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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A survey for the makeup obsessed!

I made this survey, I'm curious to see what others will write. I wrote the questions before answering them, not realizing how hard they are to answer. Enjoy! ;)

A survey for the Makeup Obsessed:

1. MAC or Sephora? I would say Sephora, but I cheat on Sehpora with MAC now. (SSsshhh!)

2. Your favorite feature on yourself? My eyes.

3. One makeup item you could never live without? Foundation, once you start you can't stop.

4. Who are your three celebrity inspirations? Marilyn Monroe (so cliche, but classic beauty), Angelina Jolie (even though she's been pretty bad over the past few years), and lately Lady Gaga (sometimes she can me a hit or miss).

5. Your favorite cosmetics line? Makeup Forever is my fav, I love their pigments, they never dissappoint me.

6. What is the most cash you EVER dropped on cosmetics? On a yearly basis I spend thousands! But the most would be around $500 in one shot, but keep in mind I bought a $250 dollar airbrush system.

7. What is your favorite daily product? Lipsmackers!

8. If you had to sacrifice one makeup item for life, what would it be? Omg, this is asking too much, I think I may hyperventilate! I need to move on...

9. How many cosmetic items do you carry in your purse everyday? Well at work I'm only aloud to have 5, but I still go over the limit half the time. If I could carry it all I would. So on a daily I'd say about 12 items.

10. Would you say you have a makeup obsession? Umm, guilty!


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  1. 1.) Sephora, 2)my butt, oh wait, my eyes, yeah my eyes. 3)lipgloss 4)Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon. 5)Sephora brand mostly. 6)in one shot the most was prob. $60. 7)sephora fresh gloss, and softlips cherry. 8)lol on you answer, me i'd say foundation. 9)2-5. 10)not so much, unless I'm going out to dinner on a date with my man or a wedding. Love reading your post. I usally check funny, interesting and cool, cause they are. Keep it up. Wow 185 followers. I see alot of peolpe agree. I wish I had it in me.


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