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Monday, November 15, 2010

My face is stressing!

All day today, I've been studying with a sulfur mask dabbed in certain areas on my face.
I am definitely a hormonal girl, because once a month, when I get "my dot" I get those random blemishes. Plus to boot, I've been getting acne from stress as well. School is not helping, every time I turn around I have another exam waiting for me. So I need help!

My skin type is: combination-dry/ weather effects me

I suffer from eczema, luckily not on my face.

I need HELP! What can I do to stop the break out cycle!

Things that I think help:

1. I drink ALOT of water.

2. I avoid soda because I think corn syrup causes me to break out.

3. Ever since I started BC my skin has cleared alot.

Things that DON'T help:

1. Proactiv, ek, made it worse, for me anyway.

I'm not saying I have a spotted face, but who are we kidding, 1-3 blemishes is enough to cause a stir in my book. Plus, They're always monsterous! I wish I was the girl that had a black head and was complaining, but noooo.

Any secrets you want to share?

Perhaps I need to take up yoga?

xox Laura Beth


  1. Honey is antibacterial so it could help as well as ultra moisturizing. Try honey and yogurt mask and see if it helps at least soothe your skin.

    Drinking water is key but if it's stress related, it may just require you to relax and let the breakouts run their course....

  2. I'm going to try to eat more honey too. Maybe it'll cure my cold lol. 2 birds one stone ;)

    Thanks for the advice.

    xox Laura Beth

  3. Cod liver oil (capsules for me please!haha) and water have been my life savers for my skin. When the weather gets colder the cod liver oil helps to keep my skin hydrated. I always notice a big difference when I stop taking it! You could try it... couldnt hurt :) x


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