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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Frosty as a Snowman

Nature can really inspire your look. Today is a snow day and I love looking out at the tree branches covered in white. I always remember playing in the snow as a kid so care free and using my imagination to build forts, and pretend my sister and I lived in snow caves. Now that i'm older I feel my imagination has faded, but today looking out at the trees made me think of beauty ice queens. The look of frosted eyeshadows and lipsticks came to mind.

Frosted eyeshadows can have a sparkle, but my favorites are just illuminating. Frosted shadows can be used all over the face. You can highlight the upper cheek bone with a light pink, golden or white shadow to contour your face. You could also apply your frosted shadow to a clear lip gloss, to match your eyes and lip. Even if you're not an eyeshadow wearer, I always suggest applying a light frosted shadow underneath your eyebrow- from the arch of your brow to the end. This really wakes the eyes up and gives the illusion of a delicate pretruding eye. This type of shadow really plays with light to give your face a beautiful glow. My favorite frosted shadow brands: Dior, Nars, and Urban decay.

Now it's your turn to frost your look!

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