy bun, and a full face of makeup. Hey, we're girls it's what we do!

The one thing you should never leave without is bronzer. It really lights up your face and helps contour you in the right areas. Always apply alittle bronzer right on the cheek bone. Bronzer should always be applied starting from your hair line down to the apple of your cheek. This will apply more bronzer near the end of your face, giving you the illusion of a permanent kissy face cheek. Our cheek bones define our femininity and we need to show that.. even on a trip to the supermarket. If bronzer isn't your style, apply a tinted moisturizer, with a quick blush on the apple of your cheek. Perfecto in a momento!

The Perfect No makeup Look:

1. Apply skincare regimen.

2. Color correcting primer
Green- corrects red, Blue- brightens dull skin, Orange- blends uneven skintone.
(Choice: Nars primer is good for rosacia or MUFE primer)

3. Undereye concealer, this step is only necessary if you have puffiness or deep shadows under the eye. (Choice: Benefit- Boing, Kat Von D- tattoo concealer)

4. Foundation- powder, tinted moisturizer, liquid.
( Choice: L'Oreal True Match or MUFE Mat Velvet)

5. Fill in brows with a brow filler, powder, pencil or marker. (Choice: Anastasia brow powder)

6. Prime lashes with a fiber primer. (Choice: Sephora Collection fiber primer)

7. Apply mascara one minute after primer drys. (Choice: MUFE Smoky lash)

8. Apply an eyeshadow primer on your lids, this will stop shiny lids and shadow creasing. You can even apply it when not wearing shadow to stop lid shine.

9. Apply your bronzer lightly on the lid of your eye to the crease. Apply a light eyeshadow under your brow bone to brighten your eye area. Go for pink a light pink shadow if your an olive skin tone, and golden if you're more fair, opposites pop.)

10. Apply bronzer on your cheek starting from your hairline. Bronzer goes anywhere the light hits- cheek bone, forehead hair line, center of nose.

11. On apple of cheek place a blush. (Choice: Nars Orgasm blush)

12. Set with setting mist (Choice: Sephora collection radiance mist, or MUFE Mist and fix.)

13. Lip gloss

This may feel like alot of steps, because it is, but they're quick steps. This look should take 15 minutes and you're ready to run... your hair is another story.

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