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Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Nars lip gloss shades/ New Hair!

Nars has come out with a bunch of new lip glosses to rock along side their blushes, with the same name, the shades are on target. This is me applying the new Super Orgasm gloss: This gloss wears great, and leaves a golden sparkle when it starts to wear down that is beautiful!

This is the rest of the new collection:

Albatross, Luxor (which I'm super excited about), Super Orgasm, Luster, Angelika, and Oasis.
Albatoss: Is a highlighting blush, so this color is very frosted and pale, with a golden tinge.
Luxor: Also a highlighting blush, so this color is very frosted with a pink tinge.
Super Orgasm: Pinkish Apricot with a heavy golden sparkle.
Luster: A rusty orange brown tone.
Angelika: Hot Pink Baby! Right up my alley!
Oasis: A burnt Rose (most boring of all the new shades in my opinion)

Are you excited for the new collection? Which color are you dying to try?

Today I got a new hair cut, I am a baby when it comes to cutting my hair because I'm growing it out, well trying to anway. My hairdresser laughs at me as I cringe at every snip of the scissors, is it just me, or is it hard to let your hair go?
This is the back with some long layers:
I can't wait to wear my new Nars lip gloss out tonight with a Nars lip liner in Miss Sadie. I'll post the pictures up tomorrow.
xox Laura Beth


  1. The glosses look so pretty, i am yet to try any NARS products. The haircut looks lovely too. I am always growing my hair too and hate getting it cut x

  2. i'm loove super orgasm :)

    p.s. the cut looks great on you.

  3. You look so cute! I can't wait to see Angelika.

  4. Thanks girls!! :)

    @Kali: I'll swatch it for you asap!

    xox Laura Beth

  5. You look so adorable and I love your hair

  6. I like the Albatross one, probably just for the name :) I too cringe when having to cut length off my hair. I want it long long long!

  7. Aww...I think your new haircut looks great! =]

  8. the glosses look so prettty! i havent tried out NARS lip products yet.. the price tags just out of my range :( but would love to! colors are just so so gorgeous!

    and omg.. i am totally with you on the whole hair thing.. at least back then i was :( i used to have long hair down to ALMOST my waist... but then last year, i took the plunge and cut it short! eeek.. now i am on my way trying to grow it back out cause i miss all the pretty and fun things i could do with my long hair! :(

  9. The gloss look very nice on you.

  10. I am the same way about my hair. I have had one too many botched haircuts. LOL So you are not alone.

  11. Love the lip gloss and your hair. I'm growing my hair out too, sometimes it starts getting to me and I'll trim a little. Any advice for nails (mine are breaking constantly). I think I need to eat or drink something that is good for this. I love reading your blog, your writing is fun to read.

  12. I love your hair! You look like Lauren Conrad in the first picture! I hate getting my hair cut too! I'm at the inbetween long and short stage right now, and its sooo tempting to just hack it off, but I know if I just wait a little bit it will be okay! Thank goodness my bestie is my hair concience, and doesn't let me cut it!

  13. Thanks everyone, I can't wait till it gets super long!

    @ Agnes: Def, need to check their glosses out, they are pretty pricey at $24, but perfect for a night out!

    Froggi: Yeah, that's another thing, it took me forever to find the right hair dresser. Most of them are stubborn and barely listen when you say "just cut the dead ends" lol.

    @ Rosey: Thank you soo much, that defintely means soo much to me.. letting my personality show in my writing :)

    @Corrine: ohh stop, Lauren Conrad, how sweet, I wish! lol. P.S. I'm loving the body lotions you sent me :)

    xox Laura Beth

  14. Oh, yea, it is hard to let the hair go..I am the same way:)
    I like the new hair cut!


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