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Monday, February 15, 2010

The cat that lives on..

I am a huge fan of eyeliner! I rock the cat eye on a daily basis. Every shape has to wear their liner differently, down shaped eyes should apply the liner facing up, high arched eyes vice versa. If your eye shape is neither you can get away with applying the liner either way. The classic cat eye color is black; however, browns look good too, for an every day look. I love spunking up my look with vibrant colors, purples, greens, bright blues, are some of my favorites.

Cream eye liners stay on the lid the best. My choice: MUFE Aqua black.

For liquid liners I prefer to use a pen, it's as easy as writing, my choice: Nars

Pencil choice: Urban Decay zero liners.

Here are the steps to the perfect cat eye:

1. Place the lid with an eyeshadow primer. This will help the liner stay on all day long, smudge proof.

2. Use an eye liner pencil to trace your line before applying the cream, this will make it easier. Using an angled liner brush, apply starting at the corner of the eye-close to the nose with a thin line of cream liner. The liner should get thicker as you get to the other end of your eye.

3. The pointed end of the cat eye is called the wing. When the wing comes to a curled point this can give the illusion of a fuller lash line. For a dramatic sharp wing, for the non-steady hand, you can apply tape underneath the lower lash line and apply the liner care free. When done pull the tape off and the task is done.

Don't forget to paint your lashes with plenty of mascara!!

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