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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Full and Beautiful!

I love my hair, if I'm having a bad hair day, then I'm just having a bad day in general. My hair makes or breaks my look. I've been hearing wonderful reviews on Living Proof hair products and the brand was generous enough to give me a bottle of their Thickening cream. Ok, normally I post my reviews for products on my "product of the week" page; however, this product was so awesome it made it here. I was so impressed.

1. The smell of it is amazing.
2. You feel your hair volumizing as you're drying it.
3. My hair stayed cleaner into the next day.
4. My hair stayed plump!
5. No frizz!

Living Proof products help your hair from frizzing throughout the day and they actually work. Depending on your hair type, you may need more or less product. The bottles are made for hair dummies (like myself) to navigate you towards your hair type: fine to medium hair, medium to thick, or thick to coarse. They have products for straightening and curling your hair, shampoo and conditioner, thickening cream and coming soon a hairspray. I don't know if I could change my hairspray from Dove Flexible hold, but I'm always willing to try a new anything.

This is my hair Volumized with Living Proof: (Sorry for the silly face lol)

Living proof products are silicone free. Silicone attracts dirt, so in a clinical study they found that people using their product, their hair stayed cleaner longer. I love this, because I hate adding product to my hair if I don't have to. So if I could skip the dry shampoo on my non-shampooing day, that would be great. I have thin and soft hair, I don't dye my hair, but I can only wear my hair down for one day and I feel it's a bit greasy already. So I usually wash my hair every other day. When I don't wash I use Tresemme dry shampoo and hair refresher. But now I may be able to skip a step.

A quick tip from Living Proof: "Finding the right amount can take some expermimentation. It is possible to use to much Full. So if your hair feels greasy reduce the amount you're using. If you don't feel the thickening effects, increase the amount you're using- a dime sized amount at a time."

Like I said I'm a fine hair type, so I used one dime sized amount starting at my roots and I was satisfied with the results.

As you can tell I definitely suggest Living proof, what products to you swear by for your hair?


  1. Wow might get it, my hair is totally flat.

  2. It's reasonable prices. The Full comes in a small ($14) large ($24). Defintely not badly priced in my eyes.

    xox Laura Beth

  3. Really good blog thanks.

    Just about your comment left on my blog about my review on Lush's Big Shampoo, I have found somewhere that sells Paul Mitchell, so I am going to get some of the shampoo & conditioner and give it a try, and then get something on the blog comparing the 2 like you suggested.

    Thanks xx

  4. Awesome, thanks :)

    xox Laura Beth

  5. I got a sample of this with my Sephora purchase and I haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Now I'm excited to reading good reviews on it! lol

  6. You're gonna love it!

    xox Laura Beth

  7. Sounds like a really good product, is it available in the u.k.? will watch out for it.

  8. If you have a Sephora near you then maybe, not totally sure though. I would try the internet.

    xox Laura Beth


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