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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

La La Lashes

Everyone has their addictions, some may spend massive amounts on cigs, my drug happens to be... lashes. My dream-fake lashes and mascara in the gallons. A good mascara can change anyone's look. My favorite mascara: MUFE (Makeup Forever), Smoky Lash. The brush looks like it would clump, but it surely does not. It grips your lashes perfectly and curls them up, without the need of an eyelash curler.. this pushes lash length to the max, insane! Then I love to fill my lashes in with Ardell false lashes #105. I use them individually, literally pulling each lash off the string. You could use them as strip as well.

If false lashes is too complex, you can prime your lashes with a quality lash primer, I suggest: Smashbox primer. The primer is white so you see where it's going. Apply looking down into a mirror for maximum curl without a curler. Once it dries (2 mins), apply a fiber mascara, like: Fiberwig or Sephora Collection Length mascara. Magnificent!!

It's hard to find the right mascara for your certain eyelash size, but I've tried them all, and I love my mascara...

My Top 5:

1. MakeUp Forever- Smoky Lash

2. Sephora Collection Length Mascara

3. Cover Girl- Lash Blast

4. Fresh- Supernova

5. Dior Show- Unlimited

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