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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Plump up my pout!

There is a wild obsession with lip plumpers. Everyone wants a soft and full lip. Many products promise these results. Most lip plumpers work because they're actually causing an allergic reaction on your lip and makes the blood run to the surface of your lip, thus plumping your pout. If you're comfortable with this process than the best lip plumpers are one's with collagen. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson use Lip Fusion. This line carries a lip plump XL which has a large amount of collagen to topically pucker. Kim is the new face for lip fusion, you'll see her face on Lip Fusion ads everywhere soon.

The queen of the plumpers is Lip Venom, this one comes in a special edition Twilight version which has a blood red finish. For those looking for a bitten red lip look, the twilight venom takes it to that extreme. The original adds a nice rosy look to the lip.

Important note: I've experienced that lip plumpers will tingle and burn because of the blood flowing to your lip.

If you want a bigger pout but you're uneasy about using an artificial enhancer, then you can use lip liners to give a fuller lip illusion. Find a lip liner that is super close to your natural lip color, or your everyday lip stick, and apply it around your lip line. (Don't go so far away from your lip it looks unreal, just a smiggen away from the line of your lip.) On the V of your lip apply a highlighter, this will give your lips more shape. I do this trick all the time, because my lips form more of a heart than a V. I need to play with lip pencils to draw a V to my lip because of my lip shape.

This is my lip with a V illusion, sorry about the blurry picture, my camera focuses poorly up close:

My favorite everyday lip color: I have two Jordana Matte and MAC Cyndi Lauper, both are rosy colors, I like my lip to look natural and brighten my face.

Are you daring enough to wear Lip Venom Twilight?


  1. Hey Laura, thanks for your lovely comment you left on my blog, it's made me very happy.

    Lovely blog darling, I shall follow!

  2. Cool blog ! Thanks for following, I'm following yours !

  3. Thanks, can't wait to see new posts from ya

    xox Laura Beth

  4. the lip color you ue everyday looks amazing!:)
    nice blog though!

  5. Thank you doll :)

    xox Laura Beth

  6. Ive never tried any lip plumpers, but my lips arnt the fullest, so I might want to start at some stage!
    Just a tip for close up pictures, best to use the Macro mode on your camera, its specially for closeups :)

  7. Thanks love, I'll have to diddle around with my camera tonight :)

    xox Laura Beth


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