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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Most of the time it's "What happened in Vegas"

Tattoos can be a great idea at the time, and then the next morning, not so much. There are ways to resolve a tattoo tragedy; one way is laser removal which is painful and still leaves an outlined scar for life. Another approach is tattoo concealer. I have a tattoo of my sisters hand writing on my right foot, "Lots of Love." Definitely do not regret that one.. but some people aren't as lucky, "I Love John 4eva," on your right shoulder can start to look horrid, after John splits. Even a tattoo on the wrist, on a prestigous job interview.. but nothing makeup can't fix.

The best concealers for covering tattoos are:

1. Makeup Forever- Full Cover
2. Kat Von D- Tattoo Concealer

Steps to a perfect cover:

1. Moisturize the area.

2. Apply a pink color correcting cream over the tattoo. This will fade out alot of darkness.

3. Apply concealer with a makeup sponge. (you can wet the sponge with water to avoid losing product).

4. Let the concealer dry and then apply another coat. (Note: Concealer must be your exact skin tone, nothing lighter or darker.)

5. Seal with a Setting Mist for a more realistic skin look. (Oily skin tones apply a translucent setting powder, depending where the tattoo is located.)

Wah Lah!! Your tattoo has vanished!

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