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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have your fill

Alot of people suffer from large pores and eventually we all suffer from wrinkles. The first sign of aging begins on your hands, no one every protects their hands from the sun. Start using a SPF hand lotion once a day to stop aging in its tracks, and prevent future damage. These suggestions are also important for your face. Sometimes large pores and wrinkles are genetic and there's no escaping it, but there are temporary solutions. There are products to solve these issues:

For Wrinkles: Apply Clarins Smooth Perfecting primer before foundation. This product will help your foundation stay on longer and will stop makeup from sitting in your flaws.

For Wrinkley eyelids: DO NOT apply glitter eyeshadow, this will enhance wrinkles! Apply matte shadows. You can still highlight with a frosty eyeshadow on the browbone. To keep makeup from settling in wrinkles, appy Two Faced wrinkle injection (this will temporarily plump lines). Also apply Urban Decay primer potion to keep makeup on neatly all day.

For large pores: You can also use Clarins Smooth Perfecting Primer, or the best temporary solution is Dr. Brandts Pore Refiner. This product can also be used as a primer for foundation. If you suffer from large pores: DO NOT WEAR foundations with talc or mica, they will enhance your pores and ash the skin on darker skin tones. Most mineral foundations share these ingredients, so I've found it's best to wear liquid founations, my choice: MUFE HD foundation.

Makeup can fix all these flaws, don't you love it!

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  1. I'm with you on the SPF. I never go out without it!


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